The best industries to grow as 'side hustles' in 2022

The best industries to grow as ‘side hustles’ in 2022

Side hustles can hardly be called side hustles anymore. For many Americans, they are an essential source of supplemental income – not to mention a primary source of passion and pride.

A Bankrate 2019 survey found that 43 percent of full-time workers and 51 percent of part-time workers have jobs in addition to their primary source of income, with 30 percent of those part-timers needing additional payment to cover basic living expenses. Despite the stress of these side hustles, 27 percent of side hustlers say they are more passionate about their side hustle than their primary job. So, why do side hustles remain secondary?

“We’ve just come through the worst recession since the Great Recession. People are still scared,” Jeff Strohl, director of research at Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, told NBC News in 2019. “The idea of giving up your job to follow your dreams is not a safe option.”

As we enter a recession that could be worse than the Great Depression, even those significant hustles may not be safe bets. Maybe it’s time to diversify your income streams and keep your side busy with a full-time job, and we’ll explore which side hustles are best suited

The best industries to grow as 'side hustles' in 2022

1.Marketing and online content creation

As we mentioned earlier in this article, starting a small business forces founders to wear more hats than ever before – which means that many of the best part-time jobs are taking on these additional tasks for small businesses to ease the burden on owners. Marketing falls into this category.

Most marketing is online, and content is a significant part of online marketing. Content creation can take many forms, from writing branded content to press releases to articles. You can also be hired to edit existing content or optimize it for SEO. With so many websites “moving to video,” many hiring managers are looking for freelance communications workers who are a one-stop store for text, video, and even graphic design.

Are you a tech-savvy writer? If you can code, offer to create a website from scratch. According to CNBC, you can earn four times as much making a website as writing an article.

2.Accounting and bookkeeping

Accountants and bookkeepers are also professionals who can help small businesses at specific stages of their growth: too big to do the work themselves but too small to support in-house staff to do the job. Accountants often perform well even in tough economic times, as businesses still need the expertise to save money on taxes.

3.IT support

Today, everyone has technology needs, whether a business or an individual, but not everyone has their own IT staff. An IT support business can provide network solutions, hardware repair, and emergency troubleshooting.


Online learning is a popular option for remote work and part-time jobs. This includes tutoring and creating video courses for platforms like Udemy. What you will teach is up to you – there is a market for teaching almost any skill or area of expertise.

5.Food products

The best industries to grow as 'side hustles' in 2022

Is everyone telling you that your crackers, ketchup, or pickles should be sold in stores? Food can be a fun and lucrative side business – and once you make sure you meet local food safety guidelines, you can start in your kitchen.

Kitchen to Market author Stephen Hall tells O Magazine that having a unique perspective is crucial to food: “You have to know why your cake is better than all the other cakes …… A cute name? Unique packaging? Is this the first completely organic carrot cake?”


Many full-time businesses have started as craft sellers on Etsy. The biggest hurdle for most Etsy stores is not producing a fantastic product – it’s getting people to notice and buy that product. People starting a craft business must change their hats from maker to marketer.

In a blog post on Etsy, course expert Lauren Weisenthal recommends tagging your product and item titles with popular keywords and checking their performance once a week. She also stresses the importance of high-quality product photos: “Taking clear, simple and illustrative photos is the key to sales success,” she writes.

The best industries to grow as 'side hustles' in 2022

7.Event planning

There are obvious pros and cons to event planning as a side hustle. The main drawback is that there are so many logistics involved that people may be reluctant to trust special events to up-and-comers. On the plus side, the upfront costs and overhead are low, so you can start networking to build clients and gain initial experience for free.

Event planning is a great area to gain experience in volunteer roles before striking out independently. According to CNBC, that’s exactly what Lauren Schaefer did – she was working as an event planner at Columbia University when she started helping her friends with their weddings. She proved so good at it that the venue began asking if they could recommend her to couples.


The best industries to grow as 'side hustles' in 2022

Good photos are essential for online sellers and any online business, as we mentioned above. While small business owners may have some basic photography skills, hiring a professional for their time, money, and results may be worth their while. Photographers can also court those looking for family portraits, pet photos, weddings, and other life events.

Stock photo sites offer another avenue for up-and-coming photographers. Selling stock photos is a “numbers game,” according to Oberlo, a small business website.

“The more photos you take and upload, the better your chances of being found,” writes Nicole Martins Ferreira. “You need to make sure you use the right tags so that people can easily find your photos.”

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