Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?

Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?

YouTube videos are viral today. Then everyone wants to be involved in the production or training of a YouTube video. It’s not just about the content you plan to shoot. The video must also be of good quality. The quality of the video is not only about the image but also about the sound. Sound is also an essential element in a video. Indeed, the image can only be understood with sound. Unfortunately, some people neglect to record or soundtrack their YouTube videos or training videos.

The best way to record yourself and make a YouTube video or training video is to use a YouTube microphone. This type of microphone allows you to get high-quality sound. As a result, the quality of the video image will perfectly match the sound quality. However, you must also know which microphone to use. Learn how to make your choice in this article.

Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?
Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?

Why is a YouTube microphone so important for recording YouTube videos?

For many professional YouTubers, a YouTube microphone is the first accessory you invest in when starting a Youtuber career. 90% of the success of a YouTube video or training video is in the sound quality. Viewers can easily accept videos with low image quality, poor lighting, or even poor framing. On the other hand, when it comes to sound, the public has difficulty accepting videos with poor sound quality. In addition, when the sound quality is poor, users may not pay attention to it for a long time.

Therefore, it is necessary to shoot high-quality videos to provide the public with good listening quality. To do this, you have several options. First, you can use the built-in microphone of the camera you are using. This can be your computer if you are using a webcam or your smartphone’s microphone if you are shooting video with your phone. The built-in microphone is a great way to get great sound. However, there is a better solution. It uses an external microphone.

An external microphone is excellent for recording audio from YouTube videos or training videos. Using an external microphone plugs into your portable recorder will give you superior sound quality. External microphones can avoid the audio preamps inside classic cameras and even DSLRs.

Which YouTube microphone to choose?

YouTube microphones are critical to the success of your videos. However, not all microphones are the same and cannot provide the same sound quality. Therefore, you must know which YouTube microphone to choose for recording videos or training videos. We’ve made a small selection for you.

Micro USB

USB microphones are perfect for recording out-of-frame audio. One of the best USB microphones on the market is the Blue Yeti microphone. The Blue Yeti microphone from Blue, the famous microphone manufacturer, sets the standard for YouTube recordings. It is also the most popular microphone used by American podcasters. Many reasons explain why the Blue Yeti Youtube microphone is so popular among youtube users.

This YouTube microphone is USB, which means that it records the signal directly into its body. It has its built-in map, so it doesn’t use the digital map of the computer you are using. This feature of Blue Yeti gives you several advantages.
First of all, good digitization with a YouTube microphone is more accurate and presents better quality than sound digitization with a computer’s digitizer card. Then the sample rate is 48 kHz, using a Youtube Blue Yeti microphone. This is much better than using the built-in microphone. As for the frequency of the sound recorded by the Blue Yeti, it is between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, and the quality of the capture of the bass, in particular, is excellent.

Finally, the Blue Yeti Youtube microphone will not only save you money, but it will also save you money. Indeed, the Youtube Blue Yeti microphone is not too expensive. Most importantly, it eliminates the need to buy an external sound card to perform sound sampling. Moreover, the sound is instantly synchronized with the screenshots. All this makes Blue Yeti a great YouTube microphone to record videos or training videos for YouTube.

Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?
Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?

Lavalier Microphone

The lavalier microphone is very popular. We are used to seeing it on our TV sets. It can also be used as a YouTube microphone. It is used to record interviews or yourself, especially when you are filming yourself.YouTube has different brands and qualities of lavalier microphones. Usually, these microphones offer excellent audio quality. Most interestingly, these YouTube microphones are available in wired and non-wired models with several meters of wire.
However, the wireless models are a bit costly. In addition to the price, they require a high-frequency transmitter and receiver. The receiver will be plugged into the camera used for recording. The transmitter will act as a base for a lavalier microphone worn by you or the person you are interviewing. Although wireless models have the advantage of being very practical due to the absence of wires, they also have some disadvantages. For example, there is still a slight lag between image and sound.

However, this flaw is not prohibitive, as it can be corrected in post-production. Therefore, you must have a perfect grasp of post-production. The distance between the transmitter and receiver, i.e., the distance between you and the camera, also needs to be considered. Finally, it should be added that some lavalier microphone models can be plugged directly into your smartphone. Therefore, they are perfect for recording images and sounds using your smartphone.

Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?
Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?

