Wix Editor: Add Amazon Affiliate Links

Earn additional income by adding Amazon affiliate links to your website.

To add Amazon affiliate links:

1. Sign in to your Amazon.com Associates account.

2. Create and copy your affiliate link.

3. Add on the left side of the Wix Editor.

4. Click Embed.

5. If your browser has an ad blocker, temporarily disable it.

6. Click Custom Embed.

7. Click Embed Widget or drag it to the appropriate location on your page.

8. Click on the widget.

9. Click Enter HTML Code.

10. dial code.

11. Paste the affiliate code.

12. Click Apply.

13. Resize the window to show the entire image without scrollbars.


When you click the link on your live site, the URL should display your affiliate code after the words “tag=.”


· If you cannot see the affiliate links on your live site, make sure you have disabled any ad-blocking browser extensions, as they can block these Amazon affiliate links.

· Take a moment to understand the limitations of the HTML element before using it.

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