Six methods for successful marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest is the network where Do It Yourself fans cavort and where you can easily create lists with craft ideas, interior suggestions, and co. But Pinterest offers many more possibilities that you can also use for your business. One important aspect: the right strategy!

This text will learn how you can use Pinterest to promote your marketing and which methods are particularly well suited for this. In addition, there are examples, essential information, and extensive knowledge about Pinterest marketing.

Ideal for the marketing mix: social media marketing with Pinterest

In general, Pinterest is often seen as a network for everyone looking for inspiration, wants to solve problems, or wants to share their ideas. This is quite true, and Pinterest works both usefully:

You can search Pinterest for recipes, craft instructions, or gift ideas.
You can then pin interesting posts to a virtual pinboard and find them again at any time.
You can also easily share your posts, and others can pin them.
A few years ago, Pinterest was mainly used in the USA before it spilled over into Europe. Around seven million users in Germany now use Pinterest. Every month, users save approximately four million pins.

The advantage that you can use for your social media marketing: the subject areas are almost unlimited on Pinterest, and you can show almost all your products in this way and increase the value of your brand.

And while the focus on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter is primarily on individual people or companies, these are pushed into the background to a certain extent on Pinterest. Creative ideas, adequately prepared content or contributions that match your interests are more important in this network.

Who uses Pinterest today?

To recognize the potential for your marketing, you should know in advance what Pinterest is all about. The easiest way to do this is through user numbers and other details:

Worldwide, Pinterest has around 250 million monthly active users, and the trend is rising.
The network is accessed by 80 percent of mobile users.
Most users are between 18 and 30 years old.
Female users are in the majority, but new registrations are increasingly coming from men.
Pinterest users have a high level of buying interest.
Pinterest offers a total of more than 175 billion images and pins. In addition, the network is available to users from all over the world in 30 different languages.
Pinterest aspects in a nutshell
Pins – must be tailored to the target group.
On Pinterest, pins refer to individual photos that can be pinned. It is essential that you can reach your target group with them. Around 80 percent of Pinterest users are women. Men, therefore, only make up a share of about 20 percent.

Equally important in this context is that the network is primarily used by people under 40. Users spend an average of 14 minutes on Pinterest per visit. So you don’t have too much time to draw users’ attention to your content.

However, through a target group analysis and high-quality content according to the tips mentioned above, you can increase your Pinterest success and thus use the potential of the social network for your marketing.

Pinboards – similar content is bundled here
In addition, there are pinboards. Thematically similar content can be conveniently bundled there. Other users can then easily follow a pinboard that, for example, deals with “recipes for athletes” or offers “decoration ideas for the city balcony.”

Different pinboards make it easier to summarize and find content. In addition, each user is free to decide which pinboards they want to follow and which topics interest them.

What are the differences between private accounts and Pinterest for businesses?
You have the option of creating a private account on Pinterest, but you can also make use of Pinterest Business. This is primarily aimed at companies and commercial providers. This entails differences, which you can see in the following table.
Generally, it is recommended for companies to create a business account. Instead, you are better off with a private Pinterest account if you want to use the network for personal purposes.
How to develop the right marketing strategy for Pinterest
To achieve marketing success with Pinterest, the right approach plays a fundamental role as with other social networks. For this reason, you will get some hints and tips in the following, which can help you work out and develop an individual Pinterest marketing strategy.

Note 1: Identify the target group and potential influencers

For any network, it’s essential to know your target audience. In all likelihood, you want to attract new customers and reach prospective customers on Pinterest. You must provide your target group with the right ideas and suggestions on this platform. In the best case, an existing problem can be solved.

For this reason alone, you should define the typical buyer personas in advance. What age is the potential customer? What are their wishes or preferences? The best way to do this is to put yourself in the buyer persona’s shoes and ask yourself what is important to them and what profiles they might follow.

In addition, it can pay off on Pinterest not only to approach followers directly but also to involve influencers. Through them, you can often reach your goals better and faster. You need to know the right influencers to do this – these also need to be identified in advance.

Note 2: The correct pins for your marketing success

As a rule, Pinterest is used primarily as one thing: as a source of ideas and inspiration – this can look very different depending on the user. However, this also means that you should sometimes think “around the corner.”

Some pins may not fit directly to the offered product but can still play a role for your brand or be associated with your offer around corners. There is great potential here, especially on Pinterest!

Furthermore, it is often helpful to tell a kind of story with your posts and to contribute through this storytelling so that users can feel comfortable.

