The five ways to make money with Twitter

The five ways to make money with Twitter

To know which path is the one that best suits you, I recommend that you review all the available options. Analyze what type of account you have or want to create and find the methodology that best suits you.

1 Publish sponsored content

This is the most convenient way to earn extra money through your Twitter account.

The process is straightforward: a brand asks you to write a tweet or retweet and pays you a set amount.

To achieve these deals with brands, there are two possibilities:
Post a contact email for advertising offers and wait.
Enter a platform that acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers.
The first method will only be helpful when you are not in a hurry to monetize, but if you want to start receiving orders, it is best to go to a platform.

The five ways to make money with Twitter

You can sign up for several, so I recommend that you sign up for several. You have the following options:

In my case, the one that has worked best for me has been SocialPubli, but I recommend that you sign up for more than one to see the differences between them.

Here you can see, for example, how much was the last payment I received from SocialPubli.

socialpubli payment

Amount of the last payment I received from SocialPubli
The good thing about them is that they not only allow you to register your Twitter account, but they also work with other social networks so that you can maximize your income.

2 Charge money for making mentions

This point is similar to the previous one, but with a difference: they will pay you to make a mention to another account. This is done to grow a profile quickly.

Usually, sponsored content platforms are used by brands that want to complete an advertising campaign with a presence on Twitter, but one of the objectives may be to gain followers.

However, selling mentions exclusively to grow an account will be a job you can offer in forums such as ForoBeta or Foro20.

In this case, it will be essential to have a good number of followers, and the price will have to be agreed upon with the buyer.

The five ways to make money with Twitter

3 Grow an account and sell it

When you start from scratch with your account, you have to invest a lot of time and effort to make it grow. Some people or companies prefer to spend some money at the beginning and buy an account with a good number of followers.

This is a large market that moves mainly in forums. As in the previous section, if you are interested in making money in this way, visit these platforms.

4 Send traffic to one of your websites

Many people forget that Twitter can send a lot of traffic to your website. Everyone thinks about Facebook or Instagram, but if you know how to create a good audience, the number of visits can be huge.

In this case, the profit is not obtained in such a direct way as it happened in the previous section (once the tweet was posted, you already received the money). Still, your profit will be in two phases: first, get the user to click on the link you have posted and then perform an action on the website.

You can earn money with your website in different ways:

You will earn money with each click that the user makes on a banner by advertising banners.

Selling physical products in an online store: if you have an online store, you will have much more chances to sell the consequences if you bring more people.

The five ways to make money with Twitter

Offering digital products: a payment manual in which you explain in detail information about your subject. Contrary to popular belief, the more specific you are, the better you can sell.
Potential earnings are higher, but you must have a website built and working.

5 Become a benchmark in your sector

This last method is slower and more complex, but the money you can earn is enormous. Of course, you will have to be an expert in some subject.

You have to create an account and be a very active member of this social network. If you share relevant information (news, videos, quality information…), people will start following you because of what you communicate.

There will come a time when the rest of the users will associate your name with that topic, making you a reference in the sector.

At this point, the ways to get money are very varied. Here are some of them:

You will be hired to write for specialized media.You will be able to write a book and promote it through your account.If you create a course, you will make it known on Twitter.You will be directly offered a job in a company
As you can see, if you keep a well-kept account, you will have many business opportunities. Look for a topic you are passionate about and learn about it.

The five ways to make money with Twitter

You must have an account with a good appearance and many subscribers. Here you can find the three ways you can grow on Twitter.

Note: not all of these practices are allowed. Twitter policies clarify some aspects regarding the use of the platform, so you should know which ones may pose a risk of banning.

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