The Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Program Guide (My 6 Years of Experience and 60,000+ Sales)

The Amazon Affiliate Program is probably the biggest and most popular affiliate program.

Hundreds of thousands of bloggers and other website operators use it to make money online.

In my ultimate guide, I’ll tell you why you should use the Amazon Affiliate Program (and why not) and how to get affiliate links and find profitable products.

1.Why use the Amazon Affiliate Program? The Amazon Affiliate Program is attractive to Blogger for several reasons:

· By now, almost everyone on the internet is familiar with Amazon, and most of your readers have ordered from there in their lifetime.

· Amazon offers good customer service and fast delivery

· Your readers can read customer reviews on Amazon

· Whatever the subject of your blog, you will undoubtedly find suitable products (an extensive range of products).

· Depending on the category, you can earn up to a 10% advertising rebate per product sold

· At Amazon, you always get commission on the entire cart (not just the products you recommend).

· Amazon offers an API that allows you to display prices and other product information automatically.

· Easy registration and integration of links

· Reliable receipt of payment

· Detailed statistics

If you do it right, sometimes you can even live on your own with the income from the Amazon Affiliate Program. I have been enrolled in the Amazon Affiliate Program since early 2011, and a large portion of my monthly or yearly payments has come from Amazon.

Alone from 01.01.2012 (unfortunately, I can’t retrieve my 2011 stats from PartnerNet) until 01.01.2017, I made for the affiliate program more than €3.2 million in sales for Amazon and more than €140,000 in commissions paid:

2.Disadvantages of the Amazon Affiliate Program

Of course, the Amazon Affiliate Program does have not only advantages but also disadvantages, which should not be forgotten here:

· Short lifetime of a cookie (only 30 days, even 90 days for other affiliate programs), i.e., when the user clicks on your affiliate link, they have to buy something in a day to get a commission.

· For some product categories, there are very few commissions (for example, mobile phones, smartphones, or televisions)

· You always receive the same commission, regardless of the number of sales you have already generated in a month, a year, or the total duration. You will be rewarded for more sales with a higher commission with many other affiliate programs.

· Amazon’s commissions and terms and conditions are not set in stone and may change (but are the same as any other affiliate program).

· You are one of many members of a large society and cannot expect special treatment.

The fourth point allowed me to experience it firsthand. In October 2014, for example, the commission model was radically changed. While the number of commissions per item sold so far was tied to the total sales, an item’s commission was based on its product category.

 With my blogs exclusively dealing with consumer electronics, cell phones, and smartphones, I was one of the losers. From around $3500 at the time, my monthly income for Amazon was cut in half to just $1500-2000 because there was only a 1-3% commission for my product categories instead of 5 to 8%.

3.How can I log in?

Signing up for the Amazon Affiliate Program is quick and not too complicated:

1. Go to Amazon PartnerNet Home Page and click on the “register now for free” button in the registration form on the right

2. Login with your Amazon account (If you don’t have an Amazon account yet, select the “I’m a new customer” option)

3. If you are not yet a customer, you must first enter your data. 

4. Now, you need to enter your “website profile,” which is the name of your main website (this will generate your unique affiliate ID), and your website URLs and content.

5. You will receive a confirmation of registration by e-mail (in this case, you must always necessarily click on the button at the end of the set of payment methods).

6. Your registration will now be processed within 3-5 business days. But you may already have full access to PartnerNet.

However, this usually only happens when Amazon visits your website, and it has serious quality flaws or borderline content (racism, violence, eroticism, etc.). So, as an ordinary blogger, you don’t have to worry about that.

Side note: My Affiliate ID is thehanadd-21. Incidentally, this results from my first blog, which was about the Californication TV series.

4.Include affiliate links

I recommend the following ways to include Amazon affiliate links in your blog:

4.1 SiteStripe

The easiest way to include affiliate links in your blog posts is to use SiteStripe. The helpful bar you see as an Amazon Affiliate on the Amazon website allows you to easily and quickly link to any Amazon page. This includes not only products but z, including product categories, search results, app store, bestseller lists, or Amazon Prime.

When creating a link, you have three options: Text, Image, or Text + Image (in the form of a vertical box). Image or Text+image However, they are only available for individual products, not for product categories, search results, etc.

Disclaimer: If you want to show or hide your shortened Amazon links, you should only use the URL shortener provided by SiteStripe (e.g., or short URLs that I use. in chapter 4.3. Use of external services, such. B., or your domain to embellish or obscure Amazon affiliate links, is against the Terms of Participation and may result in removal from PartnerNet.

