What Pinterest is and how to use it to generate traffic and sales

What Pinterest is and how to use it to generate traffic and sales

Have you ever wondered how having a Pinterest profile can help your online store? Are you aware of the importance of this social network in your branding strategy?

As you will see in this post, Pinterest is a perfect way to generate traffic and sales in your online store. But before we show you the main strategies to create more traffic on Pinterest (an essential step for you to sell more), we will explain what Pinterest is and how Pinterest works. If you don’t know anything about this visual network built on beautiful and inspiring images…

What is Pinterest, and how does Pinterest work?

Pinterest is a set of digital boards that allow social interrelationship between those looking for beautiful images or ideas for inspiration. 

Although you may think that Instagram is the optical network par excellence, because of the modifications that this platform is undergoing in recent times -stories, reels, IGTV…-we can say that Pinterest is today a network articulated entirely around photographs and images. 

It is a tool that people use to find inspiring images, intending to get ideas on which to base to feed their projects, hobbies, and interests. 

Imagine, for example, that you want to redecorate the living room of your house. But you can’t think of how to do it. In that case, Pinterest comes to your aid to offer you a lot of ideas. If you search for decorating boards, you will find thousands and thousands of images with all kinds of ideas and suggestions. 

What Pinterest is and how to use it to generate traffic and sales

Users are increasingly using Pinterest to relax and entertain themselves by viewing images related to their interests. 

The social component of this platform works as follows: 

A user creates a digital board: each board usually contains images of the same theme. 

That user starts pinning images to their board: they start uploading photos of that topic to that particular board. 

Other followers can reuse those images: if a third party views the boards they like, they can reuse them to incorporate them into a new board when an idea catches their attention. 

Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve virality with quality content that interests other Pinterest users. And even more: if you wonder how Pinterest works, think that the essential thing is to provide quality content, which is likely to be shared by other people. 

The good thing is that, although Pinterest is a social network based on photographs, it supports other formats such as videos, infographics, presentations…

Another relevant detail is that Pinterest is a social network in which users follow trends, styles, and boards related to their hobbies, regardless of who is the person who has pinned it. If you intend to increase sales with influencers, Pinterest may not be the right social network.  

How to increase traffic and sales on Pinterest?

Now that we’ve explained Pinterest, it’s time to think about business. 

The truth is that Pinterest has some great numbers. As you can see in this infographic about social networks that generate more sales, Pinterest has become the second platform that generates more traffic for online stores. 

But the most striking thing is that Pinterest occupies an honorable third place in terms of average order value, being able even to surpass Facebook.

Pinterest statistics

With this data on the table, you must consider Pinterest as a channel that can generate significant benefits for your eCommerce. But this will only work if you know how Pinterest works to your advantage. 

For that reason, we will give you here five ideas to generate more traffic and more sales on Pinterest. 

What Pinterest is and how to use it to generate traffic and sales

1. Use detailed pins (rich pins)

Rich pins are the closest thing to Google’s rich snippets but adapted to the peculiarities of this social network. 

The detailed pins are automatically used to synchronize your website’s information with your nails. This is very good because if you upload a photo of a product and the price changes, it will automatically do so on Pinterest without intervening. 

Moreover, rich pins have an additional advantage for your online store: if you choose to lower the price of one of your products pinned on Pinterest, the platform alerts all those users who have repined your image, so they know that the price has dropped. And that’s a great way to push them to buy. 

Shopify has reached an agreement with Pinterest whereby all our merchants have automatic rich pins. 

Thanks to that, any image of your products pinned from your online store’s product pages automatically has the detailed pins already embedded. 

The only thing you need to do to activate this feature is signed up on Pinterest with a business account.

2. Pin images with intelligence

Now that you know how Pinterest works, you’ve surely realized that quality takes precedence over quantity in this social network. 

For that reason, do not give so much importance to the number of photos you post and try to focus on the quality of those images.

Also, remember that when posting photos on your online store or blog, they should be easily pinnable and reliable. If you need some help figuring out what kind of images are most shared on Pinterest, here are some tips: 

Use images without faces: photos that don’t feature human figures get more repins than those starring people. 

