The 15 most frequently asked questions about Amazon Associates: the definitive explanation.

It is common for large eCommerce stores, such as Amazon or Aliexpress, to offer their users various ways to earn money, even without selling within their platform. One of these is the affiliate system, which provides a means of monetization for those without the infrastructure to be sellers within their websites. In this way, anyone can earn money through large retail platforms.

The questions you always wanted to answer about Amazon affiliates

In this sense, the Amazon affiliate system is one of the most popular, opening the doors to earn money with sales in the largest eCommerce in the West. Many doubts arise around this tool, about its use and its conditions, for example. We have decided to deal here with the most frequent doubts that users have about this particular tool.

Is it necessary to have a website? Does it have to have only Amazon content?

Anyone can opt for the Amazon Affiliate program: it is only necessary to have a website/blog or manage social networks. The links to the products will be incorporated into these, which will generate profits as they become sales.

Likewise, the web or social network that will be used can have any content: the important thing will be how you promote the use of affiliate links to it.

Can you send links by WhatsApp and generate a conversion?

In this case, the answer would be yes, but….

The user can enter the link sent by WhatsApp or Telegram and make the purchase, which would count as a conversion for our affiliate program, but it goes against Amazon policies. The marketplace platform forces the flow to come from a website or social network to track it correctly. If you do it repeatedly, you risk a penalty from eCommerce.

In which countries is Amazon Associates available?

Finding where the Amazon Affiliate system is available is very simple; you just have to enter its website. Once there, you can see the list of available countries by clicking on the land next to the language of the web at the top of the screen. As you can see, the leading European markets are in our environment. For example, the service is only available in Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Brazil in America.

Whether it is possible to sell in stores in other countries with the same affiliate link is also recurring. In this case, the affiliate link of a country will only count the sales in that country’s store. However, you can use OneLink, which allows you to manage different affiliate programs in several countries centrally.

How do the first three sales work?

As we said, anyone can choose to join the program, and once approved, it is not necessary to do anything to enjoy the benefits. However, to unlock the Amazon API, you need to make a minimum of 3 sales through affiliate links. This API allows you to automate various aspects of the links, such as modifying the prices according to those present on the page.

How to declare Amazon income?

For legal reasons, at least in Spain, when invoicing, it is necessary to register with the IAE (Tax on Economic Activities). Now, the convenience or not of writing as a self-employed worker will depend on the strength of the income received from the affiliate links, that is, if it is a constant and considerable income.

Can I publish the products without the prices?

Yes, and in fact, it is advisable to use the links on products without clarifying the prices within the text or the medium you use to publish the links. Many people usually do it this way until they have the API of the program since it automatically modifies the prices. In this way, you avoid generating some confusion about prices if they are not up to date, which can be penalized by Amazon.

How can you register in other countries where you do not reside?

When registering for the Amazon affiliate program, the company asks for data such as an address, zip code, or telephone number. Some programs can help generate this data or have a contact in the destination country in these cases. It is complicated in some countries like Mexico because you will need a tax ID.

How to configure the short links?

There are two ways for this, first from the Amazon Affiliate management platform and another from the Amazon website itself, if you enter it while logged in and use the link on its top bar, as you can see in this image.

Can I use the same code on different websites?

Indeed, affiliate links are unique to the user who generates them but not to the website where they are published. Therefore, a user can post his affiliate link on all the websites he wants.

Can Amazon Affiliate be implemented in conjunction with other means of monetization?

Amazon Associates’ monetization will not conflict with other types of monetization, such as AdSense banner advertising, as these are unrelated. However, it must be taken into account that the interaction with the previous ones can be reduced with the incorporation of new banners.

Can I create product banners? Does Amazon Affiliate have a monthly fee?

Many people ask if it is possible to incorporate banners on the products redirecting too the marketplace. In this case, yes, it is possible. Even when generating the links, you can select one with an image for these cases. 

On the other hand, it should be noted that for now the affiliate program does not have any monthly payment for its use, but is completely free.

How to put Amazon affiliate banners in WordPress, step by step

How do I know which products are the best sellers?

To check the best-selling products according to the conversion history of affiliate links, you can go to Amazon Associates > Special Offers and Programs > Idea Center. Here you will find a series of recommendations according to the best-selling products according to the interests of the profile.

It is also possible to verify this information in the Amazon store, when entering the best sellers section, to have a broader view of the interests of consumers.

Can I be denied entry to the program?

It is possible, although not usual. Mainly one of the reasons to cancel an account of the affiliate program is that it does not generate interactions, and if it is something repetitive it can affect a subsequent request for it.

Why can my affiliate account be closed?

For this we have a whole article dedicated

The rules of this program are quite restrictive and we must take them into account so that we do not see one day, suddenly, that our account has been cancelled, which will prevent us from continuing to work with this affiliation model and will retain the income that we may have accumulated . . In addition, once our account is banned, it is almost impossible to reactivate it since they do not usually indicate the reason for the closure.

One of the reasons why your Amazon Associates account can be canceled in the first 180 days is if at least 3 sales have not been made, although in this case it is possible to make a new registration… but on other occasions it is much more complicated . You can see it in this video.

Remember that in the Amazon Affiliate Policy it makes it very clear that they can cancel your account when they consider it: “At any time, when we consider it appropriate, we will be entitled and may impose certain limits on the ability of Affiliates to obtain Standard Commissions of the Amazon. Program. For clarification purposes (and notwithstanding the existence of any term), Amazon reserves the right to suspend or modify, in whole or in part, any of these limitations at any time. Please see the Limitations on Program Fees in the Addendum (“Limitations on Program Fees”).”

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