What are Amazon Affiliate Links?

With the Amazon partner program, it is possible to create so-called affiliate links, which can then be inserted into blog posts and websites. These are trackable links to Amazon products. If a sale is made via one of these links, the partner will receive a reimbursement of up to 10 percent of the product’s sales.

This program is free to join and offers bloggers and website owners an easy way to earn money through product recommendations. Affiliate links give Amazon retailers another free channel to sell products.

Depending on the product category advertised with Affiliate Business, the advertiser receives a different percentage:

· Sports, outdoors, hobbies: 5%

· Kindle eBooks: 7%

· Fashion, shoes, jewelry: 10%

Amazon itself advertises the possibility of the Amazon affiliate program very openly.

Under the three steps “Register – Advertise products – Earn money,” the Amazon marketplace lures bloggers, etc.

Making money online is easier than ever with affiliate marketing.

In the case of Amazon, an affiliate link does not necessarily have to be just a simple hyperlink. Amazon offers many customization options here, from simple text links to banners and your affiliate widgets.

The amount of advertising reimbursement varies from product to product.

It is fixed for specific product categories: for example, the highest reimbursement (10%) is in the categories of software downloads, clothing, luggage, and watches

Direct vs. Indirect Sales

When it comes to sales from affiliate websites, Amazon distinguishes between direct and indirect sales.

If a user uses the link on your website to buy something from Amazon from the same product category as the linked product, this is a direct qualifying sale.

If a user buys products from another category on Amazon through the link, this is an indirect qualifying sale.

In general, purchased products from the same category, i.e. direct sales, bring in a higher commission.

If you now have the clever idea of simply linking a product category from Amazon, be forewarned. Amazon counts all sales from linking category pages as indirect sales, which means you will get a lower commission.

Our tip: Always link a product detail page because this is the only way to count sales as direct sales.

Advantages vs. disadvantages


· Benefit from a reliable commission payment

· Amazon is considered a global player and wants to be the most customer-friendly company globally. By participating in the affiliate program, you too can benefit from loyal customers and outstanding customer service

· Affiliate marketing made easy: no costs, no payment, no logistical obligations. All you have to do is integrate the affiliate links into your website yourself

· Knowing how: The integration of affiliate links is straightforward. The SiteStripe tool makes it super easy to generate links and integrate them into your website

The SiteStripe tool shows you a bar on an Amazon page. This allows you to quickly and easily create an affiliate link for your website with just one click.

There are three different options available to you:

Text, Image, or Text + Image. The last two options are only available for individual products, not category pages.

Danger! The Text + Image module can slow down the loading time of your website. So avoid adding too many Text + image boxes to your blog.

· Support and inspiration are available thanks to the Amazon Partnernet Resource Center. Here you can exchange ideas with experienced affiliate marketers and benefit from their experience


· Violation of the partner network’s policies may result in Amazon disqualification

· Many retailers and customers are well aware that the large selection of products on Amazon is a double-edged sword. Bloggers and website owners also face this problem: Which products are suitable for me? For which categories is an affiliate link worthwhile?

· The next obstacle does not only stand in the way of Amazon Affiliate Marketers: AdBlocker. These prevent the advertisement from being displayed. Our tip: Make sure always to use context-relevant link integration.

· The clock is ticking: Amazon cookies have a short lifespan of 24 hours. If a user does not buy a product within this period of time after clicking on the affiliate link, there is no commission. Even if a purchase occurs later, this will not be registered as a purchase in your favour.

· The commission always remains unchanged. No matter how many sales you generate for Amazon through your affiliate links, the commission will not increase. Unlike Amazon, there are some other affiliate providers that reward more sales with a higher commission.

 Our tips for more success with Amazon Affiliate

· The Amazon PartnerNet offers, among other things, a detailed overview of all sales. From this, for example, generated refunds of advertising costs can be read. Use this analysis to find out which products work well. You can ideally use this knowledge to optimize your integration.

· What is the benefit for the customer? Make sure you always put the added value for the customer in the foreground. Present a problem that the user probably knows and has himself and present the product as a solution.

· Stay true to yourself! Before participating in the Amazon Affiliate Program, think about which products and categories suit you. When presenting products, pay attention to the authenticity of your brand.

· Don’t just think about your Amazon earnings when it comes to product reviews. Be open and honest about the pros and cons. This is particularly authentic and inspires confidence. Only present products that suit you and your appearance.

· When a user comes to your website, they usually do so to find out more about a product. Therefore, there is an intention to buy from the outset. Use keywords to rank high in search results.

In this way, they can immediately intercept users with the intention to buy and forward them to an Amazon page through their own content. A good ranking paves the way to higher earnings.

How to sign up for the affiliate program

To sign up for Amazon ParterNet:

1. On the Amazon PartnerNet homepage, click on the “Register now for free” button

2. Here you can either log in with an existing Amazon account or create a new account

3. At this point, as a new customer, you must now enter your personal data. If you are already a registered customer, this is not necessary.

4. In the next step you have to enter your website under “Website profile”, describe the URL and the content.

5. Done! You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration. You should definitely remember to specify the payment method.

6. Registration can take up to 5 working days. Conveniently, access to the PartnerNet is immediate.


Whether the possibility of Amazon Affiliate Marketing can really bring real added value cannot be answered in general terms. In order to really make significant sales with it every month, you need a certain amount of traffic.

If you run your website with WordPress, we have a useful tip for you:

With a plugin for WordPress, you can easily integrate visually attractive product boxes into your website. It is important that the plugin is compliant with Amazon’s guidelines. In addition, you must make sure that there is compliance with the GDPR.

Take your chance now:

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