Shopify Themes - The right design for your online store

Shopify Themes – The right design for your online store

Shopify is a unique online store solution among small and medium-sized companies. It is an easy-to-use software that can be designed using modern Shopify themes. But what is different from other providers, and what features are available with Shopify? What is the best Shopify theme?

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a Canadian provider with a German founder. The online store software has been known in Germany for a long time. Many companies now rely on this software, and even bigger companies have found it to be the perfect solution. The operation should be easy to understand and easy to implement. And the features and options also offer a lot of flexibility to design your online store individually as you wish.

Shopify Themes - The right design for your online store
Shopify Themes – The right design for your online store

Store system comparison – is Shopify the best choice?

Many comparisons reports on the Internet examine various store systems. In addition to Shopify, there are providers such as Lightspeed, Jimdo, Wix, and VersaCommerce. Of course, you have to decide for yourself whether Shopify will end up being your choice.
The best shop systems are characterized by a high degree of flexibility in terms of design. However, Shopify is clearly about product sales. Therefore, Shopify is ideal for those who intend to sell their products through an online store.

Is there a free store system?

The number of free store systems is limited and not necessarily recommended. After all, you have to do without many features if you are still looking for a free store system.

Jimdo creator
WooCommerce combined with WordPress
There are free online stores, although limited in number. However, it is not recommended to use these for professional business. For example, you will not get a domain with .de or .com but always use the provider’s domain. The cost of free use can usually also be recovered through the advertising space on your website. Therefore, please consider carefully whether you want to see third-party ads in your store. And: you will never be able to use all the features that other paid stores may offer, and your SEO will suffer. The reason: search engines don’t like non-custom domains.

Use free Shopify themes and save money.

There’s no doubt that Shopify is a very comprehensive and straightforward eCommerce solution, and for a good reason. If you have little or no technical knowledge, you can still use Shopify to create a relatively modern and successful online store. The high level of user-friendliness makes it relatively easy to use. Products are displayed and presented in a correspondingly stylish way. Even with free themes, the provider offers many free articles. But what are the pros and cons of free Shopify themes, and what does Shopify offer?

Shopify Themes - The right design for your online store
Shopify Themes –
The right design for your online store

Which Shopify theme is suitable for my online store?

There are ten free Shopify themes you can use. With these, you can put together your layout, fonts, colors, and content. Most free themes also include other options so you can customize your store even more. This means that the selection of free Shopify themes is a bit larger. The designs are very modern and different, so you can also find Shopify themes for as little as 0€.

You can use these Shopify themes for free.
The free Shopify Theme NARRATIVE was developed for small stores. Especially if you want to offer only a few products, you can choose between three different designs. If you are more focused on the visual aspect and want to insert videos, this free theme is perfect. You can also embed larger images or slideshows throughout the page. Maybe you sell eye-catching products or very high-priced and valuable items, and you want to show them off as much as possible.


Are you looking for a simple and elegant theme? Then the theme DEBUT would be a possible variant. Here you can choose between two designs. The size of the store or the number of products to be sold is irrelevant. You can use this theme to filter or sort products quickly. You can also view or call up customer ratings via multiple menu levels. So, if you offer many products, these features will come in handy.

Jump Start

JUMPSTART was developed as a product crowdfunding platform. Users can keep track of their campaign’s progress and integrate videos on the start page. Individual projects can also be placed there. This would be useful, for example, if your product is covered positively by the media. There, you can share it with visitors to your website. This theme is also suitable for stores that offer only a few products.

Venture capital

You may like the free VENTURE theme if you have a larger store. You can choose between three different designs and many options. For example, there is also room for clear sorting and filtering products. You also have space for advertising banners. Customers will be pleased with the precise structure of the site, which is helpful for a large number of categories—a perfect and attractive solution for clothing stores or online stores selling sports products.

No Boundaries

Quite subtle and extremely elegant storefronts are very popular at the moment. In this case, BOUNDLESS can offer the perfect solution. There are two different designs to choose from, depending on whether you prefer light and warm colors or darker or more colorful nuances. These themes are perfect if you want to display high-resolution photos. You can still create product galleries, integrate slideshows, and even upload videos.

Shopify Thematic Enterprise
Shopify Thematic Enterprise


This theme is mainly suitable for retailers who want to sell fashion. Again, there are two designs to choose from. In addition, you will find a slide out, i.e., a fixed shopping cart, a header containing a slideshow, and you can integrate a video on the starting page. Therefore, it is ideal for store operators who want to sell a large number of ever-changing items.


The MINIMAL theme also offers a straightforward and bright design considered modern. You can choose between three different style options, but the elements on the page are kept to a minimum. The result is a highly minimalist page with an integrated filter function and image zoom for products, including product recommendations.

Pop Music

Shopify Theme POP is available in two pastel color designs. If you run a small to medium-sized catalog and prefer a more quirky design, then this theme might be the right choice. You get a side menu bar, a product image zoom, and a fixed shopping cart. Overall, this theme is also relatively modern, with a straightforward and personalized design.


