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YouTube SEO: Number 1 in search on YouTube & Google!

Do you want to know what Youtube SEO is? Do you want to improve your ranking on Google and YouTube with Youtube? Do you want to use YouTube SEO properly? Then you are spot on with this post. I’ll show you what it takes so that you can use YouTube to further expand your reach and traffic on the Internet!

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is the sum of all optimization measures on the YouTube video platform with the aim of improving the rankings of the videos on YouTube or helping them to rank 1 in the YouTube ranking.

What is traditional SEO?

Traditional SEO consists of ON-Page Optimization, which represents the optimization measures directly on the website, and Off-Page Optimization, which measures outside the website. All optimization processes are intended to ensure that the website can be found by search engines and get a good ranking, preferably first place.

Why Youtube for Business?

The YouTube search engine is the second largest search engine after Google and was bought in 2006. This means that YouTube is a platform from Google, and both the search intention and the search volume of users on YouTube flow into Google’s data pool. Google’s ultimate goal as a for-profit company is to make money, and it can only do that if users spend time on Google’s platforms. That is why the YouTube & Google search engine algorithm is tweaked day and night to offer the user the best possible experience and thereby spend more time on the platforms. This represents an enormous potential for companies to acquire new customers.

Youtube marketing

I mean, check out your behavior on YouTube! I spend almost an hour on YouTube every day. I either watch documentaries, listen to music, or follow the latest videos from YouTubers. Over the years, YouTube has evolved into the most comprehensive online video streaming platform. It is more than just a video stream platform; it is more of a social medium, as users have the opportunity to create accounts and rate or comment on videos. Users enjoy spending time on YouTube watching different videos on different topics. Thus, a very effective method has been developed to find the right target group on YouTube. If I want to sell sports products, I place advertisements in the related sports videos.

YouTube channel for companies

It is more interesting for companies to have their own YouTube channel because you can optimize for organic YouTube SEO here. Imagine you have a company that sells parts for archery. You would have the opportunity to present and market the different types of sports arcs via video. If you also optimize the uploaded videos by keywords, you could forward loads of traffic to your website, as Youtube users can find you on Youtube searches.

YouTube SEO optimization

YouTube SEO optimization consists of 4 components:

  1. Video
  2. Video title
  3. Video description
  4. Video tags 
  5. Video

The video should offer the user added value and answer their questions. Check out the videos on my youtube channel.

  1. Video title

Video titles should be chosen so that the user is looking for them. If you want to introduce beginners to archery, the video’s title could be “Archery for Beginners: Learning Archery for Beginners.” We have included the most important search terms on this topic and even a synonym.

  1. Video description

In the video description, you should provide a brief description of the content of the video. Furthermore, there should always be a link to the landing page or website where you want to link in the video description. You should also use YouTube’s chapter function and divide your video into different sub-chapters. This is how you feed the YouTube search engine with more data.

  1. Video tags

The video tags are the keywords or keyword combinations that users on YouTube should type to find your videos. In the case of the archery video, the video tags could be: “Archery for beginners, archery, instruction, learn archery.” It would help if you chose titles according to the users’ search behavior. What does the user want, and how does he look for it? Findability plays a vital role here.

YouTube SEO Tips

I want to give you some essential YouTube SEO tips on the way.

Link your website and your social media platforms.

After you have uploaded your videos according to the recommended instructions, we should take another look at your YouTube channel. Please make sure to include your website and social media platforms on your YouTube channel level. Google should recognize that this channel belongs to you or your company with the website. You should see a link. You also offer users another way to get to your website.

Call-to-Actions in the videos

In each of your videos, you should make your users aware that they can access your website via the link in the video description.

Contributions to the videos

You should always post with more detailed information related to the video. If the video is a test report about a product, you can contribute to the test report and insert the sales button in the video description or directly in the gift.

Upload at least one video a week!

YouTube promotes the reach of the YouTube channels, which upload content at certain time intervals. With this, YouTube wants to ensure that it has sustainable creators. Similar to website SEO, uploading a certain amount of videos is also essential on YouTube to gain authority.

Ask to like and share the video.

You can encourage the user to like or share the video once or twice in the video. Thus you increase your potential reach.

YouTube Keyword Tool

As with Google, finding the right keywords is also essential with YouTube. In most cases, the keywords of Google and YouTube do not differ that much, i.e., the website title and YouTube title can be identical. But as mentioned at the beginning of the article, the search intention on YouTube can vary, and the keyword constellation can therefore also be different. To deepen keyword research on YouTube, I recommend the TubeBuddy tool.

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