Why and how to use LinkedIn stories?

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After Instagram or Facebook, the story format invaded LinkedIn. Why make a story on LinkedIn? How to create compelling LinkedIn stories? Let’s look at the reasons for using them and good practices to follow when publishing compelling stories on LinkedIn.

I wouldn’t say I like stories on Instagram or Facebook. It’s hard for me to understand its potential. But on LinkedIn, the situation is different.

If LinkedIn provides a story function on its platform, it is beautiful and can attract users’ attention. This is also your goal in B2B.

Education and value creation are critical issues in the development of social networks. Using LinkedIn stories will enable you to deliver the information you will see compellingly.

Let’s start with the benefits of the LinkedIn story.

Why use LinkedIn stories?

Create a LinkedIn story to stand out from the competition

That’s why you need to look at the story format on LinkedIn. For a new feature, it will take some time for your competitors to have it.

So this is your chance to occupy space.

Create LinkedIn stories to attract attention

The story format on LinkedIn provides you with many opportunities to demonstrate creativity and attract the attention of your goals.

LinkedIn provides you with customized visual stickers. You can mix photos with videos.

The brevity of the story format (your LinkedIn story is only available 24 hours) also reflects the principle of scarcity and enhances audience participation.

Create LinkedIn stories to meet the expectations of modern buyers

There is too much demand from decision-makers in B2B. It was flooded with content. Therefore, he hopes to carry out his purchase thinking at his speed.

When he is ready to decide, he is willing to spend time consulting content. On the other hand, he wants to get information quickly when he is in the early or middle stage (consciousness stage and consideration of the figure below).

The core emotion of buying thinking

Creating a LinkedIn story allows you to meet his expectations: you can quickly convert your information into pictures (videos or photos).

Create a LinkedIn story to interact with the audience

I told you earlier about the scarcity principle.

This is a powerful psychological principle that can inspire a person to take action. Using LinkedIn stories, you can promote short-term business operations or provide content for a limited time to encourage your goals to act quickly.

You can enhance your interaction with your audience by proposing a vote or asking a specific question.

How to make a compelling LinkedIn story?

Here, I won’t show you how to create a story on LinkedIn by clicking here and clicking here. This function is straightforward. Just click the photo in the mobile news feed to create a LinkedIn story.

What I want to introduce to you here is that you can use these opportunities to create potential customers and win customers through stories.

To create a compelling LinkedIn story, you must ultimately do so to bring value to your goals. Here are four opportunities you can take advantage of.

Why and how to make LinkedIn stories

Four attractive ways to use LinkedIn stories

1.Create a LinkedIn story to share behind the scenes

Because LinkedIn stories have a limited life span, they are the proper format for sharing the background of professional activities.

You can create a LinkedIn story to share critical ideas from the meeting or tell your team day at a trade show.

2.Create a LinkedIn story for the Q & a session

In B2B, the question and answer session is convenient. It can bring not only value but also educate your potential customers.

Finally, this is also an opportunity for you to answer multiple objections simultaneously, just as you conduct multiple commercial RVDS at the same time.

So you can create a LinkedIn story where you and your collaborators can answer frequently asked questions from prospects and customers.

3.Create LinkedIn stories to solve critical problems

That’s why I prefer to use story format on LinkedIn.

Decision-makers ask themselves a lot of questions when considering buying. He will also encounter some problems in his daily life. You are the way to solve these problems.

Creating a LinkedIn story that provides a comprehensive and objective answer to these questions will enable you to position yourself as a caring and visible expert in your field.

Therefore, your audience will consult you when making purchase decisions.

This is the basis of marketing strategy.

4.Create a LinkedIn story to share your sleep

This is a great way to add value to your goals and share your business areas.

As for me, I often share articles about the development of the Internet and social networks. This day keeps me up to date and provides vital information for my goals.

Do this by regularly creating LinkedIn stories that show the main news in your field.

Characteristics of LinkedIn story

Here are the different features required to use LinkedIn stories correctly:

LinkedIn stories are only available on mobile devices;

The video in the story shall not exceed 20 seconds;

The LinkedIn story lasts 24 hours;

What do you think of the story of LinkedIn? Let me know your opinion!

New call operation

How to create a story using LinkedIn pages?

This is a frequently asked question, so I decided to update this article to answer this question.

Creating a story with your LinkedIn account is simple: you start the LinkedIn mobile app by clicking “+” on the home page.

Creating a story from a LinkedIn page is not so intuitive, but you’ll see that it’s still straightforward:

How does LinkedIn do the story page?

When launching a mobile application, you must click on the avatar in the upper left corner of the application and go to the LinkedIn page you manage.

Then, click write publication and choose the share story option, just as visually.

All you have to do is use your imagination to publish your best story.

LinkedIn story: the last available swipe feature!

Story formats on social media users have become accustomed to the fast move-up feature, which allows authors to send viewers to specific links.

This quick move-up feature has been tested for a long time before being deployed to all LinkedIn users.

Now that it’s done, I’d like to thank Melissa for her feedback before updating the article.

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