Six tips for optimizing your profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only a platform to share your resume, but more importantly, it is a social network that can attract the attention of recruiters, find customers or expand the network. The following are the two experts’ suggestions on using the platform strategically.

Employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, recruiters, job seekers… In 2021, LinkedIn registered 23 million members in France and became a must-have for many professionals. Marie fry and Emmanuelle petiau are coaches and experts on this social network. They work with professionals and individuals to explain how to gain the game’s advantages on this multifunctional platform and provide some skills.

Fill in all fields

LinkedIn has different levels of profiles: junior, intermediate, advanced, expert, and absolute expert. “The more complete your profile, the higher your level, and the more LinkedIn displays your profile in the search process,” Emmanuelle partially explained. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement all areas: title, location, summary, work experience, training, volunteer experience, skills, suggestions… And ensure accuracy: “in the experience section, you should not only describe the position you have held, but also specify what you have done, tasks you have undertaken and results achieved, and if necessary, your scope of action and objectives.”.

Pay special attention to the “content selection” section, where you can highlight your posts, photos, videos, and PDFs posted online… In short, highlight the content of your expertise.

Set the configuration file correctly

Marie fry and Emmanuelle patio have some suggestions on setting up: – check whether your profile and photos are public.

-Your network is invisible, “especially if you come to LinkedIn to sell your services,” Emmanuelle petiau said

-Be sure to turn off the ability to allow people who view your profile to get advice from similar profiles (this will allow recruiters to view your competitors)

-Customize your URL with your first and last name and delete the numbers and letters at the end. “They have nothing,” Mary Frey said. “You can attract people by typing some keywords of your industry and your career. This is very interesting for your SEO on LinkedIn. »

Write a compelling summary.

For Marie fry, it is essential to present herself in the “summary” section, which can contain up to 2600 characters. “I suggest starting with a compelling hook to stimulate curiosity. Then, please talk about your goal, problems, and the solutions you propose to solve these problems. In short, your added value. “

Create profile photos

This is professional. Mary Frey recalled: “put the picture at a wedding, uncle Gerald was cut off, and the picture had a background beach or Snapchat filter.”. You can go to a photographer’s house or in front of a neutral background, wear professional clothes, stand upright and look at the camera with a smile. »

To make snapshots more dynamic, she recommends using the pop maker site. COM, which allows you to add color background and patterns. She also suggested putting the photos on a photo feeder, where anonymous users can express their views on the photos.
Solicit advice

LinkedIn allows you to seek referrals from your network relationships: former colleagues, supervisors, customers, suppliers… “This helps reassure potential recruiters or customers. The more advice you get, the higher your popularity. Once you receive a suggestion, you can accept it, display it on your profile, ignore it, or ask the person who wrote it to change it.

Establish an excellent interpersonal network

For Emmanuelle partial, you need to join the decision-makers in your industry in your network and target several people in the company you are interested in: general manager, human resources manager, marketing manager, manager… “In this way, if the recruitment manager likes your position, they will appear in their relationship, and you will be more prominent in front of them. »


The key to LinkedIn is communication. There are several options for users to post, comment, or share the content they like. “Using comments is better than liking or sharing,” said Mary Frey. This will make you as visible as the published content. »

For her, you must show who you are without hesitation. “Your expertise is not apparent to anyone… You have to change the situation. Creating content can demonstrate your legitimacy. If you publish by sharing an article, add your point of view, your point of view. In a creative industry, show your talent and the tool palette you master. “Recruiters should look not only for resumes and skills but also for personality!

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