The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos

The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos

YouTube is the reference platform consulted by thousands of Internet users. By posting content there, you can increase the chances of making your campaign visible. But for this, you need a good camera for YouTube. We can find them in all segments: entry-level, mid-range, or high-end cameras in the market. Brands offer different features. In this case, how do you choose your YouTube camera for making videos? In this article, we outline the criteria to consider and show the best cameras used by Youtuber.

The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos
The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos

What is a webcam?

A webcam is a device that is used to record video. It consists of a base and a lens. This uses a CCD (charge-coupled device) sensor, which helps convert optical images into computer data. Youtube has a wide variety of cameras. Some models of webcams are reduced in size. Others, on the other hand, are relatively heavy and wide. Still, others can be connected directly to a computer to capture video.

How do cameras work?

Not all cameras follow the same mode of operation. However, they have only one purpose: to convert images into digital information. Thanks to the thousands of sensors that make up the device, this transformation is possible. Finally, you can take pictures and record complete video sequences with technology cameras.

One of the advantages of YouTube cameras is that most of them have a high storage memory. Therefore, we can store long-term videos and then sort them during editing. In addition, most cameras have good graphics resolution. The lowest table resolution on the market is at 100,000 pixels.

What are the best camera brands?

Many brands offer inexpensive cameras for making YouTube videos. Among them, we can cite Microsoft. Founded in 1975, Microsoft is a versatile brand specializing in video games and software and the design of smartphones. She also designs cameras for YouTube. With the experience gained over the years, Microsoft offers quality devices.

The Logitech brand has also made it to the list of best camera brands. It specializes in electronics and offers a wide range of devices: speakers, headphones, trackballs, mice, and webcams. It meets the expectations of YouTubers by completing interviews and other video blogs with the camera’s catalog.

Panasonic also incorporates a brand rating to consider when buying a camera. The company is based in Osaka (Japan) and has numerous subsidiaries. Like other leaders in the YouTube camera market, Panasonic is expanding its catalog with additional accessories: smartphones, copiers, headphones, Walkmans, etc.

GoPro is one of the most popular brands among videographers. Its products are aimed at fans of extreme sports, mechanical sports, or sliding sports. These people love the excitement and want to share their emotions with the public. This is the reason why sports YouTubers choose GoPro. The brand’s cameras can record videos from angles that are difficult to capture with other technical cameras.

The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos
The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos

What types of cameras can you use on YouTube?

Different cameras can be used for YouTube to shoot videos. With conventional cameras, you can get excellent graphic resolution. It is a camera equipped with a microphone input. However, their main advantage is their size. Due to their small size, they provide an intuitive grip for shooting videos.

Cameras are not the only camera models that can produce YouTube videos inexpensively. You can also opt for hybrids. They have a compact size and produce excellent image quality. Their graphic resolution is still comparable to DSLRs. However, these cameras for YouTube do not have a microphone input, especially the entry-level models. But two Sony devices are particularly effective: the A6100 and A6400, which have efficient sensors, rotatable screens, and offer impeccable audio quality.

If you want to balance performance with practicality, you can turn to the Osmo Pocket camera. It’s a compact, versatile camera stabilized on three axes, perfect for capturing images, even when the user is in motion. The videos captured have excellent graphic quality. Plus, the sound is entirely audible.

What are the criteria for choosing the best camera for YouTube?

Choosing a camera is not always easy if we consider the wide variety of models on the market. But, based on some criteria, you can select high-performance accessories that don’t necessarily cost $3,000!

The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos
The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos


Most of the latest generation cameras offer a wide range of functions. For example, they have connectivity options to be linked to other devices. Connections are established via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks. The advantage is that you can easily export content from your YouTube camera to other devices.

Graphic Resolution

The quality of a video does not only depend on the subject. The resolution of the images also defines it. In principle, these images appeal to the public. However, they delay potential viewers when they are poorly displayed or lack clarity. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the graphic resolution of the camera to create powerful videos on YouTube.

For a resolution of 720p, you can afford to buy HD cameras. These types of equipment are listed in YouTube’s beginner gear list. The images obtained are clear and have optimal lighting. However, for a better quality achievement, it is recommended to turn to Full HD accessories. They provide video images of 1920 pixels. Thus, using YouTube’s FHD camera, the video presents an excellent graphic resolution. But to provide its subscribers with high-performance graphics, it is necessary to equip yourself with a 4K camera. However, this material is expensive.


