Ten Tips to succeed in selling on eBay

Ten Tips to succeed in selling on eBay

And to tell the truth, they have the best platforms, media campaigns, equipment, and something key: experience. That’s why we are going to see a series of tips to sell on eBay successfully.

1 Type of product

If you want to sell on eBay, you should know the most popular product on the portal since the main objective of any business is to satisfy the demand. One of the classics is electronics, including computers, music equipment, video game consoles, cameras, etc. However, keep in mind that you will find a lot of competition here, and you may even come across wholesalers who sell directly.

My advice is not to go that way but to give a twist to the matter and offer “zero cost” products or professional services. One of the star examples would be e-books, where you can make them in one go and sell them as many times as you want without handling stocks. What to make them on? It will depend on your knowledge, but those related to how to earn money, diets, and beauty are very popular. If you do not know the topics, you can always order the production of the material to a specialist or even sell books for free distribution.

Another of the best options to sell on eBay are services. Of course, here, you must have experience in something specific. What kind of services can you sell? Here are some examples: website positioning, creating online stores, logo design, selling Twitter followers or Facebook followers, translations, house renovations, etc.

Ten Tips to succeed in selling on eBay

2 Suppliers and stock management

If you decide on a physical object, you must be aware that you will have to compete on price because people enter eBay for it. You will have to get products at wholesale prices and be efficient. How? If you want to sell new products, there are two ways: the first would be buying in the Chinese wholesale warehouses that are on the outskirts of some Spanish cities (in Madrid in Cobo Calleja, in Bilbao next to Bilbondo, etc.); you will get a good margin on many products. And the second way, and perhaps the most advisable, would be using Dropshipping, a technique by which you will not need to handle any stock because your wholesale supplier will send the product to your customer; and with your brand! This is the situation of some of the top sellers on eBay.

3 Photography is vital

Some sellers do not post a photo, others post a pixelated or blurred image, and it is widespread to come across merchants who post generic images. You have to keep in mind that the customer wants and deserves to know what is being sold and what state it is in; hence you must put real photographs. They have more value than the catalog ones.

4 Sincerity

Imagine that you buy a 200 euro motorcycle helmet on eBay, and when you get home, you find that it has a scratch on the back. And of course, in the photo, you could only see the front, where everything is correct.

You would be disappointed with the purchase and with the seller. This is the worst thing that can happen to a company and even more to an eBay seller because a negative vote with a bad review can do a lot of damage. Hence, it is vital to be clear in the product sheet, specify the factual information, and see if it is better with explicit photographs.

5 Complete information

The user appreciates being well informed and not searching on other websites for information about the product you are selling. The more information you provide, the more sales you will generate. And here there is also the possible history of the product, how to use it, etc.

Also, be very clear about shipping costs, the possibility of associated costs (changes of ownership, etc.), or the inclusion of VAT.

Ten Tips to succeed in selling on eBay

6 Languages

Keep in mind that eBay products are published globally, so unless you limit this feature, your items may appear in searches made in the USA, France, Australia, or Germany (wherever Ebay is). Therefore, it is helpful to at least put the listing translated into English. It is unnecessary to create two products but to optimize the one you already have.

For example, put first the description in Spanish with a flag in the header that identifies the language, and below do the same with English. As for the title, you can try to put both languages simultaneously; here is an example: “Handmade dogwood house – Handmade dogwood house.”

7 Wide margins

Keep in mind that you will have to pay commissions for receiving payments by Paypal, for selling on eBay, or even for the promotion you can do on social networks or Adsense; therefore, you must manage margins with some slack and prices that are not minimum. That is to say, do not sell items for 10 cents because you will be losing money. On the other hand, it would be an excellent business to sell at 8 euros the e-books I was talking about before or other products with margins of 50% or more and prices of more than 20 euros.

8 Fixed-line of products

You must always handle the same products; that is to say, you try not to sell single low-cost items. And the reason is simple, if there is only one possible stock of the product, you will have to make a file each time, and that, speaking at a business level, is not very efficient.

If instead, you have a fixed catalog, you will have to make sure that the stock does not remain at zero, in which case you would only have to make a couple of clicks to solve it. This rarely happens with firm drop shippers.

9 eBay Stores

If you estimate a high sales volume, try to contract an eBay store. On the one hand, you will have more affordable rates, on the other hand, you will have more functionalities for management, and finally, it will help you gain a severe image as a seller.

Ten Tips to succeed in selling on eBay

10 Internal and external promotion

Use the tools that eBay offers you to stand out, such as the front page positions; this will help you to bring traffic to your site. You can also try to run an ad campaign on Google Adsense or even on Facebook. Yes, you will have to invest, but you will be successful if you have followed the above steps to the letter. Good luck!

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