Tips for protecting eBay transactions and accounts

eBay is one of the most famous markets globally because it is generally safe and reliable. In financial transactions, you risk losing money through fraud or negligence, to name just a few. What can you do to maximize your protection from eBay fraud and fraud?

eBay is taking more and more measures to ensure the safety of users, which reflects a general trend. The website has procedures to protect buyers and sellers. These plans clearly explain how to minimize risks. However, it is always good to combine these and many other suggestions into one article for analysis and discussion.

General safety rules for all eBay users

Choose a long, hard to guess, and unique password for your account. This means that it must have at least eight characters (otherwise, it can be easily obtained by violent attack), It should not be your date of birth, or you have used it on another service (the data will be leaked every day. If your password is found in this case, regardless of its complexity, the attack can capture it on another website to see if it is adequate).

If you cannot find your password and remember all your passwords, use the password manager to perform both tasks.

Enable two-factor authentication. eBay offers two options: you can receive the code by SMS or send a push notification through the eBay mobile app. Attempting to connect to your account from a new device will generate code. If foreigners only have your ID card and password, they can’t access your account.

Choose one of three security questions to verify your identity. EBay’s audit questions are unreliable, so be smart and give answers that are difficult to find on the Internet or social networks. To not forget these clever answers, please use our password manager to save them in encrypted notes.

Learn how to avoid phishing attacks and pay attention to email and so-called eBay mail. For a long time, sending these messages has been the most common way for swindlers to deceive victims. In addition, it isn’t easy to distinguish between factual information and false information.

Whether sending or receiving cash, PayPal is eBay’s most reliable payment method. First, it prevents you from exposing your financial data to potential fraud, and then eBay customer guarantees protect you. Be careful if the seller suggests you pay by credit card, telegraphic transfer, or cash. If you accept, you lose eBay’s protection. If you find that the seller is a liar, you have to do it yourself.

This suggestion is related to the previous recommendation: do not contact another party outside the platform. EBay’s built-in communication tools are enough to complete most transactions. If someone asks you for your email address or phone number, you are likely to be a liar.

Check your transaction history at any time. If you find any suspicious situation, contact the service desk immediately.
Update your operating system, browser, and anti-virus software to reduce the risk of hacker attacks. If you use eBay on your phone, make sure the app is up-to-date.

In the event of litigation or disagreement, use the platform litigation manager, which indicates the step-by-step instructions to follow in all the most common conflict situations. If you follow these suggestions, the problem should be solved in your favor.

Before you sign out of eBay, this is especially important if you use professional computers or public devices to access websites.

eBay buyer Safety Guide

Please be careful if the price is meager. eBay is a widely used platform where you are unlikely to find original products much lower than the average price.

Please read the product description carefully. If you receive a damaged item (scratch, damage, or tear), you can return it and ask for a refund, provided that the defect is not mentioned in the description. The same rule applies if you think what you receive is different from what you believe you receive. When you buy a product, you accept all the information contained in the product description.

Pay attention to the seller’s instructions. Everyone has different requirements. If you feel uneasy about the salesperson’s score, but the quotation is beautiful, please continue to read the comments left by other users, especially the negative comments. Maybe the salesperson made some mistakes initially, but he hasn’t encountered any problems for some time.

Don’t buy anything illegal. Remember that what is legal in one country may not be permitted in another.

eBay seller Safety Guide

If you are a salesman, you must carefully record all your transactions. Keep all receipts related to product shipment and delivery to avoid embarrassment. For example, if the buyer says they didn’t receive the package and asks for a refund. Similarly, a reputable delivery service may be used to issue a defendant for the shipment.

Write an accurate description. Describe in detail all essential characteristics of the product, including defects. If an item has a weakness you haven’t mentioned, you must accept the return and continue to refund.

Do not send objects until payment is received from the customer. This makes the eBay PayPal portfolio particularly good because it allows both parties to use managed accounts. PayPal withdraws the amount payable from the buyer’s account, detains it until both the buyer and the seller are satisfied, and then transfers it to the seller’s account.

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