What does it mean to be a trending topic (TT) on Twitter

What does it mean to be a trending topic (TT) on Twitter?

Suppose you are a journalist, marketing expert, or Community Manager. In that case, you will know the importance of understanding the current topics of the moment, the trending topics on Twitter, and how to take advantage of them to boost your content or your brand’s services. In this post, we intend to give you an overview of the topic without leaving aside the details that would be of genuine interest to you.

What is a trending topic or TT?

A trending topic is a term coined by Twitter to refer to the most used keywords in the social network during a given period. It is a concept related to trends and trending topics, what everyone is talking about at a given time. Trending topics are accompanied by hashtags that allow you to quickly find all the tweets and conversations of users around that topic.

By consulting on Twitter which are the trending topics of the moment, you can easily find out which are the most current topics and generate genuine interest among most Twitter users. In addition to Twitter, other tools allow you to know the trends in this social network in some areas of the world, and we will talk about them in this publication.

How do you identify trending topics? Twitter has an algorithm that allows you to identify trending topics based on variables. To place a trend, aspects such as the number of users using that keyword in their tweets, the increase of users using it recently, or the retweets received for that particular keyword are taken into account. For Twitter to identify trending topics, it is not essential to mark them with a hashtag or a pad (#) just before the keyword, and its current algorithm can detect them by using the word alone.

What does it mean to be a trending topic (TT) on Twitter

How does Twitter’s algorithm work to make TT?

Like most social network algorithms, Twitter’s algorithm is mainly based on personalization. But how exactly does it work? All social network algorithms use machine learning to rank content based on different ranking signals. Twitter’s ranking signals include topicality, relevance, engagement, rich media, and other factors. This all adds to a complex series of calculations based on what people have liked in the past, what people are enjoying and more.

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Here’s what Twitter has shared about its Top Tweets and Topics ranking signals:

Timing of keyword creation trending: how recently the tweet was posted.
Relevance, keywords used in a tweet, and how often users engage with tweets using similar keywords.
Engagement is how many retweets, clicks, favorites, and impressions a tweet gets. The meeting of the tweet relative to other tweets from the same user. How often do people relate to the tweet’s author through active engagement?

Rich Media: the type of media the tweet includes (image, video, GIF, and polls). In other words, the type of media that users engage with most often.
Other factors: include how many followers an account has or the account’s location about other users.
How to make a hashtag trending topic on Twitter?
Choose the right topic. For a case to become famous, make sure it is something that everyone can talk about in detail and consistently. It’s unnecessary, but you can use the “#” symbol before each keyword.

Start tweeting. As soon as you have created the hashtag or have the keyword that will identify your trend start creating a series of tweets around the keyword so that other network users can get involved.

Constantly update and keep your keyword current. The hashtag or keyword will trend well if you continuously provide new updates and relevant information that cannot be found elsewhere on Twitter.

Keep a personal approach. The tweets and information in the hashtag should also show that whoever is behind the topic is a real human being. You will appear more friendly and approachable to potential followers if you provide funny tweets. In addition to being informative, show naturalness in the tweets you post.

Overall, getting a hashtag to trend depends not only on your ability to create a topic, have it go viral, and be relatable to other users on the Twitter social network but also on your marketing skills and your ability to attract other users to engage with your trending topic.

With the millions of users on Twitter, it can be a challenge to build a hashtag that will rank, not just in the city or country you reside in but around the world. However, if you manage to create a hashtag that many may find valuable, be prepared for a wave of tweets that you must engage with to stay on top.

What does it mean to be a trending topic (TT) on Twitter

What impact can get to be TT have?

Mainly visibility, your product or service account gets the reach you expect. Twitter is a social network with millions of users online every day. The impact that a trending topic has on a brand will depend on the context of the trend. The trending topic may be due to the launch of a new product or service, although it can also be achieved after modifying an existing one that is significant for your target.

Even so, the trending topic translates into visibility. If your product is not well known, you may want to position it at least for a few hours on Twitter so that many people start talking about it. Make sure that your product or service is good, and the attention you offer to your customers is the best since, among the opinions and comments on Twitter, some will be critical and easy to spread if what you offer is deficient.

This article shows you the steps you should follow to become a trending topic on Twitter. It is a difficult task, but it is not impossible. If your brand, product, or service requires it to be known, then the TT is one of the most appropriate tools.

Tools to visualize TT

It is clear that nowadays, there are tools that track trends in different social networks, with Twitter trends as the primary focus. These allow you to know the most popular topics in a particular region, city, or country and how you can take advantage of them to benefit your brand, product, or service. Some of the tools mentioned below have free trial versions, and others have paid versions.

In Trendinlandia, you can find detailed information about the place, time and keywords, topics, and hashtags trending on Twitter. This free online tool to know and verify trends on Twitter has filters such as date, the specific location, and the total number of trends that exist for that particular country, which facilitate the search for directions and also tells you how long that keyword, hashtag or topic has been in the trending topic on Twitter.

Hashtag.org is a paid tool that makes it easy to export data in CSV, XML, and JSON file formats. This plus improves the user experience and facilitates the creation of reports. We are talking about a tool designed and developed for digital marketing professionals. It has a function that allows you to compare similar trends and know the reach and performance that they have had.

What does it mean to be a trending topic (TT) on Twitter

Hahstagify. me interface

Hashtagify is one of the most advanced Twitter trend tracking tools available today. It allows you to find the best hashtags to reach a particular audience, provides personalized suggestions, and helps you analyze the strategy of influencers and competitors. Find the updated ranking of trending hashtags by language, select daily, weekly or monthly updates to send directly to your account, receive alerts, and find hashtags making “more noise” than usual.

Keyhole logo

With Keyhole, you can accurately obtain data from different social networks in real-time and even data that is part of the history of each account, illustrating the information with the support of easy-to-read graphics and designs that simplify reporting and strategizing. It is ideal and indispensable for marketing professionals and even agencies. You can effortlessly track hashtags, keywords, accounts, and URLs on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook with this tool. It is a complete product trusted by major brands such as Alibaba. Spotify or Google, among others.

What does it mean to be a trending topic (TT) on Twitter

Rite Tag

Rite tag tells you what is the right hashtag for the right time to use. It is a new tool to optimize communication on the network. RiteTag helps users select the best hashtag and measure the return obtained by each hashtag used and set through Rite Tag. It also has the advantage of tracking each of them and thus knowing their performance in different time intervals. It also includes an extension for your browser that instantly provides color-coded hashtags on Twitter,

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