These are the top 25 home office jobs

These are the top 25 home office jobs

Not only have home office jobs become very popular since the new crown epidemic, but they offer many advantages.

For example, employees who work from home are often more motivated because they don’t have to drive to work, which means there is no stress factor, and they can often work flexible hours.

But not all home office jobs are completely independent of time and location.
Many employees are offered the opportunity to work from home by their employer a few days a month and must return to the office on other days (in remote urban areas)

Other employees may work temporarily from a home office and then work in another city or abroad (semi-remote).

And using the third model, work can be completely independent of time and place. The fully remote mode is mainly used by freelancers and other self-employed people. Most, but not all, of the 25 home office jobs described below can be operated remotely.

Best Home Office Jobs

These are the top 25 home office jobs
These are the top 25 home office jobs

1 Copywriting

Do you write well, do you have a perfect grasp of German in terms of grammar and spelling, and are you very familiar with certain topics? Do you enjoy doing extensive research to make your writing as informative as possible?

Then working as a copywriter in a home office could be the ideal job for you. Especially as an advertising and SEO copywriter or ghostwriter, you can write texts very well from home, as many orders are placed offline.

2 Virtual assistant

Do you like to perform support tasks from home on your PC? These activities include

Office work, such as organizing appointments, travel and event organization, Internet and telephone research, various office services, transcription, translation, and proofreading.

back-office activities such as document creation, correspondence, data collection and maintenance, accounting preparation, online store, and website support

Virtual assistants can be outsourced as they reduce the stress of the client and can distract them from their core business.

3 Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Are you an ace at SEO and know how to optimize websites or text for search engines like Google or Bing? Then it may be worthwhile to become self-employed as an SEO expert or work for an agency or company.

If you want to win customers over the Internet and dominate the search engines, you need SEO and the corresponding experts.

4 Teachers

There are many online platforms on the Internet where teachers can teach students and adults. Content is delivered through presentations or video conferences.

Another option to become a teacher is to create and sell online courses. There are also many international platforms here.

5 Software Developers

Even as a software developer or programmer, it is not necessary to work in a corporate office. The software development process can be done from anywhere, i.e., location independent.

Whether you are writing smartphone applications, special software for PCs, or other systems, you can perform this from your home office.

6 Social Media Manager

Since many companies present themselves on social networks and regularly post content there, they need a social media manager to keep their pages up to date, provide them with content and answer users’ questions. This task is also perfect for a home office.

These are the top 25 home office jobs
These are the top 25 home office jobs

7 Software tester

Before bringing software to market, it must be extensively tested for possible bugs. This task of checking software and playing it extensively is usually performed by testers in a home office.

This activity can often be performed as a side income, and the corresponding work can be found on online platforms or as professional work, e.g., B. as a UX or UI designer.

8 Translation

Do you have a perfect command of one or even several foreign languages? Then you can also translate texts very well from your home office because you don’t necessarily need an office.

To get enough orders, it is worthwhile to become an expert in a subject area, for example—for example, business, medicine, law, etc.

Translation work is mainly done in freelance platforms and translation agencies.

9 Web Designer

Web designers can also conceive and design websites and online stores well from home.

So, if you are familiar with WordPress, HTML, CSS, and other content management systems, why not be a web designer from home? In order to get a good job, it is important to specialize, for example, B. to a certain industry or certain types of websites, for example. b. about creating membership sites.

10 Graphic designers

What applies to web designers also applies to graphic designers. Since their activities are performed only on PCs with appropriate software, this work can be performed well in a home office.

11 Data Entry

Since almost every company uses data, their collection (e.g., transcribing text or entering data) can be done at home.

Such activities are usually assigned to freelancers based on orders.

These are the top 25 home office jobs
These are the top 25 home office jobs

12 Call Center Agents

The work of a call center agent can also be done in a home office. This is because you can handle incoming calls from your cell phone.

Of course, proper technical equipment is needed so that you can evaluate the results of the calls and send them to your employer.

13 Photographer

As a photographer, you can also work from your home office. After completing photo orders on-site, you can perform tasks such as image processing, order management, and other office activities on your PC from home.

14 Online Marketing Jobs

There are many activities in the field of online marketing: for example. b. The creation, management, and optimization of ads on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or the design of ads for Google search engines (SEA specialist).

Here you can specialize to a large extent and thus win over financially strong clients.

Many of these tasks are performed by freelancers in their home offices.

15 Online Course Builder

Work that can be done remotely, i.e., completely independent of time and place, is the job of an online course creator.

There are many platforms online that sell online courses on various subjects, as more and more people are learning online because it is convenient.

One example is the Udemy platform. Some course creators are already making a lot of money with it. Especially if you don’t just offer some courses, but many courses.

16 Accountant

The profession of an accountant requires a quiet working environment, which is possible not only in the company office but also at home.

In order to access the relevant software and data remotely, the company you work for must be very well digitized.

An alternative to working as a home office accountant is to work exclusively as a freelancer in a company that operates remotely.

17 Care Consultant

Sometimes it is even possible to work as a care consultant from home, as this position describes the task of documenting the exact care and supply needs of people who need care. Through this process, you do not have to be on-site with the person in need of care or stay in a nursing home.

In order to be able to work as a care consultant, you will need to be trained as a care specialist.

18 Online Vendors

It is possible to sell goods through an online store without having a store, so this activity can be done well from home. If you do not sell directly, you will have to create an inventory on your own premises, but this should not be a problem for many people.

For a particular form of transaction like dropshipping, there is not even a need for a warehouse since the customer buys the product from the manufacturer, and you appear to the outside world as just the seller.

These are the top 25 home office jobs
These are the top 25 home office jobs

19 Blogger

Blogging is the ideal home office activity because one or more blogs can be run from anywhere in the world.

The revenue opportunities for blogging are diverse: everything from affiliate marketing and sponsored posts to VG Wort to converting banners to sell your own products.

However, you’ll need staying power to earn a significant income from your blog and the corresponding blog topics that you can monetize.

Or, you can write for other blogs and pay for those posts.

20 Writers

Writing activities are perfect for a home office. So is a career as an author. If you enjoy writing books or e-books, either fictional or non-fictional (such as primers), then this job may be ideal for you.

You can also offer your writing skills as a ghostwriter, where you write books or texts for others on their behalf and get paid for it.

21 Coaching

There are coaches for the most diverse areas of life and business. Thanks to the many workshops held during Corona in the form of online conferences, this work can now also be done completely remotely, even if private coaching is still the best.

22 YouTuber or video creator

YouTuber – This is the dream job of many young people. Because as you can see, there are already some YouTube channel operators who can make a good living from the advertising revenue of the video platform. However, this is only a small part of all YouTubers. Most of them earn nothing.

Nevertheless, this video creator’s job has its appeal: you can work from anywhere, schedule as much time as you want, and build your own local community.

23 Customer Service

Many companies have outsourced their customer service to their headquarters. Customer inquiries are handled from there via phone or chat.

Since customers usually call or write from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., there is a core working time for this job, during which you must be present.

24 Sales Manager

As a sales manager, you can work in field service, office work, and sales areas.

If you work as a sales assistant, your main tasks will include taking care of and advising existing customers, acquiring new customers, preparing quotes, and conducting contract negotiations.

Such activities can also be carried out in a home office, not just in the corporate office.

25 Editor

You can work not only as a copywriter or author in your home office but also as an editor. In this activity, the text is corrected and edited by others, which means that the content of the text is also interfered with.

For this reason, you should have a perfect grasp of German spelling and grammar.

In addition to checking the language and content, the editor can also assist the author throughout the book development process.

These are the top 25 home office jobs
These are the top 25 home office jobs


The home office jobs listed here do not claim to be complete. Some of them can be done completely remotely, and some can only be done with remote help or in the city.

There are certainly many more jobs that can be easily done from home.

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