Many a company already uses this. This way, you can include your products in your pins, but you don’t have to make them the center of attention. By having scenes that feature your product but don’t make it seem intrusive, you can sometimes achieve a personal level, which will appeal more to your prospects and customers.

Note 3: Always maintain the content

Pinterest offers you a significant advantage: you can quickly and unobtrusively include advertising on your pinboard within individual pins. While a large part of your pins is dedicated to ideas and suggestions for known problems that your offer or product can help with, individual pins can also focus directly on your product.

However, to do this, it’s essential that you keep maintaining your account and don’t leave the existing content to its own devices. If your pinboard is always filled with new content, this attracts users. It makes sense to act regularly and, for example, to place individual pins every day. This usually proves to be more effective than uploading numerous new pins once a month.

Also, keep an eye on current trends – the time of year or occasions like Christmas or Easter can be decisive – so that you can reach your target group appropriately at any time.

You can continually “feed” your pinboards with new content and thus keep users interested.

Note 4: Use Rich Pins as well

First of all, your goal on Pinterest should be to provide your target audience with new ideas and inspiration. Once this is accomplished, you can bridge to your products.

If a user clicks on your photo, he signals interest. Interest that you should ultimately use. It would be pretty annoying if you were to lose potential customers because you did not publicize your offer.

With so-called Rich Pins, you can turn normal users into customers. The traffic for your online store can be promoted with this. Rich Pins offer additional information for the user, for example, a link to your website or the delivery status of certain products.
Rich Pins on Pinterest are divided into a total of three categories:

Rich Pins on Pinterest are divided into a total of three categories:

Rich Pins for Products With Rich Pins of this type, you can make purchases more manageable. You can use them to display prices for items (in real-time), inform about availability, or provide a link to the online store.
Rich Pins for recipes Rich Pins of this type provide the matching formula directly with a Pin. You can inform your users about all ingredients, the preparation duration, or necessary accessories. You can then provide the detailed recipes on your website and direct users to them.
Rich Pins for articles Through article rich pins, you can point to editorial content on Pinterest and link to it directly. These can be articles from the online edition of a daily newspaper or your blog articles. You can use it to give the headline, name the author, and briefly outline the content.

Note 5: Integrate Pinterest into your website

With Pinterest, it is also essential to make it particularly easy for users to use. For example, if there are numerous images and photos on your website, users should be able to pin them easily. This is especially easy with the Pinterest plugin. You can embed it on your website.

Ultimately, this can also affect your reach and thus optimize your ranking on Google and Co.

Note 6: Measure your Pinterest success

For the success of your Pinterest marketing strategy, you must always keep an eye on the key figures and analyze how the results are doing. Fortunately, Pinterest offers you several ways to do this.

Under Analytics, you can call up the nude figures. There you can see which pins were viewed how often and much more. As with Google Analytics, you can also filter periods, devices, or sources on Pinterest. For you, it should play a significant role in which pinboards achieve which reach and which pinboards, on the other hand, are less successful.

Depending on this, you can determine which type of content is better received and take this into account for upcoming pins.

There is also another tool for analyzing your Pinterest success. The Audience Insights offer an opportunity to measure the quality of your reached users. This is especially relevant concerning your buyer persona.

For example, you can see these details there:

preferred categories on Pinterest
Data on socio-demographics
Interests of the user base
Thus, Pinterest gives you the chance to reach more customers and prospects through clever marketing and high-quality content. However, it’s not just about attracting attention with images but rather about providing users with solutions and identifying their problems.

You can create a story around your brand on Pinterest and thus get more traffic for your products. However, never forget that the content should still be high-quality and valuable so that the advertising intention is not the focus.

Optimization is the key.
It is essential to constantly optimize your pins on Pinterest when it comes to your pins on Pinterest. In this context, Pinterest states that nails are beautiful if they offer the user a benefit, are helpful and look nice. There is a tendency to believe that human faces can be even more effective in this context. Therefore, it can be beneficial for you and your business to show photos of real customers while they are using your products.

However, pins on Pinterest can be optimized by the photos used and the accompanying descriptions and accompanying texts. The topic of search engine optimization (SEO) also plays a non-negligible role here. You should describe a pin as precisely as possible in about 300 letters and pay attention to keywords relevant to this product. The keywords also belong in the title of your pins and should ideally also be found in the name of the image file.

It is also advisable to always include the current price and direct link to the product page. Otherwise, a tremendous optimized pin would not bring many benefits.

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