Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now

Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now

Want to get your Etsy store open? Then learn how to use these tips now!

Etsy is a famous marketplace for handmade goods and is a great place to showcase them. In fact, not only is it the most famous and popular marketplace, but it’s also international, which means that if you produce something extraordinary that you’d have a hard time selling in Italy, you’re sure to find your niche on Etsy.

But there is a but.

Etsy is tremendous, so the competition is huge and fierce. It isn’t easy to go out and then sell on Etsy.

That’s why I created this little guide that explains all the secrets to selling a lot on Etsy so that you can improve immediately!

1. The photos must be beautiful

The first rule of selling on Etsy is: to have amazing photos. That means professional, sharp, bright, and clean.

How can you do this? Arm yourself with a good camera (or at least a recent generation phone with a quality camera) and a photo editing program or app (like Photoshop or Gimp) and fix the photo by adjusting brightness, color, etc. I don’t need anything else.

I don’t think you need apps or programs to place hearts and stars, fancy frames, or anything else. A friendly, professional photo must be clean and elegant, not a bunch of unnecessary embellishments that don’t provide any more information about the product being depicted.

The photos of the product (I use the plural because it is better to have more pictures of each product to show the various details) must be beautiful and offer the best of your product. Let the user know how it was made, what materials were used, the dimensions, etc. In short, the photos must replace the live experience and therefore show all the things the user is interested in seeing.

If you don’t know how to handle photos, there are two ways: either you take a good photography course, or you pay a photographer to take pictures of your product. You choose; the result must be perfect. Otherwise, you will never get noticed on Etsy.

Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now
Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now

2. You must sell a lot of products

In your store, you have to sell many products, the more, the better. This is, of course, because the more you sell, the better your chances of being found, and you leave a good impression on your users because you look more professional and make it clear that there is always something new to buy from you.

So try to have at least two pages of products. Otherwise, your store might be as sad as a half-empty window.

3. You need to optimize your store for search engines (SEO)

You can’t ignore SEO or search engine optimization to sell on Etsy. SEO must be done not only on your website and blog but also on Etsy, which will make your products easier to find on Google and Etsy’s internal search engines. So let’s see how it works!

It would help if you found your product keywords. To determine which keywords to use, you must put yourself in the shoes of your users and consider what they will type into the search engines to find products similar to yours. To get a more accurate idea, first enter your product (e.g., earrings) into the Etsy search bar, then look at the auto-suggestions and other words associated with that term, from which you can then get tips.

Once you’ve identified the keywords for your product and business, also mark their synonyms and use all of those terms anywhere: store title, store announcement, section, product page title, description, tags. It’s not a matter of converting these fields into strings of words but into sentences with complete and captivating meaning, which contain keywords. Remember, you must first consider the user and what they want. Then mix keywords with other keywords to create an excellent text to read: use short sentences in-store titles to explain what you sell, describe what you do and how you do it in-store announcements, use keywords and synonyms in tags, etc.

Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now
Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now

4. you must build community

Etsy is a marketplace, but it’s also a social network, so interaction is critical to the success of your store. So you must.

Follow other users and get them to follow you.

Bookmark stores that you admire and that are similar to yours.

Join the Etsy team. These are self-managed sub-communities where you can meet people who can advise you.

Participate in forums to compare and improve.

5. You need to update your store often

Another essential task of selling on Etsy is to let users know that your business is a serious one and always has something new to offer. Therefore, keep your store updated by adding new products, ideally at least once a week.

Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now
Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now

6. you must also make yourself well known outside of ETSY

So far, we’ve seen ways to get noticed and sell on Etsy, but you can do more than that by bringing your Facebook fans, Instagram, and users of your website/blog to your store. The more channels you use, the more people you can intercept and send to your Etsy store. So.

Create a website or blog to have a loyal audience following you and a place to advertise the items you sell on Etsy. I recommend that for a website to do its job and bring you customers, it must be optimized for search engines (SEO) and built according to the basic rules of content marketing. In addition, it is ideal to have a blog managed from an SEO perspective so that through these articles, you will bring many customers to your site and thus to your store. If you don’t understand the content, you can ask us for help or download our blogroll, a free pdf that we offer to our newsletter subscribers.

Create a Facebook page and an Instagram account to create a loyal community of people who follow you. If you want to know how to best use your social networks, download our checklist.

Create beautiful business cards with your logo and contacts, including your website and store on Etsy. So you can distribute them at fairs, markets, and to anyone you meet.

7. You must take care of your image

Also, remember to take care of your image.

This means a lot of things:

Having a nice logo and a professional website.

Take care of the relationship with your customers from start to finish.

Always being friendly and helpful.

