Ten keys to creating a successful Pinterest strategy

Ten keys to creating a successful Pinterest strategy

Pinterest is used by millions of people looking for inspiration and ideas to recreate. In other words, pins are ideas through which you can inspire people, either in a particular way or by following a marketing strategy that allows you to achieve your goals. By following the right plan on Pinterest, you can perform specific objectives, which we summarize in these four points:

Build brand awareness through stories about your product or business.
Improve engagement, that is, inspire people to save your pins.
Promote traffic to your website.
Convert pinners into potential customers.
To reach all these goals, we have defined a series of steps on good uses of Pinterest to help you create a successful strategy on this social network.

Ten keys to creating a successful Pinterest strategy

1 . Use persuasive images

Many Pinterest users may not have time to read the descriptions of your pins, but the images of your nails can attract them. Try always to use pictures with a studied, high-quality composition, and avoid those that are too pixelated or take up too much space.

Generally, lifestyle images tend to be more appealing to the user than those that only show the product. For example: in your Pinterest strategy, a picture of a dress in a photograph with a model will be more effective than the same garment on a white background. Or an image of a lamp placed in a living room, then the light itself, as if it were a typical online store photograph.

2 Focus on the product you are promoting.

Clutter or too much information (both visual and written) on your pin can confuse people and deter them from buying your products. The hook should focus on the product or business we are advertising. If we make a pin about a lamp, let the image and description focus on it, not on accessory elements.

3 Provide detailed descriptions of your pins.

Descriptions help to make our pins more convincing. In your Pinterest strategy, use texts that compliment or support understanding your pins, with important information about the products shown.

Ten keys to creating a successful Pinterest strategy

4 Write details in the titles of your pins.

Try to think of sentences that are not too long and that, with a single reading, make it clear what your pin is about. They can be short descriptions of your products, inviting people to continue reading and being interested in your nail.

5 Make your brand visible in the Pinterest pin strategy.

Find a way to incorporate your brand into your pin. Doing it tastefully will help give you credibility and make people better understand the essence of your brand; if we include a product, we can do it with its packaging so that it can be recognized.

We can also use watermarks of our logo or subtly place them at one end of the image. But don’t overdo it: using the product, it is packaging, and the logo in the same idea could be too artificial.

6 Use a vertical arrangement of your pins

The pins are organized in columns. Avoid using images that are too long or in horizontal format. For a good look at your Pinterest page, the ideal proportions of the images are set at 600px wide by 900px high.

Ten keys to creating a successful Pinterest strategy

7 Echo, what’s new Users want to discover new ideas on Pinterest

. Be sure to highlight anything unique about your brand to keep people on the lookout for your thoughts.

8 Use text in the image if the image requires it.

If you need to give more clarity to your image, you can consider adding a little text to it. For example, a product feature that is not visible in the photograph or other details that are not obvious at first glance.

9 Show multiple products on a single pin

Pins with a collage of products generally lead to more visitor traffic to your website. Talking about multiple options in the same image arouses the user’s curiosity. For example, if you show a variety of colors of a shirt in a single pin, it can intrigue the user and lead them to visit your website to look at all the available options.

Ten keys to creating a successful Pinterest strategy

10 Include lists or tips

Make a call to action with pins where you include lists or tips. You can have them through a set of products in the image or capture it through text in the photo.

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