Three ways to increase your audience on Facebook

Having a large audience on Facebook can offer excellent prospects for a small business. As of June 30, 2017, more than 2.20 billion people are actively using Facebook. And, since this social network is all about sharing among users, the more people who follow you, the faster your audience will grow. Here are three easy methods that offer a great return on investment.

1.Incentives to action

While it’s easy to get your friends and family to like your Facebook page, getting people outside your social circle to do it is another matter. To get them to like your page, you’ll need to put in more effort.

Let’s say you’re the manager of a local sports equipment company. You want to increase your audience in anticipation of the start of the softball season. You could offer a preparation video to everyone who likes your page: 5 preparation techniques every softball player should try.

You can launch these types of initiatives with fan-only content pages. Before users can access them, they’ll be prompted to like you with a message like this:
Improve your stickiness, like us! Click “Like” to access our free training video: “5 Preparation Techniques Every Softball Player Should Try”.

Here you use a powerful call to action that works based on a compelling exchange – a simple “like” for persuasive information. This content also has a solid potential to be shared. In short, it’s an effective and easy way to increase your audience.

Although free to implement, these limited-access pages may require a professional to create them. This is the case if your company does not have staff comfortable with PHP. Since they are not too challenging to develop, however, the pages in question should not cost you too much. Look for a web developer on, and you will easily find one. In addition to the coding, you will also have to think about the graphics of these pages. If you want to have the maximum impact, call on a specialist in this field.


Nothing is more exciting than the chance to win something, even if it means like a Facebook page. Statistics prove it: 35% of people who clicked on a page’s “Like” button would have done so to participate in a contest.

The great strength of these actions is that they spread quickly. Using the example of the sporting goods store that aims to attract ballplayers, an effective way to reach them would be to offer helpful equipment on Facebook for the beginning of the season.

You could also partner with a local bar to give away free chicken wings at post-game parties to teams in the area. No one can resist! The players themselves will promote the contest by talking about it from team to team, and you’ll rack up the likes.

Although the audience that your company will build through this type of practice will only be interested in these contests initially, you will be able to keep them loyal afterward by offering them regular quality content. This will be an opportunity to convert this target audience into customers.

In anticipation of the organization of such an event, do not forget to plan and think things through. In addition to the prize to be won, do not neglect the operation of the contest. For the latter, one rule prevails: the simpler, the better! You could, for example, organize a photo competition or a survey. Even better, set up a contest where a simple “like” allows you to participate.

3.Sponsor publications

This last method differs from the two previous ones because, unlike the latter, it involves paying Facebook directly. It is, however, exciting.
Sponsoring posts allow you to promote your business to users who don’t follow you yet but might be interested in you. To do this, try Like Audiences, a feature offered by the social network that allows you to target an audience that shares characteristics with people who already follow you. This is an effective way to get more relevant “likes.”

For best results, promote content that will interest your target audience, softball players in our example. It’s best to post about your promotions or events related to the sport that highlight your company and its products. For instance, you could broadcast a video showing an extraordinary bat hit last season with a piece of equipment sold in your store: Admire the power of this bat we sold! Like us to discover more magical moments like this.

Any strategy to grow your audience on Facebook should incorporate all three of these promotional methods. But don’t overdo it. Beyond the cost of these, bombarding your target audience’s News Feed can cause them to stop following you, which is probably worse than not getting any “likes.”

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