Stability is still one of the main factors in video success. No one wants to watch a movie where the camera is constantly moving. For this reason, different solutions exist to take advantage of better stability. For example, you can use a tripod to record a movie with a smartphone. In the case of technical cameras, three options exist digital stabilization, dual or optical.

Sound quality

The choice of camera depends mainly on how you intend to use it. To shoot landscapes, you can use a standard camera. To post videos on YouTube, you need the camera for YouTube. Some models have a built-in microphone to record sound; others do not. In any case, it is recommended that you equip yourself with an external microphone so that you can use the camera only for filming.


Battery life is an essential criterion when choosing a camera for YouTube to produce videos. If the battery lacks autonomy, the device may shut down during filming, which would be a shame. That said, most camera models found on the market are equipped with lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries. As a result, they prove to be durable and require very little time to recharge.

YouTube’s Top 7 Best Cameras and Webcams

Contrary to what many people think, you don’t need a sizeable budget for a YouTube camera. Even with limited funds, you can find cameras for YouTube on Amazon. The most important thing is to find equipment that can produce high-quality videos. This helps strengthen its notoriety in its field of activity.

The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos
The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos

GoPro Hero 7 Black

Due to its practicality, the GoPro Hero 7 Black camera is a favorite of many YouTube users. Its specialty lies in its resistance and performance. It records videos underwater at depths of up to 10 m. In addition, it is easy to handle. Just press the REC button to start recording. As for its battery, it is removable and durable. Then we can shoot for a few minutes and store them on the camera on YouTube.

Order 4K Ultra HD

The Ordro 4K UHD camera is part of YouTube’s beginner’s materials. It has an optical zoom and a digital zoom. We benefit from optimal rendering and get HD images. In addition, various options can be used during the movie’s shooting. In this way, we make the video dynamic and captivate the viewer’s attention. In terms of functionality and Wi-Fi, there are infrared sensors on the Ordro 4K UHD. By activating them, we can take pictures even in the dark.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

This YouTube camera is compact and lightweight. It becomes the ideal accessory for shooting video freely in any situation. Its reversible screen can be oriented up to 180°, making it possible to take pictures from the front. The device has a Full HD system with approximately 60 frames per second to record videos. Its optical zoom does not degrade the image quality when the videographer shoots landscape elements.

The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos
The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos

Canon EOS M50

The Canon EOS M50 is a camera for making inexpensive YouTube videos. It captures images in 4K graphic resolution and has interchangeable lenses. In Full HD mode, the device records 60 frames per second. On the contrary, when it is in a 720p way, it offers the possibility of capturing 120 frames per second. In addition to its functionality and usefulness, the device provides a favorable option: its price. It is sold at a lower price.

Canon EOS 800D

Many YouTube users use the Canon EOS 800D. With good reason, it is equipped with exciting features. For example, it has a touchscreen and is reversible. In addition, its APS-C CMOS sensor is equipped with a DIGIC 7 processor, and the device weighs about 540 grams, making it suitable for all trips and takes up little space.

Panasonic Lumix G80

A camera for YouTube, the Panasonic Lumix G80 records in 4K and has a fast autofocus system. Its screen remains reversible and adjustable in all directions. Use this device to enjoy good stability in your clips. The internal stabilizer of Panasonic Lumix G80 keeps the image in a stable position and reduces the small vibrations during handheld shooting. You can use it as an interview camera. Moreover, it is highly resistant. Waterproof, its housing can withstand rain, dust, and moisture.

Luckey Webcam 1080p Full HD

This webcam is especially recommended for recording full HD video streams. It is an excellent tool for online training. Trainers can enjoy clear images at up to 30 frames per second. The benefits of this camera for creating YouTube videos abound.

It is easy to set up.
Its compact design makes it practical.
That it can be used anywhere.
Impeccable image quality.
It doesn’t cost much.

The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos
The best cameras and webcams for shooting Youtube videos

Where to buy a webcam: brick-and-mortar or online?

When you buy a YouTube camera in a store, we take the time to check out its features. In addition, in-store, you can benefit from technicians’ advice who will guide you in choosing the best device. However, it is recommended that you choose to shop online. With this solution, you can consult the opinions and recommendations of Internet users. We also benefit from promotional offers on Amazon to purchase cameras for YouTube.

Choosing the best camera requires consideration of its intended use. It is also important to consider stability, graphic resolution, sound quality, battery life, and the functionality of the accessories. Finally, to buy high-performance equipment, it is recommended to use e-commerce sites.

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