The SIMPLE theme is very close to Shopify’s POP theme or reminiscent of it. Here you will also find two different designs to choose from, menu items and an image animated sidebar. Choose this theme if you want to place less text around the offer.

Shopify Themes - The right design for your online store
Shopify Themes –
The right design for your online store


Do you want to offer your customers a wide variety of products with different product lines? Then thematic supply would be a good idea. Here, too, you have two different designs to choose from. You can also use product filters and slide shows. You can also highlight and demonstrate multiple ranges on the homepage.

Pros and Cons of Free Shopify Themes

Shopify offers a pretty good selection of free online store themes. This is suitable for every store size in every region. The modern designs are ideal for home computers and mobile devices. Most pieces also come with multiple design options, so if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a suitable theme, you may find what you’re looking for here.


Shopify allows you to view all themes in the demo version. This gives you a general idea of what the store will look like in the future. The provider also discloses the user experience made with the corresponding theme. You can even view the demo version on your smartphone or tablet.

Another significant advantage is personalizing the individual themes relatively well, which is impossible for many other providers. You only need to use the theme editor to change the colors and fonts as required. Different settings can also be used to personalize the page even more. It is also practical to transfer the settings directly to the entire page. Each theme also has its features, giving you the flexibility you need. You can easily remove or add sections and adjust the layout accordingly.

Shopify Themes Made Simple
Shopify Themes Made Simple

Shopify App Store

Shopify even has a reasonably extensive app store. With its help, you can design your store more personalized. Select a store design category and use approximately 1,000 apps to get more functionality. For example, you can download an app dedicated to product reviews or use an app for Instagram photos. Here are some exciting applications for Shopify.

SEO, a plugin for optimizing search engine optimization
Chat app to build closer customer relationships
KIT as a chatbot and marketing assistant
Subscription billing, including top-ups
Billing for Shopify orders
More editing options
Shopify allows complete independence and control over your designs. So if you prefer to program your own, you can do so with the help of HTML, CSS, or Shopify Liquid’s programming code.

Themes can be changed.
If you later find that you don’t like your theme very much, or if it no longer works for you for some other reason, you can easily change it. And without losing your content, Shopify themes allow you to save up to 20 different themes for each store.

The bad

Unfortunately, the platform is relatively inflexible for layouts, although Shopify usually offers a lot of options for better personalization. The reason: Shopify doesn’t have a drag-and-drop editor. This means that you can’t necessarily rearrange or place elements the way you want. You have to know something about programming to make changes in this area. So, for free themes, this is a bit limited.

English only support

Unfortunately, the support quality is not always excellent, even for premium themes. If you want to avoid problems here, you should read customer reviews before downloading. Most articles also support only English.

Shopify Themes - The right design for your online store
Shopify Themes –
The right design for your online store

Little variety

Free themes have provided a good base, mainly because each piece has more design options. Nevertheless, many of the features offered are very simple and relatively generic. For example, you can not build in order forms or sizing tables, essential for many stores. To be able to use these features, you must purchase a theme.

What can I do with paid Shopify themes?

In addition to the ten free themes, Shopify offers more than 60 other themes for you to purchase. These vary relatively widely in price, ranging from $40 to $180. But: the individual themes are designed for their respective industries. Thus, you can search for pieces created specifically for the food or cosmetics industry. You can also benefit from many additional features that are not yet integrated with the free Shopify themes.

Is my Shopify online store search engine optimized?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is now a topic for everyone and, of course, essential to get a good position on Google and Co. Of course, you need high-quality content, good product descriptions, relevant blog posts, your images, and, if possible, videos. If your visitors like your site, search engines will evaluate it positively. What does this have to do with Shopify?

With Shopify, you can build data and create unique URLs with meta titles and meta descriptions for each product or subpage. Themes are also designed to meet the current requirements of search engines. So Shopify is optimized for search engines. Of course, you must do your work accordingly because no page will rank independently.

Is Shopify the right place to do business?

Shopify itself is a future-proof company with constant updates, new features, and a storage system leading the way in terms of security. This means that Shopify is designed and built specifically for eCommerce merchants. Of course, you can’t and shouldn’t do your business on the Shopify theme. A good investment is to use a reliable accounting program, such as the one you can get from the SUV desk. Customer management and product management are also integrated into the Shopify system: create new customers, adjust inventory, and create lists. You can then use the sevDesk accounting program for bookkeeping so that you can also file your tax returns more easily later.

Shopify Themes - The right design for your online store
Shopify Themes –
The right design for your online store


How can I find the perfect theme for my Shopify store? If you want to open your first online store, sooner or later, you will ask yourself this question. Shopify offers several free or paid Shopify themes that you can preview using the demo version. However, if you need more features, you should buy the music and integrate it with other applications. Then it’s relatively easy to build your store. With just a few steps and some tweaks, you can immediately sell your products.

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