2 days up 1 million powder, half a month up 10 million powder, Liu Jinhong how the fire?

2 days up 1 million powder, half a month up 10 million powder, Liu Jinhong how the fire?

This spring and summer, Liu Hong has become the focus of attention in Shake.

Liu Jihong’s Shake Yin number is not newly registered, but he only switched to the pendant fitness track in February this year; with the live room with the practice of more and more partners, he began to fix time in Shake Yin open broadcast with everyone fitness.

The actual live broadcast of the exercise was not expected, but it was a mistake to make the account fans rise by fire through several interesting accidents at the beginning of the article. The current rate of increase of Liu Hong’s powder is two days to add 1 million fans, half a month to add nearly 10 million fans, until December 2021, Liu Hong signed with shake mcn agency no worry media, only then began to dabble in the field of life. Still, then he will not bring the fuck, only the goods.

New shake data, from December 19, 2021, to February 17 of this year, two months, Liu Jihong lived a total of 9, cumulative with goods 6,654,200 yuan; this achievement in the field of stars is not excellent and can even be said to be very general.
The team may have realized that the effect of bringing goods is not ideal; on February 18, Liu began to do a live fitness broadcast; On the first broadcast, the data exceeded his data of getting goods, as the fitness content of the live broadcast became more and more professional, the data also began to have positive feedback.
On February 24, it was the 5th fitness live broadcast carried out by Liu Jinhong. This live broadcast saw him increase his powder by 59,400,000, which was also the first time his live field view exceeded 1 million people.

Do you guys think this counts as luck?
We analyze the following reasons.

1.The general environment factors

 2 days up 1 million powder, half a month up 10 million powder, Liu Jinhong how the fire?

Due to the different degrees of epidemic backlash across the country, many people can’t get out of the door during a particular period; home fitness has become a rigid demand for many people.
In addition, Liu Hong’s location belongs to a closed state, he can not leave the door, and many are forced to go home; like the masses, we need some activities at this time to relax and pass the time, also, therefore, the fitness demand is robust.
The environment has contributed to Liu Hong’s explosion.

2.Live atmosphere

 2 days up 1 million powder, half a month up 10 million powder, Liu Jinhong how the fire?

This point does not need me to say. Many fans can prove it.
When Liu Hong took his wife to work out together, his wife got tired of doing the back and started to “paddle” the performance with the screen outside of us the same.
For the first half-hour, the couple has a heart-to-heart, the posture is neat, and then after the Liu Hong is full of spirit and looks at ease, his wife has physical exhaustion can not breathe, the expression gradually becomes grim, began to lazy.
This sense of truth hits the heart; many netizens said, “in seeing his wife tired still struggling to hold on, I will also hold on a little more,” “in seeing Vivi sister “paddling” when I feel so funny “……
Many professional fitness bloggers don’t have the affinity and atmosphere. Working out together like this is something that many professional fitness bloggers don’t have.

3. professional attributes

 2 days up 1 million powder, half a month up 10 million powder, Liu Jinhong how the fire?

Liu Hong is very professional.
A netizen revealed that when Liu Jihong was studying abroad, he lived in a Chinese home for free; he was embarrassed and took people to work out with their families; not only did he take the family to be healthier, even his family’s dog became fit due to following Liu Jihong’s workout.
Liu Jihong is also a very high reputation in the showbiz fitness guru, is Jay Chou and Lin Junjie’s trainer, do not be too successful as a big-name star; he is fruitful in the line of the fitness trainer.
In addition to being a dedicated personal trainer for several big-name stars, Liu Jihong has also served as a big-name star trainer for a TV weight loss and slimming variety show.
And in the live room, his performance is also very professional. He will constantly explain the essentials of each action, prompting the standardization of the action and breaking down the parts trained by each step.
In the past few months of fitness live, the actual music, which netizens have dubbed “the beginning of the heart want to follow the movement,” Liu Hong led many fans to produce a unique fat-burning effect.

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