When will it be published on LinkedIn to communicate effectively?

Is LinkedIn part of your social networking strategy? You may want to know what is the best time to publish on this network… Mediaveille, a social media agent, gives you tips for improving post performance!

LinkedIn is now a professional social networking reference. In 2019, LinkedIn had 16 million registered users in France, which is a real tool to help you establish your brand image and improve your popularity. But when will it be released on this social network? According to a Hubspot information chart, the best time to publish on LinkedIn is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, whether before or after office hours. in other words:

7:30 to 8:30 in the morning.

At 12 o’clock

From 5 to 6 p.m.

In addition, according to a study by another, if you are looking for a high participation rate (click, share), the best time is from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Tuesday. These data well illustrate the professional scope of the LinkedIn network: it is used as a newspaper to read news sooner or later. Weekends are less interesting because they correspond to breaks.

White paper: “the right strategy to increase sales and visibility.”

Test and analyze the effectiveness of LinkedIn publications

However, the data collected is average and does not necessarily reflect the actual situation of all communities. Publishing at 8 p.m. will also attract interest, depending on your goal. Therefore, it is useful to test and analyze the effectiveness of publications. To do this, you can use LinkedIn demography, a free tool that allows you to analyze your audience. As a platform, website demography tells users the type of visitors in order to better target the content. Eight categories are listed: occupation, industrial sector, position qualification, function, company, enterprise-scale, country, and city.

Why use LinkedIn in your social media strategy?

LinkedIn has many benefits, including:

Let you become an expert and gain a professional reputation.

Attract users through content

Keep in touch with customers and maintain customer loyalty.

Improve the brand’s electronic reputation

Generate traffic on your site

Formulate social marketing strategy

Maud, the regional manager of our digital agency in Lyon, recently accompanied a client to develop a social media strategy. I introduced him to a B2B supplier or potential customer through LinkedIn and said, “it’s a great place for me to introduce him to a new customer or potential customer.”

Daily publications

Do you want to know how often you post on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a fairly slow network: it’s quite readable in terms of information flow, unlike Twitter. It takes an average of 12 hours to view publications on LinkedIn. Therefore, it is enough to publish one book every day: people like to spend time. Therefore, the life cycle of sharing is longer than that of other networks.

You now know the best time to publish on LinkedIn and have the key to optimizing social network communication. However, social media strategy is not improvised. Our social media organization in Ryan is to meet your needs!

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