What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?

What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?

Pinterest is a social network similar to Facebook and Instagram. However, many features set it apart from the others. Created in 2010, the number of users has grown over the years. It is mainly based on posting photos, but you can also add small videos to bulletin boards. As with Instagram, you can attach captions to these images or videos. The only difference is that you can add the natural source of the image to the description. Discover the universe of the network described in this article. This way, you will know what Pinterest commercials and their pixels are.

Pinterest or the underrated social network

One of the characteristics of this social network is that you can find interest groups with many different topics. We have groups for cooking, tutorials, fashion, etc. This allows you to find what you are looking for much faster. People can also advertise on Pinterest to promote products or services. To do this, you need to create a professional account. This article will give us a better understanding of the different advertising possibilities offered by Pinterest and a good way to use them.
Everything you need to know about Pinterest
Pinterest is a platform that requires a lot of organization. To understand how it works, you must first understand the different parts. Those are 1.

What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?
What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?

Pin graphs or pin charts on Pinterest

Still called Pin graphs, pins essentially consist of images, GIFs, or small videos. To increase your credibility on the platform, you need to create pins with attractive user descriptions. Companies also recommend adding a link for each Pin that redirects to their website. This can be very beneficial for the company. It allows him to increase visibility and, at the same time, increase sales.

You must also show your users that you have mastered your field. People must constantly save interesting pins of other users on Pinterest and the site. This allows subscribers to discover other pins and have a complete profile.

Pinterest and its storage boards

Boards are considered to be the cabinets where pins are stored. However, for subscribers to quickly find the content they are looking for, they must have an organizational plan. She had to categorize her Pin graph. And each category must be placed on a table. In this way, subscribers can quickly identify the tables they are interested in.

sub-tables where pins are stored

They can refine their organization and facilitate the search task for subscribers. We find the sub-tables in the table that was created.

Should you use Pinterest for your business?

Pinterest is a social network that can be beneficial to a business. There are several advantages to mention.

First is the evolution of the platform.
A few years ago, Pinterest didn’t exist compared to other social networks. However, over time, it has evolved and grown thanks to the many advantages it offers. We distinguish its strong capacity to make the company known among other things. The network currently has more than 300 million active Internet users. This number has been increasing over the years.

What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?
What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?

Pinterest is a network of influencers

Pinterest offers companies the opportunity to showcase their products to sell them more easily. Many people use this network to find buying ideas. In addition, several studies have shown that it is an excellent influencer network.

Pinterest makes it easy to target traffic

Pinterest is a sales-friendly platform because it drives targeted traffic. It attracts potential customers to your website, which is beneficial for businesses.

Pinterest is an excellent SEO platform

Pinterest is similar to Google because it can be used as a search engine. It is a social network that also improves its Google search results. This helps generate traffic and increases the number of visitors.

Unlike Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, Pinterest content does not expire. Therefore, optimized posts can last not only for 24 hours but also for a year.

Ad Types for Pinterest Ads
The platform offers a choice of different ad formats. This choice is made based on the product being sold. There are five ad formats.

What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?
What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?

Image format: Promoted Pins

Promoted Pin images are familiar images that are posted on Pinterest. They are also known as “standard displays.” pins will appear on the bulletin board. Using the Promoted Pin image, you can determine which group the image should appear in and which group you want to promote the product. In the description, you can place keywords intended to encourage the research of the target group.

The main advantage of the Promoted Pins image is that the posted image will be visible to your followers on Pinterest and other non-subscribers.

Video format

This is a format that allows you to promote your products through videos. These videos must be perfect for achieving the desired goal. There are different ways to perfect the video and increase your company’s visibility.

The video must attract the user from the first second. It can last up to 30 minutes, but it is better to limit it to a maximum of 45 seconds. It must be short and precise to capture the target group’s attention. The video must be attention-grabbing and easy to understand with or without sound.

Movie Pin

It is the same principle as promoting the video pin format. The only difference is that you can play the video directly only if the user decides to do so. Therefore, to play a Cinematic Pin video, you must scroll its stream. The video is played according to the action performed. For example, if you scroll quickly in the stream, it will be scanned. The cinematic Pin ad format is usually used to identify brands and thus attract their attention.

What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?
What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?

Website ads: one-click targeting

This format is often confused with the normal Pin format. But where they diverge is at the level of the display of the Pin image after a click. In fact, instead of displaying the image, the click directs the Internet user to the company’s website.

