The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now

The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now

Listing your bestsellers on Amazon can be very profitable: if you know what to sell when to sell it, and how to know exactly.

In this article, you’ll learn more about.

Amazon’s best sellers for 2022, including the best sellers during the pandemic and embargo periods
Bestsellers and profitable niches on Amazon FBA and Amazon KDP
Ways to identify evolving best sellers
How to maximize the chances of selling what buyers really want to buy on Amazon and other marketplaces
So: don’t waste any time, let’s go!

Amazon’s best-selling products in 2022

First, when we talk about the best-selling items on Amazon, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should sell those specific items. Your final decision will depend on several factors, such as B. about the competition, the demand of the market you sell in, your specific business situation, etc.

There may be no strategy that will guarantee that you will choose a best seller every time. You may even need to try a few different items.

In addition, whenever you want to add a new product, you should research the market first. Make sure the product is still in demand at the time you offer it.

Nevertheless, your efforts should certainly be worthwhile.

So far, for personal care products in 2022, games, puzzles, and fitness equipment seem like they will be among the top products offered.

Therefore, you should consider listing the following top-performing items on Amazon.

Masks, such as the B. Peel-Off Mask
Nail polish
Haircare products
Fitness products
Yoga mats
Water bottles
Exercise Band
Games & Puzzles
Board games
Laptop sleeves.
Also, keep in mind that the coronavirus makes the future a little tricky, as shoppers may not have as much cash to spend on personal items or gifts.

On the other hand, in an age of social distance and isolation, many people turn to Amazon for their personal needs and entertainment.

The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now
The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now

Note also other predicted best-selling categories, such as

Cameras and photos
Pet Supplies
Books: consistently some of the best-selling items, especially e-books sold through the Kindle store
Toys and games
Clothing, footwear, and jewelry
Home and Kitchen.
You may wish to avoid the CD and vinyl categories, as music streaming services have caused sales of these products to plummet.

The information we have presented so far may have provided you with some ideas. However, to maximize your chances, we should dig a little deeper.

Best-selling products based on Amazon’s bestseller page

A good starting point for determining the best-selling items on Amazon is the platform’s own list of current bestsellers maintained by the platform. You can find lists of bestsellers from international markets, including the US, UK, Canada, Spain, or Germany.

These lists show the items that are selling the most across the site. They showcase the most popular products in each category, from toys to books to video games. The Amazon bestseller list is updated every hour.

The screenshot below shows what was popular when we started researching this article.

The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now
The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now

However, when using the Amazon bestseller list, please remember that.

The products found on the bestseller pages can be very competitive: after all, every seller has access to this information.
Sales of certain products may be declining right now. This will cause you to add products exactly when they are no longer needed.
Some of the best-selling products may not have great sales margins and are not profitable.
Nonetheless, we encourage you to keep an eye on what is selling the best and most popular. Get ideas for similar products and check out the “Other Customers Also Bought” section. This can give you ideas for customizing your product portfolio and growing your e-commerce business in ways you never imagined.

Amazon Best Sellers: Product Research Software

Identifying best-selling products is much more complex than simply looking at a list of Amazon bestsellers. It’s just the first step and a way to generate ideas. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find all the relevant information there.

The truth is, you need a more scientific approach. Before you decide to invest, you need to know the statistics behind each product.

What are their average monthly sales?
How many more are being sold?
What is the average price, average ratings, or sales figures?
What kind of sales margins can you expect?
Are sales going up or down?
Therefore, consider using a third-party product research tool that can show you this information, such as the B. AMZScout Product Database and Pro Extension.

The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now
The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now

What to sell on Amazon: Criteria

If you want to select the products to sell on Amazon.

  • 1. look at the best-selling products in each category and look for trending products.
  • 2. Choose items that are in high demand (or in high demand): an item does not have to be sold in large quantities every day. However, each product to be sold should generate at least ten sales per day.
  • 3. avoid being overly popular or seasonal, so you have consistent sales all year round. Selling products that are in demand 24/7/365 will help you achieve lasting growth.
  • 4. Avoid choosing highly saturated markets and consider international markets.
  • 5. Find niche markets with consistent demand: In general, shoppers don’t just “browse” Amazon; they search for specific things, such as products. This is more targeted than “recipes.” You can use Chrome extensions to research products in a niche. For example, “Jungle Scout” to see the monthly sales of products or products with little competition.
  • 6. Consider products with little competition, which may indicate an untapped market (selling big branded products may mean too much competition). The demand for the product may be high, but not many sellers are offering the product. Why not strike and offer a very good version of this item?
  • 7. use existing product reviews. For example, the number of ratings can indicate how often the product is purchased or how long the product/offer has been around. A low number of reviews in the 4-5 star range may mean that the product is becoming a top seller (has potential and may have little competition).
  • 8. consider buying/manufacturing products that are low cost.
  • 9. Test product quality before investing. Check the supplier’s samples. This is especially important for Amazon FBA.
  • 10. Choose products that are easy to ship: Beware of breakable, fragile, perishable, or perishable items.
  • 11. Understand shipping costs and Amazon seller fees so you can narrow down your decision. For example, two-pound items are lightweight and easy to ship, which can help reduce your shipping costs.
  • 12. Consider creating your own brand. Private label products can be cheaper to buy than big-name products, allowing you to make more profit from them. You also have control over how you market and display your products (although you still need to design your own logo, packaging and build a customer base).

Finally, research the best-selling products in other markets to get more information and identify product gaps. For example, check out the best-selling items on eBay.

