Ways to make money from Instagram in 2022

Ways to make money from Instagram in 2022

Countless people have reported making money with Instagram. You read a lot of success stories. Some even claim they’ve achieved five-figure sales in a relatively short period of time. But how is that possible?

How does making money through Instagram work, and how do you do it? In this article, we’ll dive into the matter and compile the best information for you.

Roughly speaking, there are two ways to make money on Instagram. One variant applies to followers. The other variant doesn’t require any followers at all. Ads are placed and linked to affiliate programs. If your Instagram account has 5,000 or more followers, you can pay to publish sponsored posts.

Ways to make money from Instagram in 2022
Ways to make money from Instagram in 2022

Two ways to make money from Instagram!

Possibility #1: In this post, I explore both possibilities in more depth. For mere mortals, a no-followers approach is certainly an option. Not all of us would like to become public figures. This approach works through targeted advertising to a very specific target group that may be interested in the product.

Advertising can be used to promote your own products or services through Instagram. Those who do not own their own products have the opportunity to advertise other companies products. Each sale generates a commission. More on that later.

Scenario 2: Followers making money is more popular. Especially young people, who know very well how Instagram works and will write a success story one after another. The media has covered this many times. This article takes into account that you may not necessarily want to be in the public eye. Not everyone has what it takes and what it takes to be Bibi or Simon Unge. In a special niche, you can really clean up.

Who can make money from Instagram?

In principle, anyone can make money with the help of Instagram. Age or gender does not matter either. It does not matter what level of education you have. Theoretically, you can live in the Bahamas and start an Instagram business. With the help of the Internet, you can work and earn money from anywhere.

Of course, you also need to trade for Instagram – just like in any other business model. The Trade Licensing Office does not have a specific category for making money from social media. This is where the advice of a tax advisor can be helpful. This person should be able to define an accurate description of the activity and provide information about rights and obligations.

You can make money without followers

Instagram Business You don’t have to be an influencer to make money on Instagram!

So what do you do if you only have a few followers but still want to use Instagram as a marketing platform to make money?

Here’s the secret: Instagram advertising combined with affiliate marketing.

To do this, you have to bypass Facebook and create a Business Manager account. Then, you can advertise exclusively on Instagram.

Choosing the right target group is the key to a successful campaign
You can duplicate the target group and change smaller adjustment screws as needed. You can also create female audiences with the same gender settings to test which audiences are more likely to buy.

You set a daily budget, create the ad with text and images, and a few hours later, the ad goes live.

If all goes well, you will earn commissions through the Bike Shop’s membership program. If not, you have to control the fine-tuning and create other variants of the ad until the campaign is profitable.

Ways to make money from Instagram in 2022
Ways to make money from Instagram in 2022

Instagram Marketing Online Courses

Now there are online courses in which you can learn these and similar things. Moreover, in such courses, you will learn how to gain a large number of followers in a very short period of time.

Such courses are not cheap, but if you stick with them and are willing to implement what you learn, then it can work!

Make money with followers on Instagram

This method will be familiar to most people. At least that’s what most people have heard of. Big names like Bibi, Simon Unge, and Co make huge amounts of money with their influence. But you don’t have to be an influencer and go public with Instagram to make money.

Popular areas such as gaming, cars, motoring, sports, food, fashion, and beauty are doing particularly well on Instagram. There’s certainly a lot of competition in these areas, but the market is huge. It’s more about how good or how interesting and imaginative the content you post is.

If you are persistent and post new content, you will quickly gain your first followers. Start with 1,000 followers, and it runs much faster. Depending on the topic of the account, the number of four-figure followers will grow exponentially. In other words, it will grow like a snowball rolling down a cliff. Except the cliff isn’t going down; it’s going steeply up.
Do followers equal money? On the contrary, followers plus engagement equals money! If you want to make money from Instagram without investing in advertising, here are the basic rules.

Sell your Instagram account.
Similar to our post about making money through Facebook, this also applies to Instagram. Accounts change owners daily, and some people do this professionally.

However, it is important to note that neglected accounts are worth very little. The activity of the followers also determines the price. The more likes and comments on each post, the more valuable such an account will be.

An Instagram account with 100,000 followers should be worth around 2,000 to 3,000 euros (assuming a high engagement rate).

Make money with your followers without selling your account
Anyone who likes their account can also make money without selling their account.

