Shopify Dropshipping - A Revolution in Online Retail?

Shopify Dropshipping – A Revolution in Online Retail?

Direct sales mean that you sell other retailers’ products in your online store without ever touching them yourself. Therefore, Shopify Dropshipping representatives sell products in your store, where you can act as a middleman for the products. But why is Shopify Direct Marketing so engaging? How does it work, and what marketing options do I have? What is Shopify Direct Marketing?

What is Shopify Direct Marketing?

Less effort, more revenue! That’s what online retailers are looking for, and direct marketers offer a solution for that. It’s also an e-commerce business through which you can sell products on the Internet. Products you’ve never held in your hands or stored somewhere yourself. You offer products at your price in the Shopify online store, but they are shipped directly from the actual manufacturer. Usually, these are Asian companies. One of the most well-known providers is Aliexpress, also recommended on the Shopify website. You will soon learn how direct sales with Aliexpress works.

Shopify Dropshipping - A Revolution in Online Retail?
Shopify Dropshipping – A Revolution in Online Retail?

Branding without own products

Do you remember the fingertip gyro hype of 2017? The Facebook news feed was ubiquitous back then, leading to the typical online store where you could buy every imaginable variation of the fingertip gyro very cheaply. And other products you may not have heard of kept popping up in the form of ads, either on social media like Instagram or as recommendations on Amazon. However, no distributors or direct suppliers are making such products and sending them to you in these cases. Primarily, e-commerce stores, such as Shopify, run direct sales businesses.

Therefore, if you place an order with one of these stores, you will usually receive the item from China, such as Aliexpress. The online store where you ordered the article may never have placed your product in their hands. But what’s so special about Shopify Direct?

Risk-free trend setup with your own Shopify online store

As a direct marketing retailer, you can run your business almost risk-free. You don’t even need a lot of budgets, as is required in classic e-commerce. Creating a traditional online store requires relatively more time and effort. There is also no minimum order requirement before you can get started. At this point, retailers can react very quickly to trends and offer current and popular products in their stores promptly, just like Fingertip Gyro does. The distributor himself bears no or almost no logistics costs. Therefore, you save on storage costs, and all you have to do is market.

In short, this means: you go looking for current trends, build your online store using Shopify, generate specific target groups on various platforms and attract them to your store. Ideally, you can keep increasing sales and selling products. Many direct sales retailers have built several stores for this purpose and operate hundreds of stores simultaneously. With the right strategy, this approach can be very profitable. But why don’t customers buy directly from Asian stores when they can buy products so cheaply in Asian stores? It’s simple: customers usually feel more comfortable ordering from German online stores. Especially with imported, high-priced goods, there is often the risk of getting stuck in customs. This usually means more effort and more money. Typical direct sales items are generally relatively cheap. They are starting from phone cases or printed clothing to small technical products.

Shopify Dropshipping - A Revolution in Online Retail?
Shopify Dropshipping – A Revolution in Online Retail?

How to create your own Shopify direct sales store using Sizzle

If you want to become self-employed, you can also start your own e-commerce business. You don’t need to plan a vast budget or deal with the logistics. Because it’s straightforward: you offer your products on your website, send emails to your suppliers and ship the ordered products. Thus, starting a direct sales business is relatively simple, but there are still a few steps to go. Start with a good search on the Internet to find suitable suppliers. One option is to use Oberlo or AliExpress, but what does Sizzle offer?

Global Express offers many products that you can sell in your store. Prices are very competitive. Global Express is an independent online retailer, fully aware that most of its customers are direct sales retailers. Therefore, dropshipping providers can quickly sell products in their stores. All this without having to worry about inventory or shipping. You buy products at wholesale prices and resell them at your expense.

It’s easy to start using direct sales when dealing with Speedshop. Of course, there is much more to do to be truly successful in your store. Global Marketplace has very high-quality product photos that you can use. You can also use detailed product descriptions to showcase the products in your store. Everything else is relatively simple. The customer orders the product and forwards the customer’s address to Global Express. Then they send the goods directly to the customer.

Why not order directly from SellingPlace?

As a customer, you may be asking yourself why I shouldn’t order directly from Selling. After all, that’s where it’s the cheapest. So you don’t have a competitive advantage in terms of price. However, reaching your customers before other competitors may be your advantage. And that’s where the difficulty lies because you can’t avoid good marketing. This includes, for example, Shopify themes suitable for your online store. It is also recommended to offer added value to your customers and build your brand. You must take care of exciting and unique content and provide good customer service.

Step by step to Shopify Direct Online Store

Of course, you have to open your store first. But it would help if you decided on the niche you want to advertise later. It won’t do much good if you set up a store that offers everything. If you’re going to sell clothing products in addition to tech products, you can open two or more stores. So, first, find out which products you are interested in and which ones you feel good about on the official Sizzler website.

