I wanted to earn money as a freelancer on Upwork on the internet. This allows me to come one step closer to my dream of working when and where I want.

Today was the day I earned my first $1000 on Upwork by writing German articles.

At first, it looked as if I wouldn’t be able to quickly get jobs in competition with cheap labor from Bangladesh and China. But then I found a good niche – writing German-language articles for international clients.

Finding a niche

On online platforms like Upwork, we are in direct competition with the whole world. It may sound a bit difficult at first, but at the same time, you should consider that the world as a whole is also available to you as a client.

So the question is not how can I offer more cheaply to survive the competition. But the more good question should be what can I provide that specific customers have to buy from me.

For me, that is the German language. Several freelancers from Eastern Europe try to offer German texts even more cheaply. But the quality is usually not that good because these people do not have German as their mother tongue.

So if someone wants to market their website, blog, or webshop in German-speaking countries, they can use expensive, certified interpreters. Or he can hire a cheaper freelancer from the German-speaking area through Upwork. They write or translate the texts in German almost as well, but for a fraction of the price.

Creativity is required

So you have to think about something like that. Not everyone is good at writing, but everyone is good at something. Perhaps you live near very famous attractions, then you could help tour operators write special photos and reports about them. Perhaps as a local, you know things about it that other travel agencies and tourist guides don’t.

A little creativity is required here, and then you offer your services or search on platforms like Upwork to see if anyone is already looking for something like this.

Why pay through Upwork?

That’s the question everyone asks when they get their first fee, and a significant chunk of it is gone for expenses and shared for the platform.

Of course, you are tempted to contact the client directly and have them pay you now via Paypal or bank transfer.

Of course, it works, and you get more out of it. However, you will lose many benefits and will regret it later. The share for the platform is money well invested.

Benefits of paying through Upwork

1. Contact options: You have significantly better contact options via the platform than if you are looking for a client.

2. Payment security: The platform ensures payment security. Nothing is worse for small freelancers than a lot of work that ends up being paid very little or not at all. Most media proceed so that the client has to pay in before the order. That way, when you start working, you know that the money is already waiting for you.

3. References on your profile: If you process the orders via your Upwork profile, you can display the completed orders with evaluation and payment in the profile. Wouldn’t you prefer to hire someone you know who has already achieved many jobs to the client’s satisfaction and has made a lot of money? That implies that the freelancer was worth it. Otherwise, he only gets paid well once.

4. Always full order books: Once you’ve handled a few successful orders in a good niche, more and more professional clients will stumble across your profile. They will ask you to work for them too. This way, you can get work without having to look any further.

What’s the best way to get started on Upwork?

First of all, register for free and fill out the profile as well as possible. The more you publish about yourself and the work you have already done, the better potential clients can be assured that it is likely that you could do the job. This is especially true while you are still brand new to the platform.

Then see if there is a test for your knowledge area. Don’t be afraid to complete this one. Even if you fail, you can’t see the result. If you don’t do so spectacularly, you can repeat all the tests later. You can display good test results in the profile and thus document your skills well before you have completed orders.

Pro or just looking?

My recommendation is to take out the professional subscription immediately. The costs are so low that you can easily earn them back with a single order. Currently, the subscription costs $12 per month.

This not only means that you can apply to almost any number of offers, especially at the beginning. I also feel that the Upwork platform encourages such profiles more. From the time I had the subscription running for a while, I not only got support as a rising talent, but also more offers came in.

So my recommendation, if you’re serious, is to start as a professional freelancer right away and do it right. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using the profile only in the free version. You can just look around for a while and apply here and there.

break no problem

For example, I had changed my niche. When the platform was still called Elance, I had already completed a few jobs. Then my profile lay idle for several years and nothing happened. And now in September 2018 I felt like it again and started again in a different area on Upwork.

That’s the nice thing about it, the playground with all the actors is always there. If you feel like it, just go and play a little, make your money and have fun. Everything depends on your goals and what you want. And if you just want to earn a little extra income every year before Christmas, that’s OK too. The Upwork platform is happy about every single order that you process on it. And your references are all preserved.

Summary of work on Upwork

For anyone who really wants to make money online by doing honest work and good services, the Upwork platform is for you. There are of course several other platforms based on the same pattern. Upwork is just the platform I randomly chose.

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