The 10 best SEO tools

The 10 best SEO tools

Natural citation tools are critical to providing responsive design for your website to generate traffic, and citing it is equally important. For this reason, there are many. Of course, as a webmaster or SEO manager, you must have technical knowledge of SEO. But using this software, we can optimize a website at best. This article suggests 10 of the best SEO tools found on the Web.

Natural reference: what is it?

When an Internet user visits a search engine like Google, he writes a query. At the second time, Google will display a list of results that will show the most relevant pages at the top of the rankings. This is natural referencing.
In a narrow sense, the term refers to all the techniques computer robots use to rank SERPs search results. However, this definition is much broader in scope. By extension, the time also applies to people’s methods and practices to improve their ranking in SERPs.

To achieve this, SEO managers can recommend using one or more natural reference tools. I still need to understand its benefits!

Why natural referencing?

By creating a site, we want to become visible. A company that offers an online service or sells a product wants its pages to be visited. However, it is not the only company on the Internet that offers such services or products to its target. Multiple platforms may contain pages related to similar topics.

The goal of SEO is first to get a good position in the SERPs to attract visitors to your site. Then, it helps to generate quality traffic and reach its goals. A plumber offering plumbing repair services in Nantes can increase the visibility of his field based on the requirements of “Nantes plumbers.”

If he uses SEO tools on the Web and follows SEO standards, he will attract qualified visitors to his website. Better still, it will achieve significant turnover. Finally, natural citation pursues two goals. Firstly, it helps to increase its visibility. Secondly, it participates in the development of its activity.

The 10 best SEO tools
The 10 best SEO tools

What are the criteria for natural referencing?

Whether you use Google SEO tools or WordPress SEO tools, optimizing domains requires following specific rules. The cited platform must present exciting content and be easy to use. This assumes that it has a logical structure and is well designed.

Again, its content is a crucial criterion. In fact, without content, there is no SEO, even with the best natural referencing tools. On the other hand, since search engines favor quality, content creation is not a problem. Each page must be unique, relevant, and structured. Therefore, to optimize the site, we avoid plagiarism.

Different natural reference tools on the web help to find duplicate content. The proposed content must be relevant and responsive to the user’s request. Then, it should contain as few spelling errors as possible. Finally, the title tag must be integrated into the different pages.

In addition to these criteria, it is a good idea to edit the content before using SEO tools. Sticking to paragraphs and headings is not a good way to go. Other elements, such as page titles, meta descriptions, and alt attributes, are essential to position your site in the first SERP.

Regarding positioning, some software offers practical help for SEO. In addition to the SEO tool Yoast SEO for WordPress, there are other computer programs for this purpose.

Natural reference tool: Positioning tracking tool

When we develop a good SEO strategy, we benefit from a quality website with relevant keywords. Therefore, we can position ourselves in the best search results for a specific query. However, domain references do not remain static. Consequently, it is beneficial to monitor its positioning regularly.


MyPoseo is a powerful tool for web search engine optimization. The SaaS model is designed to facilitate the daily monitoring of keyword positioning on websites. It remains compatible with different search engines, not only Google. In addition, the program makes use of the latest databases. It analyzes up to 18 million websites and 15 million keywords.

For SEO, there is no difficulty in using MyPoseo. The software is fast, reliable, and has a simple interface. Moreover, since it is still available online, this SEO tool can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Its main feature is its alert system. The only drawback: some of its paid recipes are relatively expensive.


In addition to making it easy to track keyword positioning, Ranks also simplifies SEO audits. It has some exciting features. For example, it has a Sepometer metric that analyzes positioning changes on Google. As a result, we measured the impact of SEO updates for its domains.

The Natural Reference tool provides users with historical positioning and cycle comparisons. In addition, it performs instant audits, uses an alert system (paid offers) and allows you to monitor the competition. Only Ranks offers an old interface. And it is expensive for some of its paid plans.

The 10 best SEO tools
The 10 best SEO tools

Natural Reference Tools: Tools for finding keywords

Keywords integrate a website’s SEO strategy. Thanks to them, search engines can introduce SERP pages based on specific requests. What keywords can you use to better position yourself on the Internet? Several SEO tools offer to generate it. Here are a few.

Google Keyword Planner

Google’s SEO tool Google Keyword Planner was initially used to set up AdWords campaigns. However, over time, it has diversified its functions. It is now sought after primarily as a keyword planning tool.

