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TikTok Five ways to make money with TikTok

The short video platform TikTok is booming. No app was downloaded more often in 2020. Many influencers see this as an opportunity to earn money.

Short videos are viral on the web. The social media platform TikTok, a real competitor for Instagram and the like, has also contributed to this. But also, influencers see their chance and try to use TikTok in the best possible way for themselves. There are many ways to earn money on the video platform. The most important ones are summarized here for you:

Influencer Marketing
Unsurprisingly, influencer marketing also plays a significant role in TikTok. Like on Instagram or YouTube, collaborations with companies can be a lucrative source of income for influencers. In most cases, one or more videos are created in which the brand or product is promoted. How much money can be made ultimately depends on many factors such as the number of followers, industry, engagement rate, and the advertised product itself?

Live stream donations
The concept is not new and already known from other streaming platforms like Twitch. During your live stream, viewers can donate to you. The donation is made in the form of so-called coins. These coins are the in-app currency of TikTok and can be bought by users. If you have enough coins, you can exchange them for diamonds. Subsequently, you can cash out the diamonds via Paypal. A good relationship with your fans and regular live streams pay off.

Audio sponsorship
When watching TikToks, you quickly realize how important it is to underlay videos with the right sound. When videos go viral, not only do millions of people see the image, but they also hear the sound. That’s why it’s also in artists’ interest that their music is used in as many videos as possible. You can earn money not only directly through TikTok but also collaborations with artists and their management teams. With an appropriate number of followers, this method is quite promising.

Account Growing
This trend has been around on Instagram for a while – and has now reached TikTok as well. Account growing is about finding a niche and getting as many followers of this specific target group as possible. The best way to do that is through interest-specific content. The more followers the account has, the better chance you will find buyers. Depending on the topic area and target group, this can be very lucrative for companies, as an extensive reach can be achieved in the appropriate target group.

The last item on the list is merchandise. Like other social media platforms, TikTok is also suitable for advertising your merchandise. To be successful with this, it’s not only the number of your followers that matters but also the engagement with your audience. The better your followers can identify with what you do, the better chance you have to sell merchandise. When it comes to products, there are no limits to your imagination. From clothing to art to beauty products, you can offer everything.

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