The six best sites to find a freelancer quickly.

What if I told you that it was possible to make others work for you in a few clicks, thanks to the magic of the Web? That you could outsource specific tasks that make you c*** for only 5€? It might look like false advertising. Like: “Check out this strange method that will make you lose 35 pounds in 2 days. Doctors can’t believe it.” And you would be a proper sailor! But you suspect that your Tool Hunter has worked the ground for you. I tested most of the existing solutions to be able to offer you a selection of the best sites to find a freelancer quickly. Thanks to these solutions, you will be able to free up time for the things that matter (football, shopping, swimming pool, aqua-pony). The REAL life what!

What tasks can freelancers perform on the internet?

The answer is straightforward: anything that can be done remotely (and legally) can be outsourced. This represents a huge part of today’s professions:

➜ Business :

Data entry, research work, presentation creation, the layout of an Excel table, writing and sending emails…

➜ Digital marketing :

writing posts for social networks, emailing, SEO optimization, marketing research…

➜ Writing / Translation :

CV and cover letter, article summaries, press research, translation of documents…

➜ Design :

Creation of a logo, a flyer, an infographic, retouching a photo, banners for social networks, 2D or 3D plan…

➜ Programming :

create forms in PDF, convert documents, insert VBA in Excel, and develop a WordPress blog in WordPress…

➜ Personal life :

Write greeting cards, make a photo montage, draw a picture, and receive advice on how to improve your Tinder profile (it’s not a joke!)…

In short, you will understand that the list is almost endless. All work that requires only a computer and an internet connection are likely to be subcontracted. Now that you know the tasks you can get rid of, let’s discover the six best sites to find a freelancer quickly, thanks to the magic of the Web.

#1 Fiverr

Fiverr is an American platform that connects several thousand service providers worldwide with you. The particularity of this site is that most of the services are offered for 5 dollars. Then, you are free to subscribe or not to additional services to obtain a complete service. But you’ll be amazed at how many benefits you can get for just $5! In addition, the site is positioned as a trusted third party between the service provider and the customer: you order a service, and your payment will only be triggered when you have received the work carried out and then validated your satisfaction. So you take a minimal risk by ordering on Fiverr. Each provider is rated, which allows you to sort and select only the crème de la crème!

The Hunter’s Council:

Take a look to discover the range of possible services at 5€. If you spot something that might interest you, give it a try. At worst, you will have lost 5 euros, at best you will be delighted with your find! Most ads are in English, but you can find French providers. If this is a problem, I present a relatively similar site below and 100% made in France.


As you will have understood, is the French counterpart of Fiverr. It is the first French online microservices platform. You will find many quick and straightforward services carried out by freelancers for the sum of 5€ (as its name suggests). This site uses the same process to secure orders between users: the money is only returned to the seller when you have confirmed your satisfaction.

The Hunter’s Council:

Quite logically, the offer is less substantial than on Fiverr. This is why I recommend that you first search for the service on Fiverr and compare it with what is offered on Of course, if you want to work with a French service provider (by personal convictions or because of the language barrier), is one of the best sites to find a freelancer quickly in France.

#3 People per Hour

People per Hour is a site with a large community of freelancers ready to help you with your tasks. For this, the site offers you four different formulas:

  • Search for a simple service at a fixed price.
  • Post a service request yourself.
  • Directly contact freelancers who interest you or even launch a competition between several service providers to obtain several proposals and not retain the best.

You have a complete dashboard that allows you to manage your exchanges and payments with your different partners easily. People per Hour also uses a rating system that protects you from unpleasant surprises.

The Hunter’s Council:

People per Hour is built on a community of over 1 million users, making it a very successful platform. You will find services at prices much higher than €5, but this site is an excellent solution if you want to start a consultation yourself. You have the possibility of filtering the service providers according to their country of residence if you wish to work only with French people.

Go further: the best sites to find a long-term freelancer.

Fiverr,, and People per Hour are undoubtedly the best sites for finding a freelancer quickly in France or abroad. However, these platforms are more intended for occasional use, although in some cases, you could see the rare pearl and collaborate with them on a more regular basis. But if you want to outsource tasks over the long term, it will be wise to turn to other sites more suited to this practice. Again, many platforms are offering this type of service. Here is a selection of the best places to find a long-term freelancer!