Take care of the packaging of your products.

It may seem ridiculous to you, but customers will notice the packaging and the effort you put into making them. I like to buy handmade to find delicious packages!

Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now
Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now

8. You need to know your ideal customer thoroughly

Last but not least, and perhaps most importantly, you need to thoroughly understand your perfect customer, the one you are targeting.

This means that you need to know who your typical customer is (e.g., a woman in her 30s) and everything about him, his passions, hobbies, problems, the channels he uses regularly, etc.

If the question is “Who is your ideal customer?” you can only say “women between 20 and 40 years old”, then it means that you have no idea who your target is. For this question, you must be able to answer “women in their 20s, passionate about TV shows, travel a lot, always on Instagram, have pets, like vegan food, etc.”.

The more you know about your target, the easier it will be to create a product that works for them and promote them.

But if at this point you don’t know much about your goals, download our goals guide; it’s free! To receive it, all you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter. Or sign up for our online course Ideal Customers where you are.

9. You must avoid the mistakes and false beliefs of those who sell handmade products

Urban legends are circulating online about selling handmade goods online. And often, believing these rumors can end up hurting you and your store.

Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now
Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now

10. Improve your ETSY store SEO in 4 steps!

What’s the first thing you do when looking for something? Most likely, go to Google and search. If you think that an average of 4-60 billion searches are performed each month in the United States alone, then you are certainly not the only one.

Therefore, you understand that you must also appear on Google, not just in the results of Etsy’s internal search engine.

But to be successful at this, you need to do SEO for Etsy, which means optimizing your store not only for the Etsy search engine but also for Google. Today I will explain how to do this!

1. Find the keywords your target uses

If you want to SEO for Etsy, you have to start with keywords. If you use Google search keywords in your Etsy store, it will be easier to appear in the Google search results.

But of course, you have to find the keywords your target uses. For example, if you sell hippie bags, you need to know which keywords your target is using on Google when searching for hippie bags.

There are various tools to find and analyze the keywords your target is looking for, but the primary device is Google Keyword Planner.

Now I won’t explain how to use this tool (also because it requires more than just an article), but if you want to learn how to use Google Keyword Planner like a “pro” and learn how to find your target keywords, we can help you 🙂

Teach me everything you need to know about keywords!

Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now
Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now

2. Optimize LISTING titles and ETSY tags

The title of the listing, i.e., the title of the product sheet, is one of the essential elements of SEO for Etsy.

Therefore, your goal is to create a compelling title that contains your main keywords (remember that the title must first attract users to open your product sheet).

So, after you find all the keywords your target uses, with the help of Google Keyword Planner, you will know which ones are the best to use and then choose the one with the highest search volume/competitiveness ratio and use it in the title.

But not only that. Use the keywords you identified in the Etsy tag as well.

3. Optimize your content

Google loves content, so fill your Etsy store with information and content and optimize everything for SEO.

Enter the keywords you chose at the beginning in the product description, in an engaging way, of course: the text must have a natural flowing look and must not look like a machine wrote it, nor be repeated too much just to be inserted everywhere. Keywords! Also, because Google will penalize you if you repeat keywords too often, always remember: write for people, not for Google!

Also, remember to focus on the product’s benefits, not its features.

4. Backlinks

The second most important SEO factor is backlinks – the links you receive. The more quality sites that link to your Etsy store, the more points it will have in the eyes of Google, and therefore the easier it will be to get to the first page.

To get points, you must link from quality sites in your industry, i.e., authority sites free of spam, viruses, etc. So leave the directories alone, and if you think you’re going to start sending your store links everywhere, forget about it. It doesn’t work that way. The sites that link to you must be in your industry (it doesn’t make sense to connect from a bar site if you make jewelry), and they must be sites that Google already likes and, therefore, already have an excellent reputation and rating. Otherwise, not only will these backlinks not help you, they may even put you at a disadvantage.

Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now
Tips for selling on ETSY: Start selling big now

But how do you make it easier to get quality backlinks? Here are some tips.

Link your store on social networks.

Work with bloggers in your field. You don’t have to pay to have a blogger mention your store in one of her posts; you can also offer her your products in exchange or just exchange visibility.

Please create your website or blog and use it to promote your Etsy store. This applies not only to Etsy’s SEO but also to marketing. In fact, with your website, you will increase your online visibility and reduce your dependence on Etsy (in fact, it is dangerous to make your business entirely dependent on channels you have no control over what if Etsy closes one day? ? Policies? What if the algorithm changes and starts to work against you, putting your business in crisis?).

In short, put into practice what we’ve seen in this article, and you’ll find that your Etsy store will thank you!

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