YouTube ads: the best way to advertise

YouTube ads: the best way to advertise

YouTube is now the second most visited website in the world. It has the right tools to execute image advertising campaigns. The latter affects many generations, mainly teenagers—especially those who do not like words. With YouTube ads, you can create excitement for your products and services. This article will learn how to create YouTube ads and increase traffic to your website.

YouTube ads: focus on the image.

The consumers of this platform are mainly young people. Images fascinate them so that they pay special attention to the video format.
Google reveals that more than most website users watch videos on the platform. YouTube has become an entertainment platform since you can do many things on the Internet using your cell phone. It has undergone significant democratization as many people use their phones to follow video content. Whether you are on public transportation or in a popular place, you can follow videos on YouTube in peace.

This allows companies or individuals to find the ideal platform to showcase their products on YouTube. Ads will be shared with a considerable number of users. YouTube allows for seamless audience targeting. What makes this network attractive for advertising. YouTube ads are one of the most effective advertisements.

YouTube ads: the best way to advertise
YouTube ads: the best way to advertise

YouTube ads: focus on quality.

For some time now, high-quality video formats have emerged. They impose themselves on the community, especially regarding very affordable device prices. These new modern devices maintain a very high standard in terms of image quality. Anyone who produces low-quality video content is quickly lynched on the Internet. Issues related to sound or images are no longer acceptable to Internet users.

However, to produce a high-quality video that everyone will enjoy, you need first to understand how the video was shot. This means you must have an a priori grasp of everything related to sound, lighting, editing, etc. For successful YouTube ads, close attention must be paid to the technical aspects of filming.

Steps to create a YouTube ad

These days, Internet users don’t tolerate ads. Creating a compelling ad campaign requires special preparation for the occasion. Learn about the main steps necessary to create a YouTube ad.

YouTube ads: the best way to advertise
YouTube ads: the best way to advertise

What is the strategy for creating YouTube ads?

If you decide to place an ad on YouTube, you need to define your objective. This can promote your business your products or attract communication on your channel. Therefore, you can use three (3) types of YouTube ads and choose between two durations. In particular, for 6 seconds or 30 seconds or more. Before you start, you should.

Know the type of ad that best suits your ad.

Think about the drop page. i.e., the landing page.
Know how to redirect Internet users to your product if the ad reaches its target.

Therefore, preparing the landing page is an important step that should not be overlooked.

Developing a YouTube advertising plan

Creating a YouTube ad plan is one of the most critical steps in an advertising campaign. Once you have written down your ideas and strategies in the document, you need to write down precisely the plan to add to your YouTube ads. The tags that make up the ad must be written strictly. The rhythm of the sequence and its sequences must also be studied. Also, consider the cast and start by visiting where you will shoot the video.

Preparing for the shoot

You have your plan, and you know where you will shoot your commercial. We will now see the need to prepare for the shoot. To do this, there are two things you need to know. These are the technical components and the organizational plan.

YouTube ads: the best way to advertise
YouTube ads: the best way to advertise

The technical side

Make sure you have suitable materials available. Check that they are working correctly when you shoot. If you don’t have good equipment, you will turn to an expert to produce your video.

Organize the components

It is essential to know that video shoots can take a long time. However, you must be very organized and plan the shoot. Check traffic availability, weather, etc. It would help if you made every effort to succeed the shoot. If you plan well, you will be glad to finish the shoot quickly.

Casting and shooting

It is recommended to hire an articulate person who can handle your product perfectly. Your choice may point to your client or your entourage. The most important thing is that the person has a good grasp of the product and exudes confidence when speaking.

In addition, if you think the actor is suitable for the occasion, you can hire them.

Before you start shooting, make sure you have a team of professionals. Every detail (sound, lighting, etc.) needs to be sorted out. If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to resume the sequence.


The final step before publishing your YouTube ad is editing. Indeed, this is the delicate stage after shooting. Do not commit to it if you do not know how to edit a video. Delegate the task to a professional to highlight all aspects of the ad.

In the context of YouTube advertising, it is necessary to be wholly technical and respect the rules related to advertising. In this case, the duration, the rights to images and sounds, the type of exit, etc.

