Working as a freelancer with Fiverr: the advantages of the platform

Fiverr offers interesting tasks for more and more web professionals in France, a well-known platform for freelance missions. Presentation of the forum and its advantages.

The craze for self-employed status is on the rise

The number of self-employed has increased by 25% since 2003 in France, ten times faster than the salaried population. The status is increasingly valued by professionals, and especially by young people. It should be noted that this is not a status suffered for lack of salaried work opportunities but a choice in more than 90% of cases.

The emergence of this status comes from the advantages of freelancing: professional / personal life balance, choice of clients and missions, remote or nomadic work, diversity of tasks… Many freelancers have already been employed in a company and do not wish to regain salaried status.

If the market is growing so much, it is also because it is driven by companies’ growing need for freelancers: the desire to find expertise available immediately, skills not available internally, profiles all over the world, etc.

The importance of platforms to find customers

The recurring problem for freelancers is always the same: finding clients. Unlike companies, freelancers do not have a sales department for their prospecting. You have to know how to sell yourself and know where to find your missions. Several platforms exist for the French market: Fiverr, Malt,…

Fiverr is one of the reference platforms in the sector. It now has more than 3.4 million active buyers, with an average basket of $205 per purchase. The platform covers most digital professions: writing, SEO, design, graphics, project management, development, video… More than 200 categories are present on the platform. Fiverr is a serious and solid alternative to start as a freelancer, to test an activity, test your offer, get your first customers…

On the freelance side, Fiverr’s promise is simple: find the right clients and the correct assignments, and get paid on time. By going through Fiverr, you avoid having to prospect, and you have a payment guarantee, and total freedom to create your offer and set its price. Another vital advantage: there is still little competition in the French market…

Get started in a few clicks.

Fiverr is a platform designed as an e-commerce site with sellers, buyers, and a product catalog of digital services.

The advantages for freelancers are numerous:

· There is no bidding or trading system. You specify and choose your price, and buyers must comply.

· Everything is done to maximize the flow of potential customers.

· Payment is frictionless: by going through Fiverr, you forget about reminder emails or legal actions to get paid.

· A showcase of your work and skills.

Creating your profile is very simple and only takes a few minutes. You will need to start by filling out your profile with some basic information.

You will need to complete your skills and educational background and describe the missions you offer and your specialties.

You then need to create your products and set your price. You can offer a service or packages with three different price levels: Basic, Standard, and Premium. You define its content, price, delivery time, and number of returns for each product. This package system is particularly interesting for upselling and selling more complete and expensive services.

You can also define optional services, which will be accessible for an additional fee. The maximum price of your service is 10,000 dollars, the minimum being 5 dollars.

All you have to do is indicate the different elements you need to progress on the mission, then configure your “portfolio”. This last step is very important, it is indeed essential to show your achievements to convince your potential customers. You can upload a video, 3 photos, and 2 PDF documents.

Once your profile is up to date, you have access to a complete dashboard for managing your missions: messaging, missions, notifications, earnings management, traffic on your profile, etc.

Remuneration and progress of the missions

Fiverr operates as a “Service as a Product” platform. The seller puts his service online on the product catalog. Each service has its own characteristics: price, delivery time, detail of the service, etc. When the buyer finds a service that meets his needs, he pays the cost of the mission, as well as 5% service charges.

Once the service has been purchased, the mission creation and delivery process is immediately initiated: Fiverr immediately asks the buyer to send the brief, and the documents requested on the presentation of the service. Once received, the seller only has to work on the mission. For all exchanges, it is possible to use the platform in order to streamline all returns.

Regarding the Payment, this is settled 14 days after the delivery of the project. Fiverr takes a commission of 20% of the freelancer’s rate and therefore pays 80% of your rate. Information to take into account to build your pricing and manage your revenue streams.

Best practices for finding clients

Fiverr is a marketplace that works on a supply and demand model. For your offer to attract buyers, you have to be attentive to what you put forward:

· A neat and complete profile: to give value to your service, you must have an up-to-date and complete profile.

· Show your achievements: what often makes the difference between 2 profiles is the quality of past assignments. Do not hesitate to put a maximum of reference and to show your projects.

· Don’t undersell yourself: freelancers are sometimes tempted to “cut the price” to land the assignments. But a quality service has a price, and a price that is too low can also be a deterrent for a customer who is looking for a quality service.

Another possibility offered by Fiverr to offer you visibility: an advertising platform that allows you to sponsor your missions. This network works on a fairly classic CPC model: a daily budget is spent and each click to your project is billed to you within the configured bidding limit. This mechanism can be very interesting for new sellers, it allows you to feed your profile, and therefore bring you organic traffic in a second step.

A complete and efficient platform

In use, Fiverr is very easy to learn and an excellent platform for finding missions. Whether you are a graphic designer, designer, developer, web editor, SEO, video or marketing specialist, Fiverr offers very interesting connections for freelancers. Everything is done to make exchanges as smooth as possible and allow you to be paid as quickly as possible. And as we said, there is still little competition on the French market, so you will have more visibility than on other platforms.

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