Once you find a niche, you can select some products to resell in your store. You’ll find a large selection on Global Marketplace, which can be a bit overwhelming at first. After all, you still want to sell quality premium products to your customers. So, choose your items wisely.

Shopify Dropshipping - A Revolution in Online Retail?
Shopify Dropshipping – A Revolution in Online Retail?

Choose your direct sales products

No brands or fakes

Try not to buy big brands, knock-offs, or poor-quality fakes. You should pay more attention to no-name products. Products with logos don’t always work either. Unless you are an authorized dealer. Here, you risk selling counterfeit products because you never know if the product is genuine. All this already severely limits your choice of products. It is better to find a niche where the brand is irrelevant. This is the case, for example, with clothing or electrical accessories.

E-purse products

Try selling products that offer free shipping, i.e., via ePacket. This is the most economical way of shipping that guarantees fast delivery overseas.

High order volume

Keep an eye out for products with high order volumes. This indicates that you have a high demand for the development and that delivery is reliable. You can sort your product search by the number of orders. More than 300 orders make sense.

Positive reviews and many stars

Ratings also play a role. This should be more than 4.5 stars. Also, check the product ratings and reviews. If the feedback on the product is mainly positive, then this may also be the case for your customers. At this point, you can use the AliExpress Seller Check Chrome extension to get a second opinion from the seller. However, SellingExpress itself has its rating system, which will help you check.

Price Range

Products priced between 1 and 20Dollar can reduce the risk of losing sales. In addition, you can later offer a fairly high-profit margin for your products. If a pair of shoes costs 15 Dollar, you can offer them in the store for 45 Dollar or ask for more.

Shopify Dropshipping - A Revolution in Online Retail?
Shopify Dropshipping – A Revolution in Online Retail?

Product photos

It is essential that product photos come directly from the manufacturer and have not been stolen from other retailers. Therefore, please check these images using Google Image Search before using them in your store. Or: Order a product for your home and take your photos.

Add direct sales products to your online store.

Of course, you have to set up your own Shopify online store before adding products. This is a bit complicated because it’s not just about copying photos and text. Again, there are a few things to remember before you start.

Write your product descriptions: Descriptions on SellingPlace are not SEO optimized and are not written for readers. Get creative and create compelling content.

Notify your customers of delivery times: Explain that orders may also take up to 20 days to arrive because the supplier is in China.

Use the app to track your orders: If sales figures increase, you will receive daily emails containing inquiries or queries. This is where a good management application comes in handy.

Offer free shipping to generate a competitive advantage.

Sell your products at a high profit: It is not uncommon to be offered twice the purchase price. After all, it would help if you considered the cost of marketing.

Shopify Dropshipping - A Revolution in Online Retail?
Shopify Dropshipping – A Revolution in Online Retail?

You can also use Oberlo products, which you can integrate into your store as soon as possible.


Shopify direct marketing needs to be appropriately managed. sevDesk’s office software can help you with this. It even offers Shopify integration, which automatically creates invoices and orders in sevDesk when an order is received in the Shopify online store.

This is how you process orders.

What happens when I place an order in my store? When you receive an order, you purchase the item on Global Express and enter the customer’s name and address for delivery. Ali express takes care of the rest itself. As an alternative to AliExpress, there is also Oberlo, which is much easier to use the tool. It is essential to let your customers know that the product is sold through direct sales. Therefore, customers cannot expect an invoice or any advertising material. You can send a message to the retailer: “We are shipping on your behalf. No promotions or invoices, please!”.

If your carrier is in China and the product offers this shipping option, please select ePacket for shipping. After placing your order, you will receive an email with a shipping confirmation. You can open the tracking number for your order via the link in the email. Then, you process the order in Shopify Admin.

Yes, it’s that simple, because now your customers have to wait for their shipment. When the customer receives the order, Sizzler will ask for a confirmation.

Refunds and Returns – How do I handle them?

Most suppliers on AliExpress don’t even offer a return option. So you must arrange your refund or return. If a customer has a problem with an order, you can offer them a refund. If the item is damaged or has not arrived yet, you can report it to Global Express.

How much money can I make with Shopify Direct Online Store?

Once you’ve made your first sale, you’ll probably want to grow your business. Of course, a reliable supplier with whom you can strengthen your relationship is essential for this. In this way, you can negotiate better prices for your goods over time. Many suppliers also use Skype on, and: some even allow you to place your logo or add various inserts to your products.


You can also buy an existing Shopify store and save yourself a lot of time and effort!

Shopify Dropshipping - A Revolution in Online Retail?
Shopify Dropshipping – A Revolution in Online Retail?


If you’ve always dreamed of running your store, then using Shopify for direct sales might be a way to get started now. However, it’s essential that you find a niche rather than simply offering a myriad of products in your store. You should also take the time to market well, produce good content, and become familiar with search engine optimization, i.e., understand SEO basics. The most significant advantage is that you have nothing to lose. You don’t need start-up capital or logistical space for direct sales, and you can start your online store in just a few hours.

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