Make money on the Internet in 2022

The ten most effective ideas and methods to make money on the Internet in 2022!

The ten most effective ideas and methods to make money on the Internet in 2022!

If you surf the Web at all, you have probably already received all sorts of ads offering solutions to make money with just a few clicks.

Don’t let yourself be fooled: these pop-up ads often hide scams!

On the other hand, it is possible to earn money online. Millions of people use the Web to make a living every day.

Many online businesses can be done without having to invest vast amounts of money, which allows you to work from home, as long as you have a good Internet connection.

Here are some of the most common businesses, starting with the profitable dropshipping business!

1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an online business that allows you to earn money through an e-commerce site without investing a lot of money.

This business model allows you to sell a product to a customer without necessarily having it stock.

To do so, you have to create an online store offering all kinds of products and wait for the first orders from your customers to order them from your suppliers.


Then your wholesaler ships the item directly to your end customer. You act as an intermediary between the two parties while taking a commission in the process.

2. Selling DIY products

If you have the soul of a creator, why not start designing “homemade” objects and then sell them on the Web? The Do It Yourself (DIY) is booming.

Especially since there are now many tutorials on the Internet that explain, step by step, how to create objects!

Selling DIY products
Selling DIY products

In the United States, in 2020, it was still a colossal market, reaching 8550 million dollars, an increase of 22.34% in just four years.

Some sites, such as ETSY, bring together numerous DIY objects made by various artisans or independents, spread worldwide. Thus, Internet users have access to an extensive catalog of all kinds of unique and handmade products.

If you can exhibit your objects directly on this site, you can design your online store and create your brand, primarily through technological platforms like Wizishop.

Furniture, jewelry, decoration, clothes, cosmetics… You are free to design objects that look like you and make them known to as many people as possible!

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another innovative way to make money on the Internet. This strategy has the advantage of bringing you earnings without having to invest.

The idea is to advertise for other brands. The latter pays you commissions or other gifts in exchange, such as applications, software, or other commercial products.

Another critical point is that it is possible to be affiliated with several companies. In other words, you can choose to advertise for one company or diversify by offering products for multiple partners.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

So how do you go about making money and making ends meet through affiliate marketing?

The most effective strategy is to focus on content marketing. In other words, if you’re not a bad writer, start a blog and add original and varied content.

Regular posts will help you gradually gain more audience and stand out as your brand. Then, your affiliate commissions will be negotiated according to your notoriety.

The more famous you are, the better the advertisements on your blog will be paid.

If this system has already had its ups and downs, it has primarily proven over time its ability to become profitable, provided, of course, that you are a good seller.

There are many affiliate programs on the Internet. Some sites have their agenda, like Amazon. But you can also visit places like Affiliate, which lists many brands that offer affiliation.

4. YouTube videos

Today, there are many YouTubers on the Web. Therefore, it is not always easy to make a place of choice in this highly competitive universe.

YouTube videos
YouTube videos

To put all the chances on your side and hope to develop a solid and loyal audience, I recommend you position yourself in a niche.

It’s better to position yourself as a reference in a specific field that you master to perfection, rather than trying to cover all sorts of subjects.

For example, specialize in testing a specific video game, eyelash makeup, or afro hairstyle tutorials, sharing your knowledge of balcony gardening, or renovating antique objects…

The idea is, above all, to share your know-how with as many listeners as possible and position yourself as an expert in a sector.

The secret to standing out? Find an original way to get interesting content in front of people. Videos on YouTube shouldn’t just be informative. They should also be entertaining.

Next, be sure to choose a compelling video title. It is essential to make people want to click on your link.

Finally, you should know that only YouTube channels with a minimum of 1000 subscribers are monetized. It is from this moment on that you can add YouTube Ads.

To give you an idea (and to make you dream a little), some of the best-paid YouTubers of the moment earn several tens of millions of dollars per year!

5. The influence

Are you more into social networking than YouTube? In that case, no problem. There is, once again, an excellent way to earn money on the Internet. By becoming an influencer!

As proof, the best influencer on the planet, named Kylie Jenner, gets 1 million dollars for each sponsored post she publishes on her Instagram account!

Of course, not all influencers are in the same boat and the sums collected are not always so pharaonic.

On the other hand, influence is a practice that is constantly developing, becoming in passing an excellent way to make ends meet, even for the most modest influencers.

To start, it’s essential to build a strong reputation, gathering a large community of fans on your Instagram profile. This is a time-consuming step requiring publishing as many regular posts as possible while tagging them with well-chosen keywords.

Then, once you have a large following, all that’s left is approaching brands to offer them sponsored and billed posts.

The idea is simple: integrate some of their products into your publications. All your fans notice these. In exchange, you receive a fee. This is called product placement!

