Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

Are you probably looking for a new Dropshipping supplier for your E-commerce site?

Is there any other solution than our good old Aliexpress to reduce delivery times? The answer is definitely YES!

Through this article, I will help you find the right dropshipping supplier. This supplier is the one who can ship as quickly as possible and can bring you many other benefits.

Why look for alternatives to Aliexpress for Dropshipping?

Many online merchants want to become rich on the internet (under the status of auto-entrepreneur), and I have not used Aliexpress for our online stores for a couple of years.

Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

If you want to know my point of view, the big problems with the dropshipping supplier Aliexpress are :

1. The prices are often high. The purchase price is not attractive enough.

2. The products and the competition (no novelty, just a competitive market, and saturated products). For example, in ready-to-wear and textile, you will often see the same T-shirts…

3. Impossible automation with your Shopify. Even if there are applications like Oberlo or Users, it’s still the same thing. Only one line per order. Long live accounting!

4. Accounting is a real headache! No invoices or credit notes. Impossible to be legal for the invoicing.

5. Payment: impossible to pay orders by PayPal with this dropshipping supplier. (I hate having to pay my charges by credit card.) The lines are just endless. And you spend hours in accounting.

6. Product quality: when you receive the goods in after-sales service, you will realize the problems related to quality…

7. Logistics: it is not uncommon for products not to be sent quickly, if at all. Hence, finding an excellent Dropshipping supplier and having a tracking number to respect the delivery time.

My experience with Aliexpress Suppliers

I had started using Aliexpress and its millions of products in 2016. Like most Marketplaces, there is an excellent catalog of products. But by browsing a little, we realize that we often find the same items.

Worse, and even then, the prices were starting to explode compared to what the dropshipping supplier’s products were worth. Especially if you’ve ever walked around Yiwu, it was bound to be passed on to the end customer.

The solution that helped me succeed in Dropshipping

To replace Aliexpress, we had to find a solution to use a more interesting dropshipping supplier. And that’s maybe what you are doing right now!

Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

Do you need more information? I propose to put you in touch with all the trusted logistics companies I work with within Dropshipping Logistic. The goal is to allow as many people as possible to access logistics companies (sourcing) that are gigantic suppliers. And that provides you with endless sources of products.

This is how you will get a profitable E-commerce, thanks to a good product. In my opinion, this is the business model to adopt to find an alternative dropshipping supplier to Aliexpress that will allow you to sell a product that works.

What about Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe?

I have already worked with several French or European suppliers… But unfortunately not in Dropshipping. It exists, but be careful with the prices!

Some platforms help you to find a dropshipping supplier but propose exorbitant prices. It all depends on what you have to sell.

Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

Afterward, it is always possible to work with these different wholesalers to benefit from a direct delivery. Here is an overview of the possible ways.

1. Aliexpress and Alibaba

These marketplaces are at the top of this list of suppliers with whom you can try your experiment and know in dropshipping. I must say that they are the best known in the market.

These distributors offer products for delivery from certain countries. They are both parts of the Alibaba group. However, there is a slight difference between Alibaba and Aliexpress.

Indeed, if the latter is considered a retail site, the other is a wholesale site.

Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

In the beginning, Alibaba, which is a Chinese wholesaler, dealt only with Chinese suppliers. But for a few years, this B2b platform also works with foreign suppliers, especially in Europe.

In terms of the variety of products, we must admit that this marketplace is rather interesting. Therefore, it is easy to find items corresponding to your niche.

However, it is essential to point out that choosing a dropshipping supplier that offers quality products on this site seems complicated.

This will hurt the viability of a dropshipping project. The other problem is that the prices and stock management are meager.

2. BigBuy

BigBuy is a general European dropshipping supplier that is serious and reliable. This Spanish company works with more than 3000 influential brands.

Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

In addition, it has more than 100,000 references in stock. This means that it has a wide range of products that could be interesting to sell to E-retailers.

But is it the ideal dropshipping supplier to start in e-commerce? Sincerely from what a student could tell me, we are very close in the delivery times.

Close to a solution like mine in dropshipping logistics (except that I pay 20 times less for my products, it’s ideal to find a profitable product!)

3. SaleHoo

(Not to be mispronounced) SaleHoo is another option for you if you don’t want to dropship with Aliexpress. SaleHoo, a platform, was created in 2005 to help drivers find products from certified suppliers.

Compared to Aliexpress, this dropshipping supplier will make you enjoy faster delivery times. This is its real strength.

Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

It also stands out for its simple 3-step operation, including:

1. Find product ideas through their market research lab

2. Choose from over 8,000 suppliers who stock the desired product

3. Contact selected suppliers and then find products to sell. However, this dropshipping supplier is not a super supplier. The range of products is also limited. But it at least has the value of being there.

4. Oberlo

Here’s one more lead to replacing Aliexpress. Oberlo offers, in addition to their application for Shopify, a marketplace to sell products and find your happiness.

