Ten foolproof strategies to turn your Facebook fans into customers

Who said you couldn’t sell on Facebook? Learn the strategies that will transform your fans into leads and brand new customers, and turn your Fan Page into a conversion machine!

It is pretty common to hear that “social networks serve only to create brand awareness and not generate customers.” We have bad news and good news for you if you think this way. The good news is that many social platforms – starting with Facebook – can serve as powerful weapons for locating, monitoring, and potential filtering customers.

The bad news is that if you think that way, you’re missing out on growing your Database and attracting new customers! But you don’t have to worry about it anymore because we will tell you everything you need to know to achieve it in this post. 

Why you should think about a Facebook strategy

Why wouldn’t you invest your time and money in the second most visited site after Google, where 23% of its users log in up to 5 times a day and stay browsing it for an average of 6.8 hours a week? According to a study conducted by The Buntin Group, an advertising agency, in May 2013.

Ten foolproof strategies to turn your Facebook fans into customers

According to a study by Socialnomics, 47% of social network users say that Facebook has had a more significant impact on their purchasing decisions than any other social network. So… What are you waiting for to turn your Fan Page into your lead-generating tool? 

Although social networks are not direct sales channels, they play an important role as mediators between brand awareness and the moment of the actual purchase. In the complex sales process, social platforms accompany users and assist them in the purchase decision.

1. Know your audience well

Here the question you should ask yourself is: is my target audience on Facebook? If the answer is yes, you are reading the right post.

As with any analysis of your target market, you will need to know their characteristics in-depth. What they are interested in, what they prefer to avoid, what desires and needs they have, their main problems, and what topics they have fun with.

If your target audience has these characteristics, don’t hesitate! Facebook is the place to be.

2. Create a compelling profile

If you want your fans to buy, you have to inspire trust. And to generate it, presenting yourself correctly and creatively is fundamental. Please take advantage of every opportunity Facebook gives you to show your company, its values, work philosophy, employees, and products.

The combination between the cover and the profile picture can significantly impact your fans. Don’t you believe us? Then look at the example of the Starbucks Fan Page. They know how to do it.

They use every centimeter of space to showcase their products but, at the same time, transmit the experience of drinking their coffee. If you notice, more than showing their product, the brand wants to offer a concept: the moments in which their clients choose to drink their coffee.

Another way to use the cover as a marketing tool is to include promotions in force as long as you respect Facebook’s policies regarding the amount of text in the image. Here you can see how Pepsi does it.

Ten foolproof strategies to turn your Facebook fans into customers

3. Publish valuable content

You are not the navel of the world! Many companies are too selfish and only publish content related to themselves: their products, employees, and promotions. What about the interests of your social community?

As in all social networks, the 80-20 rule prevails on Facebook when it comes to content. 20% of the material can promote the company and its products, while 80% should be oriented to provide relevant information for your community.

This is what Knorr does on its Fan Page by providing valuable and easy-to-make recipes using its products. While the idea is to promote them, it brings tremendous value to its fans by providing them with tips that make their job easier and allow them to eat something tasty.

Another great way to share valuable content is by using infographics, eBooks, blog posts, tutorials, and photos of your employees and company facilities. Doppler is a clear example of this. And if you don’t believe us, take a look at our Halloween photos!

These formats are powerful lead generators. You can include posts that lead to a Landing Page to download an eBook in exchange for completing some data, and even do it by using a Facebook Tab. Remember to measure the results of each of your actions to know which has been most effective.

4. Monitor relevant conversations

At this point, there are two aspects that you should keep in mind. First, the idea that human beings guide their behavior based on emotions and, therefore, their decisions -especially those linked to purchases- will be affected by the opinions of other people, family, and friends to a greater extent.

Secondly, the constant monitoring of conversations between members of your community, as well as people outside it and even belonging to other social networks, will allow you to:

  • Learn about topics of interest to your audience.
  • Detect potential conflicts for your brand.
  • Get to know your target audience in-depth.
  • Identify new markets and opportunities for your products.

So knowing what is being talked about in social networks will be very beneficial to plan your strategies. Do you know what the most significant advantage of doing so is? Being one step ahead of your competition and increasing engagement with your community exponentially.

Ten foolproof strategies to turn your Facebook fans into customers

5. Use pay-per-click advertising

Facebook has its advertising system, Facebook Ads, through which you can promote your page, post, event, product, or application, paying only according to the number of clicks obtained.

You may be asking yourself at this very moment: why should I use it? The answer is relatively easy. This system will allow you to segment your Advertising Campaigns in an incredibly detailed way to target your ads to your target. You will be able to specify:

Place of residence of your audience: If you have a local business, it will be easier to reach them.