6. Online training

Suppose you have a lot of knowledge in a specific field, but you don’t necessarily want to share videos on YouTube. In that case, you should know that many people on the Internet specialize in distributing and selling training.

These different strategies allow you to exchange your knowledge for a fee, provided that you choose your training topics well so that they interest the largest possible audience!

6. Online training
Online training

To do this, don’t hesitate to get information on the Internet beforehand. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes: what questions do Internet users have? What aspects do they like or dislike? Also, look at what already exists in your field of expertise.

Try to differentiate yourself by offering more attractive and innovative content.

7. Blogging

In the same vein, blogging is a great way to earn money and get paid using the Internet. It is one of the oldest strategies to get paid through the Web.

However, you should know that there are many blogs on the Internet. Therefore, it is essential to master some primary editorial content to stand out and rise in the first results of Google searches.

So, when you start writing your blog, don’t forget to make a list of particular keywords to use in your texts to enrich your content and have a chance to rank better. This method of natural referencing has a considerable influence on your order of appearance in Google queries.


But then, how does a blog make money?

There are several ways to use it to get paid. First of all, some ads can be strategically placed on your site in exchange for a fee.

Similarly, some of your posts can be sponsored by brands via paid partnerships.

Some bloggers also sell digital and physical products on their sites for a commission.

In this sense, blogging is similar to an influence strategy. It simply serves to federate a community around your texts and then place products on it to make money.

8. Microservices

The microservice sells your skills on the Internet to clients by making yourself known through platforms.

Fiverr, Free-lancer, 5euros, Upwork, trouvemoiunfreelance, or Malt are all sites that bring together many freelancers.


Their vocation? To contact self-employed people rich in skills and customers looking for specific know-how.

These platforms are excellent ways to find clients when starting a freelance activity.

They allow to multiply contacts and be paid quickly once the service is completed. Various missions can be proposed. It can be web development, graphic design, writing, website creation, or translation.

Overall, microservices are about tasks related to websites and their development. With 1.4 billion websites in the world in 2019, you can easily understand that this is a vast business, allowing you to obtain excellent and regular remunerations.

To not be fooled or to waste too much time, remember to check the reputation of the platform you want to work with. To measure its reliability, I advise you to rely on :

  • Its number of clients looking for providers ;
  • The opinions of freelancers who have worked with it;
  • The payment methods offered by the platform;
  • The levels of remuneration.

To get started in microservices, no specific training is required. However, some course modules are available on the Internet to increase your knowledge and skills.

9. Distance learning courses

Another business to make ends meet and not the least: distance learning.

Many parents of children and teenagers are looking for teachers to rescue their children when they have difficulties in one or more subjects.

If private lessons at home have been popular for a long time, distance learning courses are slowly gaining ground.

Their main advantage? Since you don’t have to travel, you save a lot of time!

Distance learning courses
Distance learning courses

Therefore, in this model, everyone wins. The online teacher can have more students and earn more money.

As a result, they charge less per hour, making parents happy.

Giving distance learning courses requires very little equipment. A simple Skype account, a webcam, and a microphone will do the trick… Plus, of course, some knowledge of the subjects you decide to teach!

You should know that there are also specialized platforms that allow you to give private lessons at a distance.

Hello Mentor, Superprof, Edulide, Je I propose, or Qwerteach are all sites that bring together thousands of teachers and are consulted by many clients looking for lessons.

10. Monetization

Finally, monetization is another perfect way to earn money online.

Its principle? Get yourself known to a broad audience and use your fame to monetize your YouTube channel, blog, Instagram, and Facebook posts.

There are several ways to monetize your channel, your profile, or your website:

  • By running advertisements for a fee;
  • By selling products that you advertise in your videos;
  • By allowing your audience to support you through donations;
  • Marketing your online media under a license;
  • By collaborating with different brands as an influencer or Affiliate;
  • By participating in crowdfunding campaigns to finance your projects.

As you can see, there is no lack of business ideas on the Internet, and some of them can be particularly fruitful.

However, like any other job, developing such activities requires time and skills. Launching a business on the Web is often very time-consuming, especially during its start-up.

Make money on the Internet in 2022
Make money on the Internet in 2022

Summary :

To make money on the Internet in 2022, you can start in :

  1. Dropshipping
  2. Selling DIY products
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Youtube videos
  5. Influencing
  6. Online training
  7. Blogging
  8. Microservices
  9. Distance learning
  10. Monetization

Don’t give up, and don’t hesitate to train to become more efficient. Nothing prevents you from launching your online business while keeping your current job.

It can take several months before such businesses can generate a salary. Make it a side business first, and tell yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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