What is a Picclick?

Picclick was a system that caused a sensation a few years ago. This is a tool to save Internet search time. This tool is used for specific websites, such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. Most importantly, it is the latter that makes Pickwick popular. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been available on Amazon for some time. If you have any tips, please feel free to contact us.

Picclick is a free tool that can help those who want to search for products on these websites and save time. It is not uncommon to browse the search results page of products without pictures. Or, the image is not exciting and makes you depressed. Search through links, and you’ll eventually get bored… That’s normal.

Fortunately, a picnic is waiting for you here. This tool allows users to find the right product directly on eBay’s online sales website.

How does picclick work?

Picclick is a tool available in multiple languages. French is one of them, which makes it easier and easier to operate.

You must visit picclick’s official website. Make sure French is selected. Next, you will learn how the website works. At the top, you can find many categories. You can click one of them to search. Then, a set of visual effects will be displayed on the screen.

You can choose to refine these search elements to the category’s core. This applies to “real estate”, where the subcategories “lease”, “lease”, “vacation lease”, “commercial premises” and “sales” are available. You can get more specific elements. This is an opportunity to save research time.

In each category or subcategory, you can choose to filter the results. In most cases, these filters are extracted from eBay and its auction system, which can filter advertisements according to the auction status. You can also filter the results according to the sales type (auction, instant purchase, accept quotation).

You can also adjust these filters to get products with your preferences. You can check the boxes such as “most reliable sellers,” which have good comments and feedback, free delivery, acceptance of returns, personal delivery, advertising completed within 24 hours, authorized sellers, or charitable transactions.

You can also choose the country, product status, price, place of delivery, and package source. These standards will make your products meet your needs as accurately as possible.

So far, we have been talking about classification research. But there is another way.

You may see a search bar at the top. Click and insert a query to search for a specific item. This search bar has a system similar to eBay, but you will have more relevant answers. Visual aspects must be considered.
Some skills of using picclick correctly.

First, in each product introduction, you can find an entry “available on Amazon.” We said it was incompatible with Amazon. This is correct because the product search system (by name and category) applies only to all products available on the eBay website. On the other hand, sellers can sell products on eBay and Amazon to reach two different audiences, have two different goals, and increase sales opportunities.

Another essential tip that can explain the defects of the eBay system is translation. French terms are less conspicuous than English terms. The latter is more common in sales. More people use English, which means more people may be interested in related products.

The French are indeed rich. That’s good, but it’s also a problem. Salespeople choose the words users to enter on Google and the Internet. Therefore, we must remain vague, not too precise.

To successfully complete the transaction and avoid disappointment, several reminders are needed:

The seller’s evaluation must be positive. If he receives too many negative comments, you must be careful.

The product shall have complete instructions. Payment instructions will also be clearly announced.

Finally, of course, we need to ensure that the website where you trade is in HTTPS format in the address bar to ensure that the digital exchange between you and the website is secure.

We believe that using picclick will satisfy more than one user. This is very easy to operate the tool with good results. It’s hard not to be satisfied!

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