Demographics: Such as gender, age, and educational background.

Interests and hobbies: If a user has specified that they like cooking, for example, and your company sells kitchen utensils, you will be able to show your ads to these people.

Purchase behavior: You will be able to know who has purchased a particular type of product during the last time and thus determine if yours might interest them.

Connections: If you are promoting an event, you will be able to define if you want your ads to be shown to the friends of the participants.

And that’s not all! You have the option to automatically send to your Lists the contacts generated through Lead Generation ads. Combine your Doppler account with Facebook Leads ad and take the opportunity to schedule an Automatic Welcome Email.

In addition to accessing Facebook Ads, you can also use Promoted Posts. For example, if you have launched a contest on Facebook and want to promote it, you can do so for an investment of USD 5 and thus multiply its reach by hundreds at the same time that you make yourself known to new users. 

6. Take advantage of Facebook Tabs

The power of Landing Pages to generate leads and new clients is already well known. So why not use them on your Facebook page?

Social network users are reluctant to leave the navigation of these platforms to go to another website. So using Facebook Tabs will allow you to drive traffic from your Fan Page directly to the place where visitors will convert into leads. Don’t know how to do it? It’s easier than you think! Learn how to include a subscription form on your Fan Page with this article.

Thanks to this integration, you will be able to promote your contests and sweepstakes, showcase your products, offer to download some material, or collect the email addresses of users who sign up to receive your newsletter. This way, you will get the leads you are looking for to grow your Database and send your Email Marketing campaigns. Create your free account in Doppler and start sending your campaigns now!

Ten foolproof strategies to turn your Facebook fans into customers

7. Entertain your community

Contests, sweepstakes, and games are great tools to generate the much sought-after engagement in Social Media. Why? Simply because we all enjoy entertainment, especially when there is a challenge, a competition, and prizes at stake. And if users are having fun, it will be easier for them to provide their data, especially if it is a requirement to participate.

The benefits of this type of marketing technique are countless: increase interactions with the brand, expand its notoriety, build customer loyalty, generate traffic to your Fan Page and Website, increase your followers, and one of the most important benefits: generate leads.

What should you take into account when using Gamification as a resource? First and foremost, any activity you decide to implement must be linked to your product. Another critical issue is selecting the prizes to be awarded to the winners properly.

Don’t forget! Your community must have fun. But it is also valuable for your strategy to obtain the data you need for your Email Marketing campaigns. Therefore, you can use a brief form as a requirement to participate or do it by linking their Facebook profile, providing you with interesting data about your leads. 

8. Organize convening events

According to the characteristics and objectives of your company, you can organize different events. Have you thought about holding webinars, tutorials, fairs, or exhibitions? It doesn’t matter if your event is online or offline. What is essential is that the registration of the participants allows you to obtain their data for your future marketing actions.

An excellent way to achieve the registration of participants through Facebook is using a Landing Page, as we mentioned before. This powerful tool will not only allow your fans to register, but it is also a great way to promote your events. The easier the registration is and the more attractive the event’s theme, the more chances you will have to generate new leads.

9. Viralize your Email Marketing Campaigns

An excellent way to visualize your Email pieces is by sharing them on social networks and allowing your subscribers to do the same. This will bring you excellent brand awareness. It will come with other incredible benefits such as traffic to your Website, promotion of your products, customer loyalty, and generating new leads and customers.

Still don’t know the benefits of combining Social Media with Email Marketing? Then we recommend you to read this interesting post that will tell you about it.

If you want to experience the power of this combination in your mailings, Doppler gives you the possibility to do it. Create a Social Campaign and add the network buttons to each piece. If your content is precious, your Subscribers will be happy to share it in their profiles. But… how? Don’t you know how to create a Social Campaign? That’s not a problem! Here we show you.

Ten foolproof strategies to turn your Facebook fans into customers

10. Implement exemplary customer service

Since time immemorial, customer service has been a differential factor for consumers when deciding on this or that product. Many of them even value good customer service more than the merchandise price. Therefore, they are willing to pay more in exchange for a positive experience in the relationship with the brand.

This forces companies to develop a proactive attitude, monitor conversations, and be very attentive to their customers’ complaints and doubts. Respect, empathy, and predisposition to solve the problems presented by consumers are always the fundamental pillars. The premise is to be one step ahead and foresee those conflicts that could be triggered.

We have shared the strategies that will allow you to increase your leads and attract new customers through your Facebook page. While you must get potential customers, it is even more vital that you know how to nurture them and bring them closer to your brand until they finally become loyal customers.

Do you know which tool will allow you to nurture those leads? Yes, you got it right! Email Marketing. Create your free account with Doppler and start now to convert those leads into happy customers.

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