The five best sites to get views on Youtube in 2022

The five best sites to get views on Youtube in 2022

When we start our journey on Youtube and open a new channel, we hope to reach the largest possible audience and that each video we upload to the platform gets thousands of views, is shared by other users to continue growing, and thus increase our subscribers.

It is also common to look for information on how to do SEO on Youtube and use certain tricks, techniques, and tools that can help us, such as using tags correctly or adding specific keywords in the video title or description that invite potential visitors to click; create an original video with a small intro about our channel, or make some adjustments so that our Youtube videos appear to other users in their sidebar as recommended.

These are undoubtedly handy tricks and techniques to stand out in searches, but in the end, all our effort may be useless if the YouTube videos we are creating and uploading do not get more plays and thus new subscribers. To help us popularize and virtualize our videos, there is also a good alternative, increasingly used by YouTubers worldwide, which is worth knowing and trying.

In this article, suppose you are looking for the best sites to buy views on Youtube in 2022. In that case, you can find detailed information about five recommended pages that offer a safe, economical, and quality service to customers. That stands out among the five best sites currently on the market to increase traffic on the popular Google platform.

Each of them is a professional site specialized in social media marketing. Therefore, it has a wide variety of services designed to grow your audience on YouTube and create a good community.

The five best sites to get views on Youtube in 2022

The best site for Spanish users: 1Followers

Best international service: SocialBoss

Best place to buy oversized packages: Liketron

Best support and customer service: Followers

Fastest delivery service: PopularityBox

Why is it important to get views on YouTube?

The main goal of anyone uploading videos to YouTube is to reach as many people as possible. The results algorithm on this platform is very similar to Google’s own but with some unique features in ranking videos to determine the most popular and engaging content recommended to the rest of the users in searches.

To stand out and meet these necessary metrics that help us to position in Youtube search, one of the fundamental factors is the number of plays or views of each video on Youtube, along with other data and statistics such as comments or likes that videos receive or new users who subscribe to a channel.

Receiving a constant flow of new visits to our videos will help us with positioning or SEO on Youtube. Still, we can also take advantage of them to provide further visibility to our website, placing, for example, a link in the description of each video where people can click. In this way, we can turn the description of each video into an excellent source of traffic for an external website.

The five best sites to get views on Youtube in 2022

Suppose we also want to monetize our Youtube channel through the Adsense program, with which any user can earn money with ads or advertising in the videos. In that case, we will have to look at the number of views accumulated. Among the requirements to be part of the Youtube partner program, we need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and more than 4,000 hours of video playback in the last 12 months.

Where to buy views on Youtube?

Google’s video platform stands out with a big difference over its competitors, so getting views on Youtube is one of the most popular searches on the Web, as it is a very effective marketing and SEO strategy for brands, influencers, or any company or business, with which to promote their products and services, improve their reputation or reach a larger audience.

As we have mentioned, there are currently a lot of websites where we can hire these services, but we must choose to work with a safe site that offers quality service according to what we need. Here is some information about the five best websites that you should know:

1 Follower

Suppose most of the videos we upload to our Youtube channel are in Spanish. In that case, we are interested that the traffic we receive is in this language so that it is easier to interact with the videos, leave comments, likes, or subscribe to the channel.

In this case, the most recommended option is 1Seguidores, a website valued by customers as the best service to get visits on Youtube in Spain. With excellent performance, in 1Seguidores, we have different packages and offers to ensure that we will always get what we are looking for.

The views that we will receive are also of high quality and will be delivered progressively in our videos so that the channel’s growth looks natural.

The five best sites to get views on Youtube in 2022

2 SocialBoss

Este proveedor de tráfico para redes sociales se destaca por ser el más completo de todos, ya que es un sitio con el que podemos conseguir visitas procedentes de todo el mundo. SocialBoss es pues un servicio internacional orientado a quienes crean contenido en varios idiomas o prefieren que sus seguidores procedan de diferentes países para diversificar las fuentes.

Además de obtener visualizaciones o seguidores para Youtube, en SocialBoss trabajan además con muchas otras plataformas o redes sociales, incluyendo Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Spotify, Twitch, Telegram, Reddit o TikTok. Dependiendo de la cantidad de participación y crecimiento que busquemos, podemos optar por paquetes más pequeños de 500 visualizaciones, o por paquetes mucho más grandes de hasta 100.000 visitas.

3 Liketron

Y si hablamos de paquetes grandes de visualizaciones para Youtube, merece la pena también conocer Liketron, un sitio que está orientado precisamente a quienes buscan conseguir reproducciones en Youtube de forma masiva.

Se trata de una buena alternativa para los canales de Youtube que ya cuentan con una buena base de seguidores suscritos al canal y necesitan de grandes números para seguir creciendo.


Sencillo, efectivo y económico, así se puede definir Followerius, otro buen sitio para obtener impresiones, reproducciones y seguidores para cualquier red social, cuyo punto fuerte es sin duda su excelente servicio de soporte y atención al cliente, capaz de resolver cualquier duda o consulta que tengamos para asegurar la satisfacción del cliente.

The five best sites to get views on Youtube in 2022

5 PopularityBox

Si bien cualquiera de las empresas mencionadas anteriormente ofrece una entrega bastante rápida de los paquetes que contratemos, quizás necesitemos acortar aún más los plazos. PopularityBox puede ser entonces la alternativa más indicada para nosotros, ya que este proveedor se destaca por su rapidez de entrega de las visitas o seguidores, recibiendo el pedido contratado casi de forma inmediata.

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