SEOs can find the most relevant keywords to generate traffic by using them. The program discloses their search volume as well as the level of competition. However, it should be noted that specific search volumes are only accessible to clients with larger advertising budgets.
Nonetheless, the benefits of the SEO tool abound. Not only is it free, but it also includes filtering options: by language, by geographical area, by period, etc. By using it, we can better improve our SEO campaigns.

Yoda Insight

Yoda Insight is one of the most comprehensive SEO tools on the Web. It studies Google data and suggests the most relevant keywords based on the chosen topic. Most importantly, for experienced SEOs, it is a powerful spy weapon: it can discover competitors’ keywords.

If Yoda Insight appears in the best natural reference tools list, it is functional. In addition to searching keywords, it displays precise information about a site’s crude references: its position, the traffic it receives, AdWords CPC, competition, etc. Its well-stocked database makes it one of the most valuable tools in SEO.

The 10 best SEO tools
The 10 best SEO tools


The keyword generator Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that will suggest keywords to optimize the long tail. You can filter search results by language or media: images, YouTube, Web, shopping, etc. Unlike many tools, Ubersuggest does not require you to create an account and is easy to use.

In addition, the SEO tool helps measure the impact of keywords. Linked to Google Tends, Ubersuggest gives trends for the selected keywords. Finally, we can export the keywords to an Excel file. Unfortunately, the computer program has a drawback. Before using it, we have to design a good SEO strategy, and all the results obtained are irrelevant.


KWFinder is used to find long-tail keywords with a low level of competition. By building your content around these keywords, you can improve your ranking on the Web. In addition, according to the defined parameters, the reference tool follows the field’s evolution.

For this reason, he can propose new keywords that can position his site. The suggested keywords are based on comparing the following parameters: search volume, cost per click, level of competition, etc.

Natural Citation Tool: a tool for analyzing and monitoring incoming links

Inbound links, such as keywords, contain the hierarchy of elements required for good SEO. Backlinks are involved in building the trust level of a website. However, the more trust flow a platform has, the more positions it will have in search result rankings. Inbound link analysis tools are crucial in SEO.

Majestic Search Engine Optimization

Majestic is a valuable SEO tool for measuring the quality and quantity of external links pointing to its domain. The classification is based on two axes: trust flow, which determines the quality of backlinks, and citation flow, which measures the quantity. Majestic also provides SEO managers with a list of missing links.

Although its official language is English, this web search engine optimization tool relies on many other languages. It offers a clear, simplified, and graphical view of search results and has a complete database. For SEO, using its professional version, you can access the history of incoming links.

The 10 best SEO tools
The 10 best SEO tools


Highly recommended SEO tool, Ahrefs remains one of the must-have tools for any SEO. After Google, it is the most popular crawler. Its audit feature reveals improvements and updates to the site. And it’s easy to use: enter the URL of the site you want to test; that’s why you can take advantage of this computer program’s features even without an in-depth knowledge of SEO.

Like some free SEO tools, Ahrefs can analyze the inbound links. One can also track its rankings, search for content related to a specific niche, and perform various tasks. In the opinion of many, Ahrefs is still one of the most powerful SEO tools on the Web. It is free.

Natural Citation Tools: Semantic Analysis Tools

The content written on the Web must be optimized to meet the requirements for optimal citation. Several natural referencing tools have developed features in this direction. easy to use software that is an asset even for people not familiar with SEO. We indicate the domain name of the site we want to analyze. You can also paste the text to study it before publishing it to your blog or platform.

The SEO tool displays a semantic score and a list of expressions to be inserted into the content based on this data. The goal is to make it more relevant and richer for search engines. But does not only improve the semantic field of articles. It also raises questions related to the content. This helps to come up with new ideas for his website.

The 10 best SEO tools
The 10 best SEO tools


YourTextGuru is designed to save time in writing articles on the Internet. The software provides guidelines indicating which words or expressions to optimize its content. The advantage is the quality of the product obtained. In addition, the text is well-referenced, and search engines easily recognize it.

The use of natural reference tools is essential to improve the ranking of their platforms in search results. Some software helps to find relevant keywords, while others help analyze the page’s semantics. Still, others help track their platform’s positioning and analyze the competition.

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