But again (yikes), hard to be profitable with their pricing. Oberlo does not offer conflicting product catalog options.

5. Brandsdistribution

Founded in 2006, this dropshipping supplier specializes in clothing and accessories. It would be a real asset for him to succeed in drop shipping if the world of fashion is no longer a secret for the e-merchant.

The main advantage of this wholesaler lies in the fact that the drop shipper can import the products to his dropshipping store in just a few clicks.

Moreover, more than 100 brands are available on this site (Prada, Gucci, etc.). So you will have a wide range of products to choose from for your online business. Like most other European suppliers, the only drawback is that profitability is not guaranteed.

Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

6. WholeSaleCentral

It is a platform that brings together French or European suppliers working in dropshipping (if you ask them).

How does WholeSaleCentral work? If you want to resell the product of the dropshipping supplier of your choice, you just have to click on a link. The link will take you directly to the drop shipper’s sales site.

Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

You will then contact the suppliers. Publish the most exciting items in your store. Then you just have to place the orders from your customers so that the product supplier can send them the package.

Thanks to the products sold, you will earn money on the internet, but not as much. Indeed, their prices are pretty low.

My verdict concerning the dropshipping supplier option in France or Europe: not interesting! Indeed, there is no turnkey solution to drop stock in Europe.

That said, China is the first country of manufacturing in the world. Of course, the costs will be more interesting if it leaves immediately from the factory. One of the significant advantages of dropshipping is to buy directly from the supplier.

Supplier in Dropshipping: Other options

If you are looking for new suppliers to find the best products, you have several options.

To find products, you can find other dropshipping sites like Cdiscount, eBay, Amazon, or Rakuten… to find products. Given the notoriety of these big brands, many beginner Drivers would be tempted by the idea of jumping on the track with their eyes closed.

However, one should not forget that one will have to sell the products at a very high price if one wants to have some profit, Not to mention the fierce competition for profitable niches.

I’ll be honest: there is no miracle dropshipping supplier list, the best supplier in the world, or a directory to find suppliers.

Whether someone wants to make a living on the internet selling jewelry, fashion clothes, or any other product, China is your main ally. Otherwise, you will have to stock your products yourself. You can also use the Amazon FBA platform to create an e-commerce business. By the way, we will talk about it very soon on!

Dropshipping: Yes, but with which supplier?

There are many suppliers on the market, so it seems to make a choice. Should you work with local suppliers? American suppliers? Or Asian suppliers?

Do you want to work with the best suppliers to sell items at the best price? I sincerely advise you to watch the video presentation of the Dropshipping Logistic program.

It has drastically changed the online business of many of my student’s thanks to this dropshipping supplier. Today, they can finally be even more profitable in dropshipping, thanks to suitable product suppliers.

Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

As you know, Facebook is becoming more and more expensive. However, your margins must be good to generate excellent profits and support your company. This is why making the right choice of dropshipping supplier is essential.

Moreover, I always advise you to use SEO on dropshipping to optimize your product sheets. This strategy will help you improve your eCommerce store’s visibility in search engines.

Diversifying your traffic sources is an important point, if not essential. For example, selling on CDiscount pro can be interesting.

With this Dropshipping Supplier, you will be able to :

1. Automate all your orders

We don’t need to use Oberlo, Dropified, or Users anymore. All orders are automatically synced with an API built into Shopify or Woocommerce.

2. Have prices up to 80% cheaper

Aliexpress sellers are exaggerating more and more. I even managed to find products at prices never seen in dropshipping. So, you have to sell products in Dropshipping that will leave you enough margins once you sell them.

My Dream Suppliers!

I go on and on, but I honestly can’t do without them anymore. The product suppliers are reliable! It has changed my online business and, most importantly, increased profitability by over 50%!

The important thing is to find what works, i.e., find products with wholesale prices, without minimum orders, it is possible. The financial risks are low with a trusted intermediary.

Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

Accounting and payments: we have accurate invoices for the accountant. We can pay the day’s orders in one go and by PayPal. If you, too, are tired of having one bank line per order!

Receipt times and storage: They have a wholesale warehouse in China and the United States. This allows me to send packages to the shipping address for customers to receive in 2-7 days. In the USA, they ship by USPS, a very reliable and perfect solution for Dropshipping. No more delivery problems.

You can see all the advantages on the Dropshipping Logistic program page.

Last little advice to choose your Dropshipping Supplier

Creating a store without Aliexpress in Dropshipping is easy! You just have to use a powerful CMS (content management system) like WordPress or Prestashop.

Supplier in Dropshipping: Replace AliExpress

Finding a reliable and fast dropshipping supplier is also easy! How do you find the perfect commercial supplier? Don’t just rely on Aliexpress! The best thing to test the different solutions available to you.

As for me, I’ve found my own! But I’m sure it will happen to you too! Don’t give up, and get your company as high as possible to succeed in selling on the internet.

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