Three ultimate methods to make your Facebook post-eye-catching

A Facebook post is good. A Facebook post that gets shared is better. This type of post should be your goal if you have a Facebook page. But social media posts don’t go viral just because a community manager sneezed them out on a dull day. People essentially share the posts that catch their attention. And, to gain speed, there is no secret: today, you have to bet on the visual. And know how to emphasize it.

Discover the methods to make your posts the wall of your subscribers!

1.Be human

Web pages are designed to address both Internet users and search engines. On social networks, on the other hand, your only interlocutors are human beings. And the best way to reach them is to show them that you are part of this community with them.

When it comes to visuals, I prefer those that show people. Close-ups, from a distance, in action, at rest… Look at their eyes, hands, and smiles… People immediately feel more involved when they see a photo showing them a piece of humanity. Note that this aspect also works with drawings, even if their impact is sometimes less from that point of view.

So, even if you’re selling travel, show beaches where couples are walking hand in hand, hikers in the forest, locals… And this notion is infinite whatever your product: a fork held by a child will be more appealing than if it’s just sitting on a table.

Don’t forget the subtitles: never post a visual without text. And be human in it too. You can tell why you chose it, add a quote, reference one of your offers, answer a remark that was made to you… In the background, let your fragility, taste, and humor appear: everything that characterizes you as a human being.

2.Create an emotion

If you want your publication to be shared, it must not be neutral. Otherwise, people will fall asleep in front of it and won’t pay attention. Why did so many people get excited about Grumpy Cat? Because he was both grumpy and funny! Surely you can do better than a cat, right?

A post that provokes an emotion always has an impact. It doesn’t matter if you generate a burst of tenderness, laughter, a few tears in the eye, a moment of surprise, or a fit of healthy anger! Because those who have felt them will want to share them with their loved ones. And that’s when you’ll be on the right track with your communication strategy.

Suppose you can’t figure out what emotion is coming out of your upcoming publication. In that case, consider it from another angle: what if it was a child telling it? Or your good-natured aunt? Or why not a grumpy gardener… The possibilities are numerous, and sometimes, you have to get out of the frame in which you have locked yourself to create the unexpected. That’s when emotions are born!


It’s not always easy to find inspiration. It’s even a job (I’ll be an inspiration when I grow up!). However, what is much less complicated is to look at what works in others. After cats playing the piano, unicorns have been a strange success. Lately, it seems. But you wouldn’t know if you stay at home, glued to your Facebook wall, only looking at it and updating it every five minutes to see if anyone shares your posts…

Go and look at your competitors, your partners, your friends… Even do several. And take note of the most influential posts, those that get the most positive mentions and shares. You should try to imitate these, not by copying them identically, no, but by determining what they liked about them. And by transforming them into your own. It’s a bit like a pasta recipe (everyone wants pasta): everyone adapts it to their taste, but the base is always the same (and generally appreciated).

Keep all those tremendous potential posts in a bit of a corner and pull them out when you need to publish again. Not everyone is supposed to have good ideas. But, in the internet world, it’s never wrong to appreciate others’.

Please share with us your most successful Facebook posting experience, whether you were the original poster or not.

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