Seven tips to show you how to create an IP persona to attract traffic

A persona is the soul of short video creation and the goal of brief video writers. Your content creation will go smoothly if you have a clear, excellent persona. Because as soon as the persona is set up, the story and script will automatically pop up, and all the excitement will flow naturally. In other words, when you feel like your short video content output is becoming rigid and you don’t know what kind of content you need, you can be sure that the problem is in your persona.

Seven tips to show you how to create an IP persona to attract traffic

Seven tips for creating a persona

1.persona is the label

A persona Tags need to be created, not your mouth saying you see how I am, so you come and follow me; it is something that needs to be shown to users through the content you create. These tags need to be reflected in almost all videos for users to form a consistent impression of

And suppose you fail to create an image that distinguishes you from others in your videos. In that case, users will not be able to find points that can be loyal to you, and you will be no different from other similar accounts, making it difficult to gain attention and even more challenging to realize.

There are many movies and TV shows on the market; why do the stars with little work get better pay while the “veteran” actors and actresses have no work to do? This is because they are better at creating a persona.

The most fearful thing is not acting, but the lack of their topics more hot, so that no one asks, because we all know that there will be a topic will be hot, as opposed to your video content, users are more like gossip, such as a period and were boiling is, because there are their topics to have more hot so that more people are familiar with.

Seven tips to show you how to create an IP persona to attract traffic

2.content that you like

The persona you create must be something you’re interested in, and it’s something you have skills in or some experience with. If you’re not interested in this area, why force yourself into it? One day the netizens will know that it will be counterproductive and make many people resent you. For example, “Pippi (teach cooking),” who gained 600,000 fans in a week, is a cooking professional and teaches people how to cook at home. So, he did this food account than similar accounts have the advantage of natural a lot.

3.own environment and character

When building a persona, you can start with the most authentic part of it and share the most authentic version of yourself in your life so that it is not so difficult to do. It would help if you combined this with your environment and characters when creating your persona. For example, the “laughing watermelon haha” found a suitable niche in the middle of his account, sharing his day with an exciting soul, making people feel genuine, and gaining a lot of praise and fans.

4.User needs

When determining your persona, you must think about what needs you meet for the public; for example, if you take the emotional warmth route, he meets the female public’s desire for the perfect man.

We all know that such a man does not exist in real life, but many girls in this world want a man who loves them. The emergence of the seventh uncle brain master gives women in the love stage a reference to learn to imitate and incredible spiritual support for single women.

Seven tips to show you how to create an IP persona to attract traffic

5.Market differentiation

This is how your persona differs from other similar celebrities. If you only imitate the trend is useless; you need to discover your characteristics, according to this characteristic, to create your persona. A young girl from 1995 danced in a hot pot restaurant. After “Little Hui Hui” became popular, many people wore the same dresses like her and imitated them in various ways.

6.your worldview

This is important because the content presented under your persona reflects the values; the so-called values are what you believe and adhere to in your heart. Only then will you be able to go on for a more extended period. For example, the song “Let Me Be Your Eyes,” which became a hit in the north and south of the country, was originally a netizen with looks and talent. Still, because of a momentary “mouth high,” he seriously violated the core socialist values and was named and detained. He is nowhere to be seen online.


Every video you post and every interaction with your users is part of building your persona. So there needs to be a constant stream of content to fill and support your persona; if it is just a flash in the pan, it is easy to be forgotten.

A great persona must require continuous development and productized operation, so building a persona is the process of tapping into recognizable characteristics. A persona equals trust, so if you want to stand firm in Jitterbug, you have to plan your positioning, establish a persona, create your IP, and do a good job.

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