Shotgun Microphones

Shotgun microphones are often used to record movies and are great for recording audio in YouTube videos or training videos. They are handy for recording dialogue or for recording specific sound effects. There are several types. We can name super-cardioid shotgun microphones, super-cardioid shotgun microphones, and directional shotgun microphones.
The advantage of these high-quality YouTube microphones is that they record only what is in front of them. As a result, they filter out all surrounding noise. Shotgun microphones provide their users with very tight directionality. Moreover, the closer you are to the registrant, the better the results. The length of the microphone tube determines its accuracy to a large extent.

The length of a shotgun microphone is also essential. This filters the noise from the sides and records only the sound in front of it. For this reason, it is necessary to equip yourself with a fishing and suspension device to use a shotgun microphone properly. It is then up to the person catching the fish to decide whether to aim accurately to record the sound.

The Rode microphone is one of the best shotgun microphones on the market. Despite being a high-quality YouTube microphone, it can be obtained at a relatively affordable price. Therefore, it will add value to your YouTube videos or training videos.

Dynamic Microphone

A dynamic microphone is a microphone that records in a cardioid orientation. This means that a microphone eliminates most of the background noise from your recordings. However, it is necessary to move slightly closer to the microphone during recording to optimize the sound capture. He also wants to tweak the microphone and select options to make your sound stand out (except for a few microphones, such as the Shure SM7B).
The Shure SM7B microphone is also one of the most popular dynamic microphones. It can be found on almost all radio stations and is used on most podcasts. It is a microphone that can easily be used as a YouTube microphone and record YouTube videos and training videos. It’s perfect for recording in any location and any type of acoustic environment. It will record successfully regardless of the noise around you. It must be used with a preamplifier or voice amplifier, such as a USB audio interface with an XLR cable.

Many other dynamic microphones can provide you with excellent performance. They will allow you to get professional quality results, whether a simple lyric or a song. Whether you are recording in your living room or the studio.

Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?
Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?

YouTube Out-of-Picture Microphone

The YouTube Out-of-Picture Microphone is a special kind of microphone. As the name suggests, it’s a microphone used to create out-of-frame sounds. We usually hear it in tutorials. Because of its large membrane, you can record all the most minor details of your voice if you position yourself about 15 or 20 cm away from it.

However, this will depend on what you want to record. Using a pop filter is also highly recommended. If you don’t use the pop-up filter, you may be disappointed when making certain sounds. Also, it’s best to do some tests before you start using this YouTube microphone.

As for the connections for YouTube out-of-box microphones, they are various. You can find microphones with XLR jacks, to which you have to add a mixer or an external recorder (a bit expensive). There are also microphones with USB connections for voice, which can be connected directly to your computer.

These types of microphones will be perfect for you. You can get all these youtube microphones from online shopping sites like Amazon. However, it should be noted that the YouTube microphone is not the only accessory you need to make YouTube or training videos. You will need several other accessories.

Other accessories needed to record YouTube and training videos

In addition to the Youtube microphone, there are several other accessories you will need to purchase to play YouTube videos. We can give you some examples: YouTube camera, headphones, portable recorder, and shock mount.

Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?
Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?

YouTube camera

In addition to the microphone, the camera is also an essential accessory for making videos on YouTube. In addition, it is recommended that you choose a camera microphone when purchasing a YouTube microphone. There are a variety of cameras available for recording YouTube videos. You can already use your smartphone to do so. However, it is necessary to consider adjusting it correctly. If you don’t want to waste time changing your smartphone to record videos, you can turn to other more professional cameras.

You still have to be told that you don’t have to have the most expensive camera to get quality results. We have several affordable cameras that can get the job done. For example, we have camcorders, mirrorless cameras, and the Osmo Pocket. Frank is currently using the Logitech bio 4k webcam.


A headset allows you to make high-quality recordings. It will enable you to check the volume of your recordings, parasites, possible interference with your phone, and many other issues. It is essential to use closed headphones when recording. We recommend using Shure built-in headphones to save space.

Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?
Which YouTube microphone can record and create training videos?

Portable recorder

It is inseparable from the YouTube microphone with an XLR connection. It bypasses the low-quality preamps standard in compact cameras or DSLRs. It is a device that helps improve the quality of recordings.

The anti-vibration frame suspension allows them to stabilize the YouTube microphone. This will make them less sensitive to shock and vibration.

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