Three steps to teach you to build a community operation

Three steps to teach you to build a community operation

Making an exchange group, opening your knowledge planet, and making a public website are just concrete manifestations of the whole project in a very scattered form.

Three steps to teach you to build a community operation

You have to think. You do this exchange group can deliver what things? What is the purpose of your writing a public number? And not just do it feverishly.

You need to straighten out the whole structure behind it and systematically walk through the entire knowledge payment project path.

Specifically, you need to think around three points and use them as support to build your overall framework. These three points are product, flow, and conversion.


Three steps to teach you to build a community operation

First, it is to think about what products you want to do. The theme of the product, the specific form, price, service cycle, service content, etc.

You have identified your theme is to do the field of e-commerce knowledge payment products, but there are many details to improve; you have to study which products are more suitable for you; there is no need to copy the model of natural wealth or me.

You can be an offline course, can be a boot camp, can be a micro-class, of course, can also be a knowledge planet. However, from my experience, I can tell you that it is much, much harder to do a community than a course.

An offline course, a boot camp, is delivered, and it’s over. A set of techniques, teaching the system, and taking care of the after-sales answer are also acceptable.

But if you want to run a planet, you have to ensure that you can continue to output content and make the community members generate links and output content; this is a very, very difficult thing.

Especially if you don’t have any experience in community operation initially and don’t have any particular advantage in traffic acquisition, you can quickly feel the immense negative feedback at the beginning.

Therefore, I don’t recommend you to do a community right away. You can first test your whole traffic acquisition, conversion, and delivery ability through some short-term products.

If you get some positive feedback and accumulate initial seed users, you can consider making a community.

Moreover, determining a good product form is only the first step. You also need to figure out how much your pricing is, how long the service cycle is, the service content, and what platforms and tools are used to achieve your product features.

You can pull some people into your WeChat exchange group for free, but what? How to continue to operate is the key.


Three steps to teach you to build a community operation

Think clearly about what you want to do after the product, and then according to your product, to push back your target users, the crowd portrait to figure out.

Who can your product bring value to? Where do these people gather on the Internet? Which platforms they pile in, you will go to which platforms to operate traffic.

It’s easy to start a public website, and it’s not hard to post articles on public websites. Achieving a cold start and continuing to import traffic for it is the key. You struggle to write a dozen pieces; each read not break a hundred; you can hardly have the motivation to continue to write.

Short video: Jitterbug, fast hand, watermelon video ……

Community: Zhihu, Douban, Xiaohongshu, Paidai ……

Community: Lion’s Club, Electric Business Park, Raw Money ……

New media: Today’s headlines, Penguin, Bajia ……

Search engines: Baidu, 360, Sogou ……

Of course, there are some paid means of placement, but just you and your husband, two people, it is too difficult for you …… will not say too much.

So many traffic platforms and channels choose the flow of significant, accurate traffic and are suitable for their output form.


Three steps to teach you to build a community operation

With the product, there is traffic, but also to think about the conversion path. The best way to divert the flow to the private domain, in summary, is the whole network marketing, the WeChat deal.

Not only to deal in WeChat conversion but also as much as possible to establish multi-channel reach. The first is to allow users more channels to understand you, followed by the cunning rabbit, save which day you track a letter by the platform, the user will give all lost.

Of course, I think the striped Ma Ma brother has a paragraph summarized very well on the conversion path, the specific I forget, probably means.

Let users know you through the public domain platform, the general number/video number to understand you, the circle of friends who trust you, the WeChat conversion, and the specific tools to serve you.

It must be designed to make the whole conversion path silky smooth!

For example, I am channeling through the whole network to the public number or WeChat, using the public number as a carrier to output my content, then channeling through the general number to my personal WeChat, and then finally transacting through Youzan Mall, and then doing delivery by WeChat, WeChat group, Youzan, and Knowledge Planet.

The whole process is what Ma said ShakeYin know me, know me, then the public number to understand me, the circle of friends + direct broadcast room trust me, and finally WeChat on the conversion.

The above three points fit the basic logical framework of most Internet projects: product – flow – conversion.

So you are the same, not a broken head to think of a play is a play; think of where it is. Instead, it would help to put the scattered ideas into a tree-like summary, and only then is to practice.

What kind of product do you want to make? Where to find your target users? How to get your target users to pay you? Figure out these three basic questions; the primary path is also considered to run through. You can go slowly to explore polishing and optimization for other minor details.

In the beginning, you don’t need to think big and full, planet, WeChat group, live, offline party, guest sharing ……

Mainly, you only two people in the case, you can get first from a little point to make a breakthrough, for example, do a 30-day boot camp to help newcomers from 0 to 1 to open a good store, shelves a product, the first single.

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