Web Knowledge: How Much Money Can I Make With an Affiliate Link?

No success without a relevant number of users

If you want to monetize your traffic through affiliate links, you need two things: a topic and decent traffic on that topic. For our test, we chose an article in our blog on “Chromebooks.” This article delivers consistent (quite a lot by our standards) traffic. Users who land on this article mainly via Google have substantial interest in this product. This particular product interest is the ideal prerequisite for monetizing traffic. The following image from the Google Search Console shows that the article about Chromebooks ranks relatively well for various searches on the subject:

According to Google Analytics, 1,000 users per month read the article. So that’s the basis for our little test.

Links to Relevant Products

In the article, I have included six links to Amazon – and of course, also marked them as “affiliate links.” These links point to the products mentioned in the article or product overview pages. According to Amazon, a good 60% of users click on one of these links – in the first quarter, that was a good 1,800 readers.

60 euros reimbursement of advertising costs per month

3.62% of those who clicked on a link in the article placed an order on Amazon. In the first quarter of 2016, I brokered sales of 5,688 euros to Amazon with my links. Depending on the item ordered, the “reimbursement of advertising costs” was between 3% and 10% – and thus gave us reimbursement of 188 euros in the first quarter. Makes a reasonable 60 euros per month.

My conclusion

My example plays in a relatively small niche and shows that you can achieve good rankings on Google with a clear focus on content. Clever and thematically appropriate affiliate links lead to a (surprisingly for me) high click rate. I consider the conversion rate on Amazon to be average to good. The example shows quite clearly that it takes many such articles to generate relevant income through an affiliate program. However, the amount of work is limited once you have found and occupied the right niches. So far, about a day’s work has probably gone into the article. I now update the article about twice a year to keep it interesting for users and Google. What are your experiences with affiliate programs? Do you deserve more – or less? And how much work do you put into the topic? I welcome feedback in the comments!

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