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With over one billion users, about a third of Internet users, YouTube is the second largest social network. Your users accumulate billions of views and watch hundreds of millions of hours of video per day. Plus, it’s owned by the world’s largest search engine, which means being on YouTube can give you an SEO boost and help grow your audience.

If you’re ready to start but don’t know what to make YouTube videos about, we’ve compiled a mega-list of popular YouTube video ideas to jump-start your creativity.

YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners “To Meet You”

1. Introduce yourself Make a video to introduce yourself. Who are you, and what do you do? What can people expect from your channel? How often do you post videos? Please make a video to welcome them to your channel and tell them what to expect. Try to give viewers a compelling reason to subscribe.

2. Present your organization If you share videos on behalf of a company or non-profit organization, make a video where you present your company and what you do.

3. Meet the team. Creates a video that introduces viewers to the people who make your organization work. Seeing the faces behind your organization or business helps viewers develop a more personal connection with your company.

4. Start a blogLike a written blog, blogs can be educational, entertaining, personal, or whatever you want to do with them. Both companies and individuals can use the content of vlogs to attract viewers and grow their audience.

5. Explanatory videos are used to quickly introduce a product, service, company, or application. If your company has one, YouTube is an excellent platform to present it and get maximum exposure.

6. Guided tour video Let your viewers come backstage with this popular video format. You can show your room, house, office, neighborhood, or any other place you like.

7. A day in the life YouTubers love to put themselves in someone else’s shoes through “A day in the life” videos. Start recording when you get up in the morning and take viewers through a typical day of your routine

8. Cultural videos Create a video that shows your organization’s culture. Ping pong in the office? The team’s happy hour after work? Videos that highlight fun and positive culture are a great way to show customers and potential employees what your company is like.

9. Behind the scenes Show viewers what’s happening at your company, event, blog, or YouTube channel.

10. Introduce your friends or family. Aim the camera towards your friends or family (with their permission, of course) and introduce your audience to the people closest to you.

11. Fifty facts about me Share 50 random facts about yourself. This is a fun way to show your unique personality and get to know you better by your viewers.

12. Draw My Life Videos in Draw My Life usually consist of fast-motion illustrations on a blackboard, with a narration by the author of the main events and experiences.

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