Application Ads: Promoted App Pins

This ad format is designed to promote applications. The user can download and use the application by simply pressing the add button in the Pin.

How to Create Pinterest Commercials
Creating a video on Pinterest is easy. Press ” Create Ad” on the platform and follow the steps.

Define your goal

The first step is the most crucial. It allows you to define your expectations of what you want to achieve with your campaign.

What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?
What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?

Find your target audience

This step is as important as choosing your campaign. It defines who can see the posts on Pinterest. In addition, there are multiple possibilities in choosing your audience.

Already Known Audience

This is an audience that already knows you. That is someone who has previously interacted with your Pin graph. It would help if you pressed “Create Audience” to perform this action. It also offers the possibility to identify people who have already visited your site through a redirect.

Finally, we can select the audience groups to target specific people. On Pinterest, we call this process “class behavior.”

Advanced Targeting

Advanced targeting involves targeting people who do not need to interact with your pins. This targeting can be done in a variety of ways.

The best-known targeting is to identify the category corresponding to the publication. In this case, these Pin graphs will appear to people who represent these categories as interests.
You can also locate people by keywords. This allows us to define better the audience we are looking for. It’s more accurate than interest-based targeting.

As on Linkedin, we can target audiences on Pinterest by several criteria related to people. This is based on socio-demographic criteria. It includes determining the target population’s age, gender, and location.

There is also device targeting when promoting the app. It includes determining the types of devices that are compatible with the app. 3.

Setting Pin Locations

After adding Pin diagrams, they will appear on the home page and search results. On the other hand, it is better to select the display in the search results. This makes it easier for the Internet user to find what he is looking for.

Define your budget

This step is to define the price of the monitor. We have the total budget, i.e., the total amount to pay for the display. For example, we pay 7 Dollar for a week of collections, or 1 Dollar per day. In this case, Pinterest will choose the suitable time when the ad should be displayed.

There is also a daily budget. It consists of the pay-as-you-go. This type of budget is preferable because it allows more regular visibility.

What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?
What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?

Define the bid and size of your target audience

The request determines the price that can be paid for each action performed on your Pin chart. It is necessary to support less expensive auctions. They may increase over time.

On Pinterest, audience size is essential. Indeed, it is necessary to have a large audience to achieve a specific goal.

Choose the pins to use

The choice of pins is decisive. Because it is thanks to it that users decide whether to visit your site or not, it must be love at first sight for the visitor. It must meet the user’s needs and include all the information he is looking for. You can choose a personalized Pin or a Pin that is already online, and above all, it meets all the necessary criteria to encourage potential customers to visit your site.

What is a Pinterest pixel?

It is an application installed on its website to track the movements of its audience. It brings many benefits to Pinterest. It allows you to verify the users who have visited your site to create retargeting audiences. It also provides following the discussions of the Pin graph to convert visitors into leads. Using the Pinterest pixel helps optimize ads in conversations.

Creating and Installing Pinterest Pixels on WordPress Websites
Installing a Pinterest pixel on a WordPress site does not require excessive IT qualifications. All you need to do is follow these steps.

Go to the ad manager

First, we press the “Announcements” menu in the upper left corner and then go to “Conversations.”

Install the Pinterest tab

This step is named, and then the reference code is installed. This code is essential when you want to retarget. It must be attached to all site pages. After installing the reference code, we then install the event code. It is used to measure a given conversation on the website. For example, to measure a potential customer’s interest in a product or service.

Installing pixel code on site

There are two ways to install pixel codes on the website. You can choose to install the pixel code manually or through an extension. Discover the two (2) possibilities.

Manual installation of Pinterest pixels

This is a method that is not difficult to understand. You must first copy and paste the code provided by Pinterest into the “header” section of all pages of your website. The situation is different when the site is under WordPress. In this case, the code must be added to the “header.php” file.

What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?
What are Pinterest commercials and their pixels?

Installation using the Tracking Code Manager plugin

It is easier than the previous method. Download this plugin. Then we open it and press “Add New Tracking.” In the black window, we attach the code.

For the rest, all you have to do is change the settings and click the “Save” button at the bottom. You can also use this plugin to install other codes, such as event codes.

Check the installation

This step ensures that all Pinterest pixel features are working correctly. For this, you need to download the Pinterest Tag Helper Chrome extension. Finally, we go to the site to check its extension.

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