If possible, create multiple versions of the ad. Short and long versions, then web formats, etc. This will give you plenty of channels to share other versions of your ad on social media.

YouTube ads: the best way to advertise
YouTube ads: the best way to advertise

Create YouTube ads

Google AdWords is responsible for displaying your ads on YouTube. The platform belongs to Google, and it’s only natural that its bots are responsible for managing the ads. Now let’s see how to create ad campaigns using AdWords.

Create a YouTube channel

To place YouTube ads, you need to upload videos to a channel. If you don’t have a track, create one. You need to use your Gmail address. To do this, you must go to the Settings menu and click Create New Channel. Creating a YouTube channel gives you a lot of possibilities.

If your company does not have a YouTube channel, this is an excellent opportunity to create a video ad for broadcast. Describe the content of the video well by adding a good description with tags.

Redirect to Google AdWords

Go to the “Parameters” tab and then to Adwords. Insert the link to the video in the ad address and paste the link on the form. The ad will be displayed in the thumbnail image. You will need to create a video ad using the following content.
The text and title of the video.
A description of the video.
A thumbnail image.
To choose a thumbnail, you should select the image that best represents your product. When you change the text, the preview will change and allow you to see the final rendering of the YouTube ad.

The business model of YouTube ads

Here, advertisers only pay when users click on your ad. YouTube ads are paid based on a cost per view (CPV). Advertisers receive an invoice based on a daily fee. In addition, the advertiser’s budget will be used entirely to promote his ad. However, views are only recorded when your ad has been viewed for at least 30 seconds.

Targeting your audience with YouTube ads

Targeting your audience means defining categories of Internet users using platform parameters. This configuration includes geographic regions, user activity on the Internet, and demographic characteristics.

If you have an Adwords account, it is best to add it. Otherwise, the Platform Assistant will automatically offer to create one.

YouTube ads: the best way to advertise
YouTube ads: the best way to advertise

Check and verify the campaign.

After filling out these fields, you can access the summary of YouTube ads. This includes the ad content, bid, budget, geographic location, etc. You will see the same YouTube ad as the user sees. By clicking on the Create and Distribute tab, the ad will be verified by YouTube. Therefore, you will be notified once your ad has been confirmed.

Platform Approval Criteria

YouTube has set several requirements for ad campaigns, such as

a Pixel to be SSL compliant.
Use of JavaScript to collect data.
Private videos.
Lack of relevant content.
Adult content;
Copyrighted content…
You can find all approval criteria in the AdWords Rules Center and the help page.

Audience targeting for YouTube ads

By default, your ads are displayed randomly on YouTube. This only applies to brands seeking notoriety. Beyond that, we recommend customizing your settings. To do so, you must filter your audience. By conducting market research, you may understand your target prospects. This gives you an idea of the demographic points to adjust.

Will people with an average age of 60 be interested in the new “wireless rechargeable electric headphones”? Therefore, it is highly recommended to target your audience groups.

Track your YouTube ad conversions

To track the conversions of your YouTube ads, you can set up conversion tracking. This tracking allows you to save user actions. It is located on your website and sends you a notification when an internet user watches your ad video.

Several elements must be configured according to your strategy. This includes the tracking period and how conversions are calculated.

The purpose of setting up conversion tracking to track users is to know if your ads are profitable and effective. Conversions are verified when you expect Internet users to perform your desired action through your YouTube ads. The action doesn’t have to be due to a purchase. It may simply be that a user fills out a form or gets in touch with your company via email or phone. Google will calculate the number of conversions based on your goals and display them in your account.

It is necessary to create a follow-up of conversions to understand the return on investment (ROI) of all your marketing campaigns. This is useful for tracking the most profitable and effective stocks.

YouTube ads: the best way to advertise
YouTube ads: the best way to advertise


In short, if you decide to do your own YouTube advertising, you must have the skills required. Only the most impactful and targeted ads will deliver satisfactory results and a positive ROI.

Also, when you decide to hire a service provider, be aware of the often prohibitive costs. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to make price comparisons and change the type of support.

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