We recommend that you sell successfully on eBay and get a voucher for up to 100 euros!

Before October 2, to commemorate eBay’s 20th anniversary in France, eBay will provide vouchers equivalent to 10% of the product sales amount. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to be a good seller on eBay and get a 100 euro voucher through our tutorial (updated on January 1, 2010).

eBay has been in France for 20 years. Although the US website was first known for auction, it has gradually developed into a multi-functional e-commerce model. Today, individuals can buy and/or sell items at an auction or fixed prices at home and abroad. eBay has established a trusting relationship between buyers and sellers through its unique evaluation system, PayPal secure payment service, and freight platform.

If you have purchased on eBay before, you may know that these tools can ensure the smooth progress of your transaction. The same facilities apply to sales. If you want to sell on eBay, it’s time to start. To celebrate eBay’s 20th anniversary in France, eBay offers you 10% of the sales amount in vouchers (up to 100 euros per seller). To enjoy this offer, it’s simple: you must sell your items between September 13 and October 2 and before November 2.

eBay – capture HP

Here are our suggestions and tips to help you put all your assets aside and complete your first sale on eBay.

Understand the market

The first thing to get ready to sell your items on eBay is to do small market research. Start by looking for items that are similar to yours and see that their selling price depends on their status and their preferred way of selling (auction or direct selling). This will give you a good idea of how much you can get from your items. Please feel free to draw inspiration from how to describe the product or show it in photos.

Write a valid title and a clear and complete description.

Our goal is to make you stand out from the competition by highlighting your product advantages. Your ad title must inspire you and be as accurate as possible to do this. It must include the most commonly used keywords when searching for such products on eBay to ensure that you are in the best position in the search results.

The description of your item should be honest and as complete as possible, including whether there are any defects, wear marks, etc.; avoid using the most advanced things because they will bring the “nonsense” side to the Buyer and may make the Buyer angry. However, if your property is in good condition or almost useless, you can boast of its advantages at any time.

Process photos

With the correct description, photos are the key to successful sales. Please take several close-up photos of possible defects from different angles. This information is essential to the Buyer and proves your honesty about the condition of the items sold. It is generally recommended to use a white or neutral background to highlight the product.

Select the sales type and set the correct price

There are two options: auction or direct selling. Auctions may apply to rare, Collectible, or high-demand items, and buyers will “compete” by raising prices. Setting a meager starting price is usually recommended to attract bidders and involve competitors. For the sake of safety, you can also set a standby price. If you don’t meet the target at the end of the auction, you won’t sell.

eBay – screenshots selling laptops

Direct sales or direct purchase is ideal for selling items quickly at an excellent price. In this case, the above-market research is essential to determine the most attractive tariffs. Please remember to include any expenses related to advertising in the calculation.

Change payment method

You can accept personal checks, bank checks, money orders, credit cards, or PayPal payments. Avoid providing only one payment method that may cause severe restrictions on the Buyer, and prioritize quick solutions. Once the sale is completed, please wait until your account receives the money before shipping!
Determine the right time

The duration and release date of the advertisement is significant. You need to be prepared for potential buyers who visit eBay in their spare time, after work, and on weekends. For example, by publishing a ten-day auction in the middle of the week, you can enjoy the visibility of two weekends. Similarly, the auction’s closing time must be reasonable and convenient enough to ensure the participation of as many bidders as possible.

eBay – screenshot TV sales

Answer buyer’s questions

This is one of the most effective ways to prove your seriousness and build trust. If some problems occur repeatedly, please take this opportunity to modify your advertisement to provide missing details. Once the sale is completed, please contact the Buyer immediately to inform you of your shipping arrangements.

Choose clean packaging and fast shipping.

Pay special attention to the protection and packaging of the items you sell, considering all kinds of handling and impact during transportation. Deliver the goods as soon as possible after receiving the payment. If possible, provide the delivery time and package tracking number. You can also reassure your buyers through the global delivery service of the relay. Your customers will trust professionals more, and you will get better prices through the partnership between delivery professionals and eBay.

You’re ready to start selling on eBay. If you sell items between September 13 and October 2 and before November 2, eBay will provide you with 10% vouchers (up to 100 euros per seller). This is an excellent opportunity to free yourself from a bicycle or coffee machine.

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