Six tricks to get comments on YouTube

Six tricks to get comments on YouTube

We all love sales, but engagement is what matters when it comes to social media. And of all the engagement options, getting comments on YouTube is the most beneficial to your brand’s image on this platform.

This is as true for YouTube as it is for Facebook or Twitter. It helps you provide valuable social proof, showing new visitors that other users have spent time on your content to comment or subscribe to the channel, which enhances your online reputation. In addition, comments generate discussion, encouraging other viewers to participate in the debate.

No doubt, capturing users’ attention to generate comments can be difficult. Given how much competition there is on YouTube. But with a good YouTube branding strategy, you can do it. Here are six valuable tips to get your viewers’ attention and encourage them to comment on your content.

Six tricks to get comments on YouTube

1 End your videos with questions

Don’t hesitate to ask users questions. Questions can be open-ended (What do you think?), but being specific can work much better. Give your viewers clear indications of what you expect in their answers to get comments on YouTube. Words act as user-generated content (UGC), a key factor for YouTube SEO.

If you ever run out of ideas for your videos, ask users what kind of content they want to see in the future, and you’ll get some fascinating responses if you have regular subscribers. This is a common tactic among YouTubers. You can focus your content on what your audience likes the most, which guarantees more interaction.

2 Write the first comment

The comment box is like a dance floor, where no one dares to take the first step until someone else takes the initiative. So go ahead and leave the first comment on your videos. You can also take advantage of it to start a debate, as we told you in the previous point, by asking your viewers a question.

This strategy works for blog posts and even Facebook posts. It’s a way to break the ice. You can do this in two ways:

Post the comment yourself under your channel name. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing this, and it gives you the option to start a conversation.
Have someone you know personally leave a comment. If the first option seems too self-centered, this one might work for you. Keep in mind that users are more likely to reply to the video’s author than to other users.

Six tricks to get comments on YouTube

3 Replicate your best content

This does not mean republishing or reusing it as you would on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Use analytics tools to identify your most engaged videos and try to figure out why. Do some of your playlists get more engagement? Do videos of a certain length get more likes? In general, videos under a minute have a retention rate of over 75%. When users can view the entire video, they post more comments.

Once you figure out what works for you, create more content like that. Use the same CTAs or create more range of similar topics of the same length. IF it has worked, it will continue to do so.

4 Run contests

You might have heard a lot about contests on Facebook or Instagram, but did you know you can also run competitions on YouTube? If you want to get new subscribers, get YouTube comments and capture leads, a game isn’t the wrong way.

You’ll need extra effort to promote it (like investing in online advertising), but you’ll draw attention to your channel. You can encourage comments as part of the contest, thus increasing interactions on your channel. Make sure you have correctly targeted your game to your target audience to generate leads.

Six tricks to get comments on YouTube

5 Reply to comments

If you want to get comments on YouTube, one of the most important things you can do is to participate in the conversations generated by your videos. Like on all other social platforms, this shows your visitors that you appreciate their comments and care about their opinions. Keep an eye out for new notifications, and try not to leave any unanswered.

6 Keep trolls away

Internet trolls are not only annoying; they can drive away your active users and discourage them from commenting on your YouTube channel. Why would anyone want to ask a question or leave a severe note if they see so many other troll comments, just waiting to annoy someone else? To save themselves that hassle, they’ll probably end up not commenting.

Spot problematic comments and the users who make them. Remove the comments immediately and block their authors if necessary. This will maintain a good image for your channel and prevent trolls from driving away users who want to interact with your brand.

Six tricks to get comments on YouTube

Getting comments on YouTube is a valuable currency for eCommerce. They immediately show visitors that your content is valuable enough to interact with and allow you to generate discussion and engage with your target audience on a new platform. These are all significant benefits that you can, and should, use to your advantage.

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