In the bio, you have an exact space for a link. This link can be rented out to advertisers or used as an affiliate link location. Advertisers usually approach you and ask for a business partnership. If you agree, you can post, for example, a link and possibly an image with a discount code that references the link in the bio. Depending on the number of followers, you can get from 10 to 100 euros.

Ways to make money from Instagram in 2022
Ways to make money from Instagram in 2022

Works especially well on Instagram

In general, everything is creative and original work. For every industry, there are countless ideas that can be implemented. Here are some examples from different business areas to share ideas and thoughts.

Even carpenters can gain followers with creativity and good ideas. You don’t even have to put yourself in the foreground as a craftsman.

In fact, why not build a particularly creative closet and post photos? In the following, just a random spread of ideas from all walks of life.

Examples and ideas from a variety of industries

To have as many variations as possible in the article.

Make money as a photographer on Instagram

Instagram is great for photographers! As a photographer, you probably can’t find a better platform to promote yourself as a photographer than Instagram at the moment. Of course, you should know something about tagging, but all this can be solved.

Countless amateur photographers have risen to fame with the help of Instagram. Even if this fame is only local, as a photographer, you will soon get a lot of likes.

As a photographer, you usually have a huge database of images. It is conceivable that you make a prior agreement with your client to allow you to use the images for your own Instagram account. This should be done in writing so that you have proof in case of doubt.

Making money as a graphic designer or web designer

The graphics and homepages you create for your clients can also be small works of art. You can also post on Instagram screenshots of websites you are particularly proud of or graphics you have created yourself.

At the same time, these are powerful references for your own agency and can even be shared, which means they can spread like a virus. As of today, you can find 175,000 posts under the “Banner Design” tab. For a topic that is not popular with the public, this is very powerful!

For the hobby chef: Grabbing attention with food pictures and recipes

Food pictures are all the rage on Instagram. Who doesn’t see people taking pictures of their food in restaurants these days

The best way a chef or restaurant operator can imagine marketing their business.

These photos usually even come with the hashtag of the restaurant itself, shared and liked as much as possible.

One chef who became a multi-millionaire in a very short time was Nusret Gökce, whose strange and interesting way of preparing or marinating meat went viral on the Internet. Instagram also contributed to this fame.

Building a following as a painter/varnisher

Painters and varnishers are also artists (at least most of the people I know). Here, too, there are countless painters whose work has gained an extremely high reputation. With Instagram marketing, you can draw attention to your company and attract the attention of potential customers.

The walls and facades you paint can be photographed and posted without any major arrangements, with a few exceptions. If the wall is a very special design, you can be sure it will be well received. You can literally see how quickly such posts go viral when they go live.

Ways to make money from Instagram in 2022
Ways to make money from Instagram in 2022

Success doesn’t happen overnight

As with all areas of business, success does not happen overnight. Patience, consistent posting, and the relevance of posts are the most important factors for Instagram’s success. Since many people fail at patience, most will give up after a while.

You must try a lot with your target group before you know which posts will go viral. Instagram also only rewards those who consistently post fresh images and content.

Instagram Earnings Calculator

There are tools that give a rough indication of how much a celebrity is earning on Instagram. The Instagram Money Calculator does not show the true value. The numbers are distant. You can at least get a rough idea of what is available. Inkifi and other income calculators also work for regular influencers. Personalities with a small number of followers can also be tested for fun. Another useful tool is SocialBlade, where you can track the growth of your Instagram account. Professionals use this tool to find the best viral accounts. It is used to get ideas for posts. Then upload powerful posts to your own account in a similar form. To use this tool, you just need to enter the link or the person’s username.

Conclusion: Making money with Instagram works!

Instagram is currently the most popular. It’s a great option, especially for beginners, to make money online. You don’t need a lot of marketing knowledge to build a following. All you need is to know what your target audience wants to see. The trick is to post new images regularly. This is necessary for organic growth. Focus on posts that generate a lot of engagement. If you want to work professionally, create images a week in advance and post new content again and again at regular times.

If you don’t want to build a following and want to start immediately, you should position yourself for affiliate marketing through Instagram ads. This is actually the best way to make money from Instagram. Unfortunately, it’s not for everyone. For one thing, you’ll need a little seed money and analytical skills. Professionals use affiliate network marketing to make (no kidding) thousands of dollars a day.

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