Upwork France: how to get off to a good start on the platform?

Upwork is a platform that connects freelancers with clients looking for particular skills. Here’s how to register and work on the forum.

Regardless of the type of profile you open (client or freelancer), transactions are made in US dollars. So consider the Wise business account: thanks to US bank details, you will receive payments free of charge, and you will be able to benefit from conversions at the market rate.

Open an Upwork France account for freelancers and clients.

On Upwork, there are two main types of accounts:

Freelance: you are self-employed and looking for work.

Client: you are looking for a freelancer for specific missions.

In the “Customer” category, you can choose between a personal or company profile. In the first case, the account will be associated with a person.

In the second case, it will be a company. Thus, another employee can use the profile to create missions. Invoicing will be easier, but the Freelancer will have fewer long-term costs because Upwork considers that they are working with the same client (the company).

How to open an account on Upwork in France?

Go to the Upwork site, enter your e-mail address then start the registration and enter the following information: name, first name, password, and country of residence.

Then choose the type of account you are interested in:

“Hire” for a customer account.

“Work” for a freelance account

Validate the T&Cs then confirm your registration. Finally, you will only have to validate your e-mail address by clicking on the link contained in the message received.

Creation of the Upwork France profile for freelancers

Creating the profile for freelancers is a more complicated step than it seems: Upwork does not accept all applications, only those that meet specific needs.

There is a good practice guide that you will find in the FAQ that will help you create a good quality profile.

Once you have completed it, send it and wait for the response. It usually arrives within about 48 hours. If your profile is not accepted, take the time to reassess it. You can submit it for as long as you want.

Company Profile for Customers

Once your Upwork account is open, you can use it as is if you are a private client, i.e., you are the only one creating assignments.

On the other hand, if you expect different people to use the account, it is advisable to create a Company profile. This will facilitate invoicing and accounting.

Go to settings and update your company information. Then you just have to create sub-profiles for your employees.

Upwork UK Subscription Plans

For freelancers: Upwork Basic & Freelancer Plus

Freelancers can use the platform for free through Upwork Basic. They will have access to most features and receive 10 “Connects” per month¹. “Connects” are tokens that allow you to apply for job offers.

There is also a subscription system, Freelancer Plus, which costs $14.99/month. Thanks to it, you will notably have the right to 80 Connects per month².

Business plans start at $49.99 per month

There are two plans for companies: Plus and Enterprise. For customers with a single account, it’s free to use, apart from a 3% charge with each payment³.

The Plus plan costs $49.99 per month⁴. In particular, it provides access to personalized assistance and help in finding the best freelancers.

The Enterprise package is highly personalized. In particular, it offers solutions for project management, recruitment, and invoicing. The price is variable. For more information, contact customer service.

Note that the 3% fee on payments disappears with the Plus and Enterprise plans.

The different types of contracts on Upwork

The relationship between a client and a freelancer is done through a contract. There are two types:

By the hour: the Freelancer downloads a counter that he activates when he is working. The client pays the Freelancer in proportion to the number of hours and minutes worked.

Fixed price: the price is set at the start of the contract. Following its creation, the client pays Upwork. Once the job is done, the funds are transferred to the Freelancer. It is possible to divide the contract into “milestones,” each of them causing a payment.

For a contract to be established between a client and a freelancer, both people must have an account. On the other hand, freelancers have the possibility of inviting clients from outside Upwork via “Direct Contracts.” There are 2 advantages to this: customers do not have to create an account, and fees are reduced for freelancers.

Upwork France: the fees to be paid

For the customers

Upwork charges 3% for each payment made³. For hourly contracts, these fees are charged once a week. On the other hand, the commission is taken on each milestone for fixed price contracts.

These fees disappear if the customer has subscribed to an “Upwork Enterprise” plan.

For freelancers

The Upwork fee for freelancers takes the form of a percentage that is based on the total amount received from a client.

The fee is taken from each payment you receive or for hourly contracts at the end of the week.

You will pay⁵:


20% for the first $500 bill

10% if you earned between $500.01 and $10,000 with the client

5% over $10,000

Please note: the notion of “customer” includes both companies and independent persons. If you work for two different teams within a company that has an Enterprise profile, Upwork will consider it as a single client. Therefore, the amount invoiced will be familiar to both teams.

Direct contracts

Direct Contracts allow you to work with clients who do not have an Upwork account—the latter gain in flexibility, and the Freelancer benefits from an attractive fee schedule.

The platform only charges 3.4% in fees for these types of contracts⁶. Additionally, when Upwork releases payment, the funds go directly to the Freelancer’s account, whereas for other contract types, they are locked for five days for security reasons.

Withdrawals for freelancers

For freelancers, several withdrawal methods are supported⁷:

Transfer to a US bank (ACH): free

Transfer to a local bank: $0.99

US dollar transfers: $30 

Instant payment (only for US freelancers): $2/transfer

It is also possible to receive funds from PayPal or Payoneer. Withdrawal fees depend on the country in which the worker is located.

Upwork UK: Reviews

Upwork offers welcome flexibility and security for both freelancers and clients.

Admittedly, the fees can be substantial for freelancers, but they decrease with the amount billed, which encourages long-term relationships with clients.

The platform guarantees transaction security: when a contract begins, the funds are sent directly to Upwork’s account and released when the work is completed.

The client is therefore confident that the Freelancer does not disappear once paid, and the worker knows that he will receive his payment when the mission is finished.

Reduce Upwork Commissions with Wise

With the Wise Multi-Currency Business Account, you can retrieve US bank details.

Thus, it will be possible to withdraw the contents of your freelance balance free of charge and avoid the conversion at the increased rate carried out by Upwork⁸’s banking partner if you request payment in foreign currency.

If you live in France, you will be able to retrieve funds in US dollars from your Wise account and convert them into euros at the interbank rate, which will allow you to save money on transactions.

Likewise, if you are a client: with the Wise account, you will avoid the increased rate when you make a payment in US dollars to your Freelancer.

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