YouTube Subscribers: How Many Before Making A Living From Your YouTube Channel?

YouTube Subscribers: How Many Before Making A Living From Your YouTube Channel?

Two thousand subscribers to my YouTube channel are interested in the field of web marketing!

First of all, thank you to all the people who subscribed to my YouTube channel, all the enthusiasts, professionals, and qualified people who embarked on this adventure with me!

The question I’m going to answer today is: how many subscribers do you need to make a living from your YouTube channel?

As you know, there are several ways to earn money on YouTube, we will come back to this in the next few days in various videos, but mainly there are: advertising and the email marketing system that allow you to get emails or send emails automatically to sell your products, not being the subject of today’s video we will come back to this in the next few days through various videos.

I would like to start by answering two questions from the emails I received, which are :

Do I have to create a YouTube channel?
From when or how many subscribers to my YouTube channel will I be able to gain financial independence?

YouTube Subscribers: How Many Before Making A Living From Your YouTube Channel?

Having less than 1000 subscribers and generating more than 1000 euros per month.

To answer these questions, I personally think that you start to gain your independence, thanks to your income, from a range of 1000 to 2000 euros per month. If you stay on a bracket of 1000 euros per month thanks to your YouTube channel, I would say that you can have less than 1000 subscribers on your channel and still generate at least 1000 euros per month with it.

In future videos, I’ll tell you how to make money with your videos, but I’d like to tell you that today, having hundreds of thousands of subscribers on your YouTube channel is not at all necessary to make a living from your channel.

Why not? Take my example; at the moment, on my channel, we are only 2000 subscribers and, without revealing my salary since it varies anyway, I can fully live from what I do even if there are only 2000 of us on this YouTube channel.

I can assure you that if I divided by two the number of people who follow me and watch my videos, I would still be able to live from my YouTube channel, my blogs, or my various activities on the internet without any problem. There’s nothing magical about it, it’s just a method to put in place, and then you’ll start to turn your classic YouTube channel into a channel that will quickly become profitable.

YouTube Subscribers: How Many Before Making A Living From Your YouTube Channel?

How can you have so few subscribers and still make a living from your YouTube channel?

It’s very simple. On the current YouTube channel, you follow, there are only 2000 people. Nevertheless, these are not people who are thereby chance or lost visitors. You are very qualified people, people who are interested and who want to achieve financial independence through their passion and their YouTube channel.

If you are thinking, “how can I become financially independent thanks to my passion when many people are doing the same thing as me?” or “I won’t be able to establish myself and earn my first income on the internet,” let me tell you once again the trick that makes all the difference, it’s specialization!

For me, there are only 2000 of us, and yet that is enough for me because I am very specialized in my market and on the internet in general. If you have in mind to create a YouTube channel on a very big topic like bodybuilding, personal development, travel, diet, or any other type of topic, you will have to specialize at all costs.

YouTube Subscribers: How Many Before Making A Living From Your YouTube Channel?

Why specialization will create your financial independence via your YouTube channel.

If you are currently thinking about creating a website or blog, no matter what the subject, specialization is going to be the key to your success. It will make the difference between a site or YouTube channel that is profitable and another site or YouTube channel that is not.

Let’s take a concrete example. Let’s say I want to learn about expatriation in Iceland. The fact that there are very few people with a blog, a website, or YouTube channels dealing with this subject will increase the value of the information I will find about my research.

This YouTube channel or blog will then become a niche because it is a niche considering the number of YouTube channels dealing with this subject, and I will not only be very likely to follow any information coming from this channel or blog, but I will also be very likely to become a customer of products distributed on these platforms.

What will specializing in your blog, site, or YouTube channel entail?

Tackling a niche through your website, blog, or YouTube channel will allow you to capture the attention of the people who follow you. Indeed, being the only one, or one of the few to talk about this subject, will increase the value of your products. Your expertise in this niche will become an added value to your products, and, therefore, you will be able to afford to increase the prices of your training, products, or other services you offer.

Currently, the fact that my YouTube channel is specialized, even if there are not many people following it, allows me to capture your attention. Being aware that there are not many YouTube channels broadcasting the same type of content, you are very attentive to the information that will be offered in order to reach your personal goal, which is financial independence.

YouTube Subscribers: How Many Before Making A Living From Your YouTube Channel?

Moving from a broad topic to a niche.

As we saw above, specialization is the choice to make when you want to turn a simple YouTube channel into a profitable YouTube channel.

To help you better understand the implementation of specialization with a general topic, here is a concrete example:

You are interested in bodybuilding, and you want to create something dealing with this subject. Instead of creating a site on general bodybuilding and having for competitors monsters of the sector, you could, and you should specialize in this area with, for example, as a site :

Fitness for older people who are vegetarians. The fact of creating such a site will assure you a very weak competition and will allow you to attract, certainly few visits or subscribers, but to attract people who will be very interested in the content of it and, especially, extremely likely to buy your expertise on the subject.

It is by tackling very small niches like this that you can start to generate revenue from your sites, blogs, or YouTube channels because the fact that you are very specialized on this subject will lead people visiting your YouTube channel to be very attentive to your content.

So, to summarize very simply and so that you retain the essence of all this, here are the essential points that will allow you to live from your YouTube channel:

Creating a blog or a YouTube channel that will be very specialized will allow you :

Reach a small group of people
To sell more easily
To become easily the best on the market
The result of this trio will be the profitability of your YouTube channel.

YouTube Subscribers: How Many Before Making A Living From Your YouTube Channel?

Mistakes made by amateur bloggers.

Don’t give in to the temptation to create a blog, a website, or a YouTube channel that would be to generalist, as you would then be facing tenors with several years of expertise and, without a doubt, who have a much higher budget than yours. The fact that they have a much larger budget than you and that they also have more means than you to develop will leave you with a project that is hardly profitable or not profitable at all.

Prefer the quality of the visits over the quantity because, as I explained above, with less than 1000 subscribers, you can very easily generate more than 1000 euros. Again, it’s all about specialization!

Profitability of your YouTube channel: Going further.

The video How to make money on YouTube will complete this one and will reveal to you the secrets of YouTubers who earn money on the internet thanks to their channel. If you are the kind of person who has too many ideas when it comes to choosing a blog theme, I strongly advise you to watch the video Too many blog ideas? How to choose.

Once again, to all those who follow me and want to become financially independent, thank you for subscribing to my YouTube channel!

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