à Text + Image You should expect your load time to increase slightly, as the content is loaded via iFrame from Amazon servers. It would be best to avoid including too many product boxes in your blog posts.

4.2 Amazon Affiliate Plugins

As an alternative to Amazon’s “Text + Image” links, there are product boxes that can be integrated into your blog using WordPress plugins. These have almost no adverse effect on the loading time, as the displayed product data is cached and can be customized as desired.

In addition, the price can be z. B. also shows more data from Amazon, such. B. product properties or shipping options. Here is a product box, as the WordPress AAWP plugin is the output:

However, they require an indication of when the product data was last updated, or at least a price disclaimer, as displaying false data violates the Amazon Partner Program Terms of Participation.

You can find an overview of recommended WordPress plugins for the Amazon Affiliate Program in my article “The 4 Best WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliates”.

4.3 Short URLs

Affiliate links generated by SiteStripe are often very long and can make a blog post confusing in HTML view, for example. B.: +Wars+75003+-+A-Wing+Starfighter&linkCode=ll2&tag=deine-partner-id-21&linkId=f3896c2bf611596c04a40c546eb2bc9a

That’s why I like to use short variants for affiliate links, especially in tables or product listings: _

Or possibly: _

If you wish to link to a product other than the Lego Star Wars A-Wing Starfighter, you must replace the ASIN I have underlined in bold in the examples above with your product’s ASIN.

Note: The ASIN number is a unique product number that Amazon associates with each product in its assortment. It contains letters and numbers and always starts with a capital B, so z. B0094J2BZ0. You can find them on each Product Information > Additional Product Information product page or in the URL for each product. Please note that different variations of a product also have their own ASIN.

4.4 Amazon Search

An effective way to embed Amazon links into your website is to run a search.

If someone enters a product name, product category, or ID number (such as ASIN, EAN, or ISBN) in the search field, they will be redirected to Amazon for the search. Including Affiliate Day, of course.

All you have to do is attach the following code:

The placeholder your-partner-id 21 you must replace accordingly with your partner-id.


The statistics in Amazon Partnered allow you to follow the development of your income and optimize it. You can access the various reports via the small blue tabs in the menu or the small overview box on the right. Results Status or Order Summary on the View Details link clicks.

The Tracking Number Summary Report and the Advertising Cost; the Tracking ID Summary gives you a good overview of your revenue. 

If you post Amazon Prime or Audible subscriptions, you are Other Important Reports. There they will be listed separately.

If you are using multiple tracking IDs, the checkbox is also available. Tracking ID and the small essential summary box at the top left in the Partneret. If this box is checked, data for all tracking IDs will appear in reports. If this box is unchecked, only the data for the tracking ID selected in the field appears:

6.My tips for making money with Amazon

There is always the potential for optimization in affiliate marketing! Here are seven tips to help you make more money with Amazon.

6.1 Find out what your readers need!

It brings you little to nothing, general banners to the Amazon homepage or integrating product categories into your blog. Your visitors may occasionally click on it, but they’ll probably rarely buy anything. The same goes for Amazon products that don’t meet your readers’ needs and want.

In my experience, the conversion rate (i.e., the percentage of clicks that become sales) is highest for the Amazon Affiliate Program and generally for Affiliate Marketing if any of the conditions following is fulfilled:

1. Before visiting your blog, your readers already have a general or product-specific buying interest. It allows you to optimize your blog posts for keywords that Google visitors already have a buying interest in (e.g., by product XYZ Product category XYZ test etc.).

2. Your readers have a specific problem that you recommend to your readers (which is valid and should be used by you).

6.2 Do not link products that are no longer available

If you link a product that is no longer available, your conversion rate drops significantly. Due to the many alternatives offered by Amazon on its product pages (for example, in the sections “What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?”, “Sponsored products for this item” or “Customers who bought this article. Although some sales will be made; most visitors will still be abandoned.

You can remedy this by linking only popular products available at many retailers and then checking the linked products regularly. If you have hundreds of products on your blog, it can be very time consuming to review them all at regular intervals. 

6.3 Useful links with the call to action button

If possible, you should link to Amazon in the form of product boxes or product comparisons using the Call to Action button (“More Details”, “Buy Now on Amazon”, etc.) (see section 4.2). This will hugely increase the click-through rate compared to normal text links. This can be done, for example, with the WordPress plugins AAWP or ASA 2 Pro realize.

