Upwork: work on the internet and make ends meet!

Upwork, formerly Odesk, is a perfect online platform for freelancers looking for work online. How to use the services offered on the site? How do you find contracts compatible with your skills? Here is a tutorial to know everything about Upwork, and a web address to multiply your income.

Upwork: what is the old Odesk?

Upwork is a new version of Elance-oDesk. Created in 1999 in California, Elance-oDesk quickly distinguished itself by the quality of its services on each continent. Under this name, we could find two excellent platforms:

· Elance: an online service reserved for professionals looking for freelancers for all types of jobs (editors, translators, web marketing specialists, graphic designers, etc.).

· Odesk: a service reserved for freelancers looking for clients.

Although the competition was quickly well established on the web, Odesk enjoyed a partnership with prestigious companies such as Walt Disney, Microsoft or Panasonic. Thanks to these powerful companies, desk quickly gained popularity while attracting more and more freelancers. In 2003, Elance-odesk changed its name by bringing together the two services; the Upwork site was then born and has since continued to attract even more service providers on the web.

Upwork: the best platform for working online?

Why tell you about this platform called Upwork rather than another? It is quite simply for its comprehensive services that will allow you to work online with ease. Indeed, the old desk not only allows you to find a large number of ads posted daily by potential future customers, but also to securely transfer your income and ensure that there is no no dispute.

It is also possible to highlight your achievements and your experience by posting your CV, taking tests offered directly by Upwork, or displaying the comments left after the completion of old assignments. In short, everything is there, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

Upwork also has a substantial advantage. Indeed, the ancient desk is known all over the world. As you will have understood, the offers and requests are varied by offering all types of assignments and in all possible languages (English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc.).

The platform also proudly displays some rather enticing statistics :

· More than two million offers offered where nearly 2 billion varied skills are sought.

· Nearly ten million freelancers registered on the site from 180 different countries.

· An impressive figure of more than 940 million dollars (per year) was generated by the missions carried out.

· Large companies continue to post successful announcements there (WaltDisney, Pinterest, Opentable, Panasonic, Unilever, Thumbtack, or even Microsoft).

However, the old desk has a drawback since everything is displayed in English. Nevertheless, it would be a shame not to be interested; you risk missing out on a non-negligible tool to increase your income and fill your professional agenda!

Before moving on to this tutorial, be aware that an application is available on GooglePlay and Appstore to follow, in real-time, the ads posted and complete your profile.

Upwork: tutorial to master the old Odesk

With a site entirely in English, it is interesting to explain to you how to proceed with the registration steps, how to get paid and especially how to find offers on Upwork.

Register on Upwork

Signing up on the old desk shouldn’t give you any problems. To begin, by going to the Upwork index page, you can quickly create your account by indicating your first name, last name, and email address.

Finally, a simple click on “get started” will bring you to a new window where you can set your password (combination of numbers and letters essential) and your situation (freelancer or entrepreneur looking for web workers). You will choose a nickname and confirm by copying the captcha code indicated.

Another click on the acceptance of the conditions icon, the last click on “next,” and you are registered on Upwork! Check your mailbox and click on the suggested link to finalize all this. You will be redirected to your profile page.

How to configure your profile?

On the next window:

· You will indicate the field that you master.

· You will detail the activities that correspond to you by clicking on the suggestions proposed.

· You can “sell” yourself by telling customers about your skills.

· You will specify your current level (novice, intermediate, or confirmed). This information will be an essential factor for your future remunerations.

· Finally, you will be redirected to a profile editor where you will publish your CV and other information (photo, income requested per hour worked, etc.).

Getting paid on Upwork

How to get paid on the old desk? Nothing’s easier! It is essential to send email supporting documents on your identity. Scan your document and send this file to the address mentioned in your personal space.

Did you receive a confirmation email? You are now ready to work and collect your first income.

How a transaction takes place from A to Z

Once you have accepted a contract, it will be mentioned by clicking on the “my jobs” tab then “all contracts”. The mission will be considered “in progress” with a stipulated maximum delivery time. By ensuring your service in its entirety and after sending your work electronically, your client will be able to conclude the contract:

· By ending the contract with an immediate transfer. Following this, a comment must be written by the client and the freelancer. The collaboration will then be terminated.

· By transferring the funds while choosing to continue the collaboration with other missions. No need to worry; even if other contracts are to come, you will not have to wait for these to transfer your income.

The money is now transited on the platform and remains in “pending”. All you have to do is request a transfer to your bank account or to another Paypal account , for example. To achieve this, you will need to enter your bank details (a check of a few days is sometimes essential before taking advantage of your transfer).

Find a freelance job offer on Upwork

To find a job offer on Upwork , all you have to do is fill in your keywords in the search bar. A list of advertisements is then displayed with the title, a brief description, the number of positions and possible contracts, the customer’s rating and his location. Another important piece of information tells you if the profile of the contractor is checked (thereby avoiding spam).

By clicking on the ad, you can submit your application or save the page. If you apply, you will be able to indicate your rate and your skills. The client, in turn, will confirm the contract or offer another income. It suits you ? It’s time to confirm and start working!

How to become a freelancer with Upwork?

Working on Upwork can be difficult at the start of your career. To achieve this, you will first have to accept low-income missions. Why that ? Because your main objective will be to build a solid experience and obtain as many positive comments as possible. Thanks to these notes left by your former clients, the professionals will be able to ensure the seriousness of your work and your abilities. Little by little, you will be amazed by the ease of obtaining new missions.

To sum up, it will be important to never neglect the quality of your work. Also make sure to respect the deadlines (one of the most important elements). Finally, to avoid any difficulties, do not accept missions that it would be impossible for you to carry out.

The old odesk can become a real gold mine if you use this platform correctly. A simple negative comment can considerably tarnish your image, never forget it.

Upwork in French: which competitor?


If the Upwork interface makes your life difficult and if you are angry with the English language, know that an alternative exists: Hopwork. This platform works on the same principle as the old odesk with the advantage of being entirely in French. After a quick registration, you will also have access to a configurable personal space. Once past this step, a simple search bar will allow you to find your customers.

Another advantage is the hotline service offered by the platform. Indeed, Hopwork is located in Paris and can handle any request directly by telephone and in French! However, it is rare to use this service, because the cases of difficulties of use or disputes are almost non-existent. Suffice to say that Upwork or hopwork both offer secure and efficient services. In short, these tools are essential for any web worker wishing to maximize their income without spending hours looking for professional contacts.

Working on the Internet with Upwork: Conclusion

As we have seen, Upwork is totally accessible with a minimum of knowledge in the English language. If that’s really a problem for you, Hopwork’s alternative is also a great choice. If you are not convinced by these platforms, try to register there to browse the published ads, you will not be disappointed!

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