#4 Upwork

Upwork is a platform capable of putting you in contact with more than 10 million service providers ready to work with you for the duration of your choice. Its operation is effortless: you post a job by describing the missions to be carried out. You obtain a list of candidates able to meet your needs and select the one who will have caught your attention. To help you choose, you have the possibility of exchanging with them by message or of carrying out interviews via Skype. Once the profile has been selected, you then have a collaborative space in which you can discuss with your partner: sharing of documents, chat, follow-up of missions, etc. Upwork is responsible for issuing invoices and triggering payment for the working hours validated on the platform.

The Hunter’s Council:

It is undoubtedly one of the best sites to find a freelancer and engage with him in the long term. You can choose between 2 operating modes: either you pay a fixed amount determined in advance with the service provider or pay the service provider by the Hour. I recommend choosing the first option, which allows you to select a budget to be respected in advance. This is beneficial for both parties: the service provider is guaranteed to receive a defined amount for his work, and the client has no unpleasant surprises when the bill has to be paid. To better follow the progress of the work, I suggest that you divide the mission into several stages to check that the work is progressing correctly. It also allows you to release some of the funds as the provider sends you the deliverables.

#5 99designs

99designs is one of the best sites to find a creative freelancer. This site lists designers from all over the world who offer you different services: logo creation, T-shirt, packaging, book cover, business cards… You will find what you are looking for if you want to give your brand a real identity. Its operation is similar to a competition: you draw up specifications describing your company and what you need. You choose your pack from the existing formulas (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum), whose prices range from €259 to more than €1,000. Obviously, the higher the price, the more likely you will attract top designers. However, having tried the bronze pack for €259, I was delighted with the work and could choose from more than sixty proposals! Once the competition is launched, you will receive a whole bunch of suggestions, and you will be able to give them a score as you go along to indicate what you like or not. After seven days, you choose a winner for your design contest. Your designer will then receive the total amount you have chosen, and you will receive ownership rights to the design. You can then download your format and use it for your business!

The Hunter’s Council:

You can directly consult the catalog of the designers and get in touch with one of them if you are a fan of his style. It is then a 1-1 project, you leave the dynamics of the competition, but it can be an opportunity to work with the best designers on the planet at reduced prices. If you opt for the classic contest formula, I have put an effortless technique that has worked well. I contacted a private message, several site designers, by complimenting their work and inviting them to participate in my contest. It allowed me to get a few more proposals and didn’t take much time. I also encourage you to give your feedback regularly on the creations submitted to you throughout the competition. Based on your feedback, designers will welcome feedback on their work and are often keen to improve their outcome (s).

#6 is THE reference platform for finding freelance service providers in Web development. The project leader defines his needs, and the service vendors make proposals, the main lines of which are visible to all. You will quickly receive several quotes to compare the prices charged by each service provider. In addition to the guarantee of transparency, which improves competitiveness, the service providers are evaluated after each project wins to guarantee the quality of the services. The platform is based on a solid community of 130,000 freelancers, optimizing your chance of finding the right person for your project.

The Hunter’s Council:

To avoid unpleasant surprises, explain the expected results (the famous specifications) clearly. Provide as many visuals as possible to ensure that you speak the same language.

After testing most of these sites, I realized some errors that I want you to avoid (#toonice). Here are several tips from my own experience and recommendations collected during my research:

➜ Be as precise as possible in formulating your missions. 

Taken by time, we may tend to want to explain the tasks to be carried out quickly. It is a mistake !!! You will waste even more time having to explain your expectations to him again, or worse, asking him to redo the work. Sit in peace in a library, and take the time to write clear and exhaustive explanations. Use specific indicators to describe the expected result.

➜ Don’t hesitate to ask the prospective service provider. 

If you doubt the best provider to choose, start by asking 3 of them to explain their way of working. Ask how long the project should take them to determine which ones have entirely understood your required level. It may also be interesting to ask them to split the project into sub-steps to check that they have mastered all the components of the mission entrusted.

➜ Start small at first. 

Familiarize yourself with this platform by entrusting small missions that are not critical for your activity. Once you have found the perfect service provider, give them more and more tasks and start a privileged relationship with them.

➜ Ask for feedback regularly. 

During the project, do not forget to contact your service provider from time to time to take the temperature and know its progress. You can even ask him to send you deliverables overtime to make sure he’s heading in the right direction.

➜ Adopt a positive and respectful attitude with the service provider. 

The latter will be more motivated to work for you if you are respectful and courteous in your exchanges. Build a win-win partnership to take advantage of your experience on these different collaborative platforms.

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