What to sell on Amazon FBA

When considering what to sell on Amazon FBA, it is important to remember that it is a “price-driven” marketplace. This means that people are visiting the site to find the best prices. Therefore, your product needs to be attractive to your target audience and usually within a certain price range.

When you sell on Amazon FBA, the criteria for the products you choose to sell are the same as when you sell on Amazon and manage and ship your own orders.

What to sell on Amazon FBA: Product criteria

It is usually best to avoid selling products from well-known or designer brands. Most Amazon buyers are interested in decent products at reasonable prices.
Offering products under your own brand name with a few extras, such as faster shipping, can give you an advantage over your competitors.
Choosing smaller and lighter products will save you extra storage costs in case the item lags. In addition, the larger and heavier the product, the higher the shipping costs.
Choose simple products to avoid potential customer problems, such as electronics. Clothing and shoes also exhibit a degree of diversity, with (international) sizes, different colors, and styles.
Some items, such as groceries, toys, batteries, or beauty products, may require certification or formalities that can be difficult and frustrating.
Also, consider retail prices between 10€ and 50€. For products you list and sell for less than 10 euros, you are unlikely to make a significant profit unless you sell in bulk. Products over 50 euros are likely to be more profitable, but there may be fewer buyers interested in them.

Products priced below 50 euros usually fall into the “impulse buy” range. Between 10 and 50 euros should be “cheap enough” for buyers to make a quick decision. This means they may not have to consider buying it.

Best-selling items on Amazon (FBA): Selling niche products
Consider narrowing your research to the point where you are selling a product so unique that the competition is significantly reduced. This way, you should only attract interested buyers, and your products should be easier for searchers to find.

If you don’t already have a market niche, start with the following basics.

What are the most searched search terms on Amazon?
Which products are the most successful?
How much demand is there for the product, and how much competition is there?
What are the expected sales margins?
In addition, you can find market niches through simple organic searches. For example, typing in “women’s leggings” as opposed to “pink women’s bike leggings” can yield over 100,000 results (competitively).

The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now
The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now

Many people may already be selling leggings, but the site may be missing a specific style, color, or type of leggings.

You can also find market niches by reading customer reviews in your niche product market. You may find that customers are unhappy with their current brand and want something you can or intend to offer.

What to sell on Amazon (FBA): Examples of niche products

Pet Supplies. This is a popular category, but many sellers offer standard dog training aids. Therefore, consider whether you can narrow your selection to very specific training aids, such as an answering machine, and then possibly further narrow it down to an answering machine with a wrist strap.

The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now
The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now

Best-selling books on Amazon KDP

When it comes to Amazon’s self-publishing platform, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KPD), the following market segments have huge revenue potential.

Public Holidays

Niche markets have great sales potential when it comes to seasonal events such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc.

Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses

Small business owners are interested in staying organized, disciplined and motivated. You can narrow your niche by focusing on business types such as hair salons, event planners, and technology startups.


Selling video games is popular, but beware of copyrighted designs.


Some sports niches are saturated, but there are still different sports here: winter sports, tennis, baseball, basketball, cricket, soccer, field hockey, table tennis, gymnastics, or figure skating. Remember that the designs of specific teams or athletes are protected by copyright.

Personal Development

This niche market can help change people’s lives. However, since it is already saturated, it is important to narrow the niche.

Frontline Workers

This is a new niche that has attracted a lot of attention during the pandemic. Potential frontline workers include nurses, doctors, public transportation workers, grocery store workers, teachers, and postal workers.


This craft became increasingly popular during the pandemic. Some types of craft niches are crochet, knitting, patchwork, beadwork, woodwork, origami, and painting.


Baking is also gaining popularity during the pandemic, especially bread baking.

Traveling Lovers

There are endless ideas for this niche market. For example, consider creating designs for each city, country, state, continent, etc. You can travel by plane, by boat, by train, by car, alone or with friends, etc.

Nature Lovers
This includes environmentalists, plant lovers, avid hikers, or wilderness enthusiasts. Some subcategories are plants, trees, cacti, camping, gardening, hiking, mountains, conservation, wildlife.

Consider or narrow down general floral ecological niches, such as lilies, daisies, sunflowers, tulips, chrysanthemums, carnations, roses.

When choosing this niche, you can consider the reasons people base their plants on, such as health/environmental reasons or animal rights.

You can design books with inspirational quotes, letter combinations, quotes, single words, etc. If you use quotes/proverbs, they must be copyright-free, or you must purchase the appropriate license. Be careful with copyright.

You can narrow your search, for example, by musicians, music lovers/listeners, or specific music genres, such as rock, metal, punk, country, pop. Make sure that all content you produce is copyright-free and legal.

Back to School
You can target specific grades, ages, etc.

You can use inspirational and/or meaningful quotes (where copyright laws allow)

Mysticism / Spirituality
This can be crystals, tarot cards, archangels, reiki, meditation, etc.

This is a saturated niche, but there are many ways to stand out in this niche.

This is where you can get carried away. Magic, unicorns, dragons, castles, fairies, elves, aliens, and more!

Sell “low content” books on Amazon.
Books with low content have little to no text or images. They are usually uncomplicated to produce but can quickly become best sellers.

If you are selling low content books (or anything on Amazon KDP), you should do thorough niche and keyword research.

The following are examples of keywords used to describe notebooks: diary, journal, notebook, exercise book, workbook, journal, or notebook.

The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now
The best-selling products on Amazon in 2022: What to sell online now

Best-selling products on Amazon: Conclusion

The best-selling products on Amazon change regularly, and there is no one-size-fits-all way to ensure that they are used correctly every time. However, the criteria for deciding what to sell on the platform remain the same.

It is more important than ever to offer products with some added value.

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