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The dream of earning money with Instagram is probably everyone’s. But how exactly do you earn money with Instagram? Most importantly, what methods can you use to make money on Instagram in the first place? 4. selling photos
If you are an amateur or professional photographer, you can sell your images very well on Instagram. You can post snippets from photoshoots as content for your followers to draw attention to you.

You can also accept contact requests directly through Instagram, so you don’t need your website to attract new customers.shoutouts
Yes, you can also sell Shoutouts! However, this is only possible if you have many followers (2000+) on your Instagram account. Other profiles often ask you to give them a shoutout, i.e., a post of your profile in their Insta-Story. Depending on the size and reach of your account, you can then earn money with it.

advertising channel
If you have focused your channel on a niche, for example, dog accessories, and have built a community there, you can offer advertising for manufacturers. Often the manufacturers themselves write to you and ask for advertising. You can either get paid or get their products for free. This, of course, works in almost every niche.

However, if no companies write to you, you can also actively ask them if they want to work with you as an advertising channel. You can convince your counterparts with good advertising strategies and a master plan. However, it would be best to think about this before you ask them.


If you want to become an influencer, you have a long way. Influencers are carriers for advertising and marketing on Instagram because of their reach and presence. For this, you have to bring good content every day and build up a community over months.

As a future influencer, you should also choose a niche. Furthermore, you should develop your style. With this style, you should stand out from the rest; that makes you attractive to users.

It is also essential to use the right hashtags. It would help if you used hashtags that your community also uses so that you address the right target group.

Quality over quantity is also a crucial point if you want to become an influencer. It won’t do you any good if you create a lot of content that is bad or doesn’t interest users. Work out a concept and build your posts in a logical order for you.

Finally, the most important thing: Be yourself! Don’t try to pretend for your community; just be yourself! It may sound banal, but many young people fail because they pretend to be something they are not.

Find your way
As you can see, we have listed seven ways you can make money with Instagram. Now it’s your turn; you have to decide which is the right way for your Instagram business.

You can create a pros and cons list with your strengths and weaknesses. You can list where your strengths and weaknesses lie in it – this can help you make a wise decision.

In addition, you should not go after where you can make “the fast money.” More importantly, it would help if you built a community that trusts you. It would help if you were authentic and honest – that’s how you make an emotional connection with your followers.

So how do you get started?
Decide on one of the following options
Create an Instagram account
Make your account descriptive
Post daily content (stories/posts/polls)
Interact with your target audience
Build a community
Find B2B partners
Prepare a product launch
How many followers do I need to sell on Instagram?

We have already briefly touched on this question above. It depends more on the quality of your followers. We can do an example. Let’s consider two Instagram accounts. One has 5,000 followers, the other 500. Both versions have a store for diving accessories, which they repeatedly promote on their page.

Account One has 150 followers interested in diving accessories and 4850 purchased followers who are not interested in diving. Account Two has 500 followers that consist of active divers and those interested in diving. I think the answer as to which site sells better should be clear. Of course, account two – because the quality of subscribers is better.

So you should never buy Instagram followers; this will only cause complications if you want to advertise in the future, and also, they won’t accept anything from you. Often they are just bots, not even real people.

If you have any questions or need help creating your Instagram business, please contact us! This and more you will learn in this article!

What methods can I use to earn money on Instagram? The three most popular methods are 1. affiliate marketing, 2. drop shipping 3. influencer marketing. This article will explain how you can earn money with one of these three methods!

To make yourself financially independent is becoming increasingly popular among many people, as one of the most popular media for this recently emerged platform is Instagram.

Many users ask themselves whether they can also earn money with Instagram and especially how? Our answer to this is quite clear: Yes! Anyone can make money with Instagram!

And with which methods you can also make it, we will highlight here.

First of all, you don’t need 10,000 followers to make money with Instagram; some of our customers already make phenomenal sales with less than 1000!

Are you probably thinking to yourself, “phenomenal sales with under 1000 followers? That’s not even possible!” But we promise you, it is possible! Later we will explain to you how exactly this works.

But what methods are there now? We have created a list of the most popular and successful methods!

Affiliate Marketing
Sell your product
Sell photos
Advertising channel
The methods listed here are only a tiny part of the possibilities that Instagram offers you to earn money successfully. Maybe you’ve heard of one or two of them before, but if not, it doesn’t matter; we’ll explain them briefly below.

1.affiliate marketing
In affiliate marketing, you do not sell your product but products from others and get a commission. Amazon, for example, is a company that offers affiliates.

You can create an affiliate account there and advertise the goods on your Instagram account; if a person then buys a product through your affiliate link, you get a commission from Amazon.

You can also cooperate with successful companies, sell their already created courses, and get a commission. You only need to ask such questions about whether they want to cooperate with you and clarify the margin.

Many companies have come to the top only because of successful affiliate marketing and will certainly be grateful if you sell their courses.

2.sell your product
If you have your product, for example, an e-book or an online course, you can also sell it very well on Instagram. You can post content on your account about why exactly your course is the solution to your future customers’ problems.

You can add your product link to your bio and generate revenue passively. Also, if you own an online store where you sell goods, you can link it to Instagram.

Through targeted content with insights into the manufacturing or production of your products, you can expand your target audience and inspire even more people for you and your products – Here, you have the opportunity to make a name for yourself and take off with branding,

Dropshipping is also 2020 still a standard method to earn money online. With dropshipping, you sell, e.g., personalized products (print on demand) through your store. The company does the production and shipping of the goods with which you have a dropshipping partnership.

Shirtinator is, for example, a provider you can use. You can create your store there and provide textiles with self-created motifs, which you then offer in your store. You can then promote these designs on your Instagram account and encourage your followers to buy them.

It would help if you stayed away from well-known Asian dropshipping partners. They demonstrably offer your customers poor quality, long delivery times, and often complications when returning the items.

Instead, you should look for domestic partners and strive for long-term planning with them. They can also help you with the branding of your store and score points with fast delivery times and often much higher quality.

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