Start your affiliation with Amazon: the Associate’s program.

Affiliate networks bring together many affiliate programs, and affiliates can benefit from consulting services that give them a sense of security and togetherness. Furthermore, the technical prerequisites such as tracking tools are already in place, which is also convenient for the other party. Store operators, for example, have less administrative work to do when it comes to invoicing.

If you’re looking for affiliate marketing guides, you’ll find publications galore. Most of the time, you automatically land on Amazon. This brings us to our topic: there’s almost no way around Amazon anymore. Ask yourself if anyone around you does not have an account. However, the sales platform is not only suitable for buying a helpful book or any other product, but it is also perfectly suitable for marketing purposes. Countless affiliates use the Amazon Associates Program. Whatever product you list on your site will likely be on sale on Amazon. Entering the world of affiliation is therefore very promising, provided that you respect the rules. You enter into a particular relationship of dependency knowing that Amazon will exclude you and that you will no longer be able to count on any income if you do not play by the rules of the game.

Therefore, it is a good idea to integrate the online giant with its forward-looking e-commerce strategies into your own web project. But how is your company adapting to Amazon? You must already integrate – like Amazon – the need to always get as close as possible to customers and to constantly ask yourself how they perceive you. The goal is to get good strategies for your product portfolio and focus on them rather than the product itself. This will inspire your customers and bind them to your web presence even more closely.

Your step-by-step guide to setting up your Amazon Affiliate

Here’s how recording works:

You probably already have an account with this trading giant and are thus familiar with the basic functionality of the portal. After signing up on the homepage under “Make Money With Amazon “, you will be directed to the Amazon Affiliate Program homepage.

In order for you to see relevant offers, you enter your website URLs as well as your social media feeds into your webpage profile.

You now have access to the full partner area, where an introductory tour, reports and best practices await you . Once you are familiar with the program, you can start immediately.

You don’t have to wait for your blog or site to refresh to immediately place Amazon products in your first posts. If old articles with Amazon links are well referenced, it is quite possible that after a while they will earn you a lot.

From simple text links to widgets to slideshows: in the Amazon partner area you are spoiled for choice when it comes to the type of advertising material . The affiliate process is extremely fast and in this environment the learning and optimization is never done.

For the affiliate linking process, there is an ergonomic toolbar to create individual links . Once logged in, it displays at the top of your browser, allowing you to easily embed and distribute them, either via a widget, your own Amazon aStore or social media.

Reminder: Communicate that you are an “Amazon advertising partner” according to the current wording (see point 10).

In order to measure your success and become visible or identifiable as a referring affiliate, a separate tracking ID is recommended for each niche site. It’s the only way to reliably determine how many sales you’ve actually generated.

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Quality before quantity: avant-garde affiliate marketing

Irrespective of the fact that quality products are generally more interesting due to a higher commission, you should only offer for sale those of which you are really convinced and present only those in which you recognize yourself. Indeed, no one can buy anything from supposedly positive reviews of poor quality products, especially since it bothers users and you want to remain credible. For you, as a publisher, it is also advisable to support reliable content for the following reason: you will not receive any commission if a complaint is made about a purchased product. So write a relevant and target group-specific description for the potential buyer, which presents the product honestly. This is also the difference and the advantage compared to traditional advertising, which is often difficult to assess.

Mobile and Millennials: the challenges of affiliate marketing

More and more people are shopping from mobile devices. At the same time, it is difficult to reach them with classic banners, at least Generation Z , which clearly focuses on cinema and music and has an aversion, or at least a critical attitude, towards formats intrusive advertisements. Instead, the focus is on social media communication and authentic marketing based on credible content is in growing demand.

However, the difficulty with these media is that they can pose a big downside for affiliate marketing. Take the example of Instagram. Image descriptions cannot be designed as a clickable link and therefore cannot be provided with an affiliate link . Only through a circuitous route, which many fashion influencers are already taking advantage of with the affiliate app called LIKEtoKNOWit , is it possible to attract the user to the store itself.

Advertising with Amazon Affiliate: What’s Different

The platform’s search function is playing an increasingly important role. Those who opt for Amazon Marketing Services can still advertise at a relatively low price according to the principle of Google AdWords . Amazon’s advertising sector shines with a growth of 139% compared to the previous year. Everything is gradually becoming more and more professional, so it’s no surprise that Amazon is soon abandoning its CPM advertising format. So this was a real opportunity, especially for smaller publishers under Amazon’s Associates Network, to place ads on a cost-per-thousand basis . CPM refers to advertising costs and is defined in relation to a thousand impressions purchased, which is an important indicator when it comes to the effectiveness of advertising media because the costs of advertising media can be compared. CPM ads will now be replaced by Unified Ad Marketplace ads and Native Shopping Ads . This favors affiliates who prioritize high-quality content over those who reach a large audience by bulk importing dozens of products. This development goes hand in hand with the increase in customer expectations and that of on-demand advertising, the main risk of which is borne by the publisher, who is increasingly popular with advertisers.

Amazon seems intent on taking over the advertising world and is preparing, perhaps with the development of an advertising remarketing (or retargeting ) program , to keep pace with competitors like Google. Retargeting ads work like online storefronts by waking up the brand name in the minds of customers and based on the principle that very few users make a purchase on their first visit. By specifically showing these ads to these visitors, they are supposed to convince the undecided and in fact achieve a high conversion.


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