Use photos with several dominant colors: on Pinterest, people prefer photos with several tones to those with a single color. The ones that work best are those with red tones, while the least repinned are usually in blue colors. 

Always comply with the minimum dimensions: don’t use photos of your products too small, as they don’t work well on Pinterest. The minimum size should be 600 px wide. And if they are 736 px, all the better.  

What Pinterest is and how to use it to generate traffic and sales

Analyze the statistics: You can focus on the winning content strategies by seeing the posts that work best. 

Publish at the times when your audience connects: pins usually work best between 12:00 and 14:00 or from 20:00 to 23:00. 

Connect the blog with your online store: you already know why every e-commerce business needs to have a blog, so I’m not going to go into this topic in depth. But remember that photos of your products on the blog are always more likely to be pinned and generate more traffic and sales. 

You have 14 days free to create your online store.

No credit card is required; easy and intuitive.

3. Convey a lifestyle that fits your brand

Your online store’s communication should also focus on the emotional aspect. For this reason, you should create boards dedicated to promoting your products and others that promote the lifestyle related to your products and your brand. 

For example: if you sell vegan cosmetic products, it is not a bad idea to create some boards with images related to sustainable cosmetics, nature, respect for the environment, or love for animals. 

You can even go one step further and create a board with your employees’ pets. And suggest that people also upload images of their pets to the board.

4. Create contests on Pinterest

I know that networks like Facebook or Instagram take the cake for contests and sweepstakes as brand positioning strategies. 

But reality shows us that Pinterest works well mainly because it increases your audience’s engagement with your brand. 

To organize a contest, you must follow to the letter the guidelines offered by Pinterest in its contest guide. That way, you’ll know which products are allowed, not, and are considered spam. 

Pay attention to these tips that will help you organize contests on Pinterest: 

Be creative: being fun, original, or different is essential for your contests on Pinterest not to go unnoticed and attract traffic and sales to your store. 

Strive to make the prize worthwhile: people won’t bother to enter if the award is terrible. 

Be inspired by other contests: being inspired doesn’t mean copying. But you can take the best from different brands with a presence on Pinterest and adapt it to your quirks. 

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What Pinterest is and how to use it to generate traffic and sales

5. Engage your community

To achieve great success on Pinterest, you need to strengthen ties with your community. If your followers feel engaged with your brand, they will have no problem pinning your products or repinning the ones you post. 

An excellent way to do this is to encourage your customers to upload photos of themselves using your products. And for this, you can create a unique board that the content generated by your customers will nourish. 

This marketing strategy is perfect for fashion stores if you want your customers to give you some free publicity. Besides, it is neither annoying nor intrusive because people generally agree with a brand’s values and feel proud to show the products they have purchased. 

Another way of doing this would be in the manner of The White pepper, which collects photos sent to them by their customers via email to publish them on their “Who’s Wearing The Whitepepper” board. 

The most exciting thing about The Whitepepper’s way of working is that all pins link back to the brand’s store. That way, other people logging into Pinterest will be able to see the images and maybe buy some more products.

What are buyable pins?

We thought this Pinterest feature deserved a particular section. We believe it is one of the best decisions for this platform for those entrepreneurs who want to engage in eCommerce. That’s why we’ve even dedicated a specific post to it on the Shopify blog, in which we explain everything you need to know about buyable pins.

Buyable pins are a way to buy the products discovered on Pinterest simple and securely warm way. The social network has provided a buy button so that a user can purchase the product they are viewing on a board (without having to leave the application).

buyable pin

In addition, at Shopify, we have already implemented a system so that all our users can incorporate buyable pins. You have to add Pinterest as a sales channel from the Shopify dashboard. 

Once you’ve done that and Pinterest has approved your request, all the products you’ve pinned on your boards will become buyable pins and include a buy button. 

What Pinterest is and how to use it to generate traffic and sales

The great thing is that Shopify allows you to sync your Pinterest orders with your online store, making the whole process convenient for both your customers and you.

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