6.4 Amazon widgets do nothing!

First, they don’t look very good and don’t necessarily invite you to click. Second, technically they are often out of date and use z. B. the now blocked by many Adobe Flash Player browsers. Third, they sometimes slow down the loading time a lot because they load a lot of extra images and scripts.

6.5 Use your statistics to find products with a high conversion rate

To increase your revenue and only recommend products that your readers buy, you need to track your advertising reimbursement report regularly.

To do this, you go to the top menu bar Reports > Advertising Reimbursement , There you choose a longer period to get the most complete picture of the products your visitors are buying.

To be able to better sort and evaluate the products sold, I prefer not to view the report on PartnerNet, but download it as a file (click on the “Download report (TSV)” button) and then in Excel with the filter function . To do.

Note: To separate the wheat from the chaff, the Advertising Refund Report is better than the Order Report because the Refund Report also displays returns, allowing you to measure product performance even better. .

6.6 Use multiple tracking IDs

By using multiple tracking IDs, you can compare the performance of different link types, link positions, blog posts, buttons, product images, and more to determine which setup will generate the most clicks and revenue.

You can create new tracking IDs by clicking the “manage” link in the left sidebar directly above the “Tracking ID” selection box. There you will also get an overview of all identifiers that have already been created.

6.7 Note the commission amount for a product category

Not every product is worth linking to Amazon because for some product categories, despite a high conversion rate, the commission is just too low. How many commissions are there currently per product category, you can in the Experienced EU Partner Program Advertising Expense Reimbursement Table .

Please note that there are not only commissions for the German Amazon website, but also for the Italian, UK, French and Spanish websites. You can enjoy it quickly!

6.8 What are your ads on mobile?

Meanwhile, many visitors arrive via smartphones or tablets, in many channels or domains, even more than 70%. Therefore, your advertising material should also be optimized for mobile use:

· The line spacing of your texts should be large enough that text links can also be clicked on touch screens, even if another link is directly above or next to it.

· Your product boxes or banners should not overlap or “pinch” other items, or be overlapped or “pinched” by other elements.

7.Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives

Amazon’s affiliate program is a woolly, egg-laying gravy, but doesn’t offer the most attractive commissions across all product areas.

A first place to go to research alternative affiliate programs are affiliate networks like . Accell or AWIN (formerly Zanox). Here you will find large databases with thousands of affiliate programs that you can filter by categories, commissions, and other features.

Look at z. For example, affiliate programs from online retailers such as Otto, Zalando, Notebooksbilliger, Cyberport, Bonprix, Tchibo, Conrad, Alternate or Redcoon sometimes offer double commissions in certain areas.

also eBay Partner Network is a great alternative to the Amazon Affiliate Program, with eBay being one of the few marketplaces on the internet with as many product choices as Amazon. The commission model is a bit different there. The commission level is not based on the retail price, but on the fee eBay collects for an item purchased. Depending on the item category you get 50-70% selling fees.

My insider tip: If you want to link to an Amazon product offered by a marketplace provider, check to see if they have their own online store. If so, see if they offer an affiliate program, and if not, ask them if they don’t. The benefits are obvious: if the market seller can sell their expectation outside of Amazon, they will save up to 15% on a commission that they would otherwise have to pay to Amazon and be able to pay you more.

8.Pay attention to Amazon’s terms and conditions!

If you participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program, be sure to review the Amazon Affiliate Program Participation Agreement, in particular those contained therein Affiliate Program Guidelines note.

The most common reasons why affiliates are excluded from PartnerNet are:

· Hide or remove affiliate links, for example. With URL shortening services such as (see point 6 lit). Prerequisites )

· Integrate the Amazon website or part of it into frames on your own website (see point 6 n Prerequisites )

· Amazon partner links in e-mails or PDF documents to be used (see point 4 of the Prerequisites )

· The Amazon logo or other opposing Amazon trademark Trademark Guidelines use (for example, in your domain or subdomain, see point 8 of the brand guidelines)

· Inaccurate, Generalized, False, or Otherwise Misleading Information Information relating to a product, Amazon’s website, or Amazon’s corporate policies, promotions, or pricing (see Requirements for All Partner Links in the Terms and Conditions section). Prerequisites ). During this operation, I would always quote prices (which change very quickly) via the API and provide a date of last update